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1.Students shouldn’t be allowed to get their ears ________ (刺穿).You should have your hair cut. pierced
2.He is only ten.He can’t get a driver’s _______( license 执照). 3.A.I want to have my ears pierced. B.Don’t be silly _____(蠢).You are a student. You can’t do that.

4.I won’t go to London. I’II go to Paris instead. instead of London. I’ll go to Paris ______ ___
stay up 熬夜) too late, or you will be 5.Don’t _________( sleepy _____(困倦) in class the next day.

1.As students, we should concentrate __________(专注于) more on our _______( studies 学习) instead of clothes. At present 目前),it’s our duty to study hard. 2. ___________(
3.If you work hard,you’ll have an opportunity __________(机会) to go to Zouping No.1 High School. a chance

4.Yang Lei had a great experience _________(经历) as a volunteer in Gansu Province.
member 成员) of his 5.He regards his dog as a _________( family. reply 6.I wrote to him last month,but he didn’t _______( 回 复) to me.

obey 遵守) the rules of our school. 1.We should ______(
2.A dog which gets ___________( in the way 挡路) is not a good dog. achieve 3.If you work hard,you will ______(实现) your dream.(Your dream will come true.) taught 4.Our English teacher has _________(teach) us for about two years. importance 5.Some students haven’t realized the _________(重 要性) of English. 6.Don’t point ______(指着) at others. It’s impolite/rude.

He __________ succeeded in passing the exam. His parents were proud of his success ________. They both thought that their son was a successful _________ boy and he would be able to go to college ____________. successfully But at last he failed to do that. with his 2. He is a good teacher. He is strict _____ in his students. At the same time, he is very strict ____ work. watch 3.His parents don’t allow him to ________(watch) TV too long.

get up late, but now I am used to 1.I used to _____ ________ getting up early. 2.That cup is used for _________(drink) tea. drinking 3. That cup is used to _________(drink) tea. drink have 8 days off 4.We will ___________________( 放假八天)next week. at this age 5.You shouldn’t get your ears pierced ___________ (这个年龄). keep _____ both the 6.这可以使师生都高兴。This can _____ and the students _______. happy teachers _____

aren’t allowed 1.We ______________(not allowed) to eat in class.

is spoken 2.English _________(speak)by many people.
are used 3.Books ________(use) for reading. be allowed 4.Tennagers should ___________(allow) to choose their own clothes. was given 5.He ____________(give) a good present on his last birthday. killed 6.Last week, two teenagers were __________(kill) in a middle school.

about The other day,wetalked _________ the rules of our school. First of all,we have to _______ wear school uniforms.The problem is ______ _____. that we all think the uniforms are ugly We think we should look _____ smart and choose our __

__ own concentrate more clothes.The teachers believe we may _________ ____ on clothes than studies.But we think we’ll feel more comfortableand that is _____ good for studying.If we are __________ allowed to design _____ our own uniforms,____ boththe teachers happy and students will be ______.It’s _____ a good idea for us to studyin groups although we may get _____,we noisy _______ can learn a lot ____ from each other.Last summer,I had an _____ __________ opportunity to be a volunteer.It was a great ________ for me. experience

be too ____ strict____ with (要求严格) 1.Parents should not ____ teenagers.
2.有时候这些爱好能成为学业的障碍。Sometimes get in the way of schoolwork. these hobbies can _______________ 3.他是学校田径队成员并且很想成为一名职业运动员。 on the school running team wants to He’s ____ ____ and he ______ be a professional athlete very much.
nothing against 4. 我们不反对跑步。 We have ____ _______ ___ running.

realistic 5.我们需要现实一些。We need to be _________. 6.我认为我应该能够自己做决定。I think I should be make decision for myself allowed to __________________________.

1.随着年龄增长,他应该考虑如果最终他不能成为一 名职业运动员会怎样。Now that he is ___________, getting older he needs to think _________ _________ about what will happenif he _____________ doesn’t become a professional athlete ___________. in the end
2.那是一个很难实现的梦想。 to achieve That is a difficult dream ____________.

3.只有那时,我才有机会实现我的梦想。Only then have a chance of achieving my dream. will I _______________ 4.刘宇对于跑步是很认真的。 is serious about running. Liu Yu ______________
5.他需要花时间做作业。 on homework. He needs to spend _____ time ____

1.那个年龄他们还不够成熟。They aren’t serious enough ___________. at that age the bus 2.昨天我误了公交车不得不步行上学。I missed ___________ yesterday and I had to ___________________. walk to school go to school on foot 3.或许如果我解释了发生的情况,他会理解的。 Maybe if I explain ______ what happened,he will __________. understand
4.青少年应该被允许选择自己的服装。 be allowed to choosetheir own Teenagers should __________________ clothes. came true last 5.他的梦想去年实现了。His dream _________ year.

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