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Word revision clean up 清扫) the city. 1.The students often help _________( set up 2.We should __________( 建立) a food bank to stop ______ hunger(饥饿). establish / start 3.We are supposed to help thehomeless ________(无家可归的) people . cheer up 使他振 4.That boy is very ill. Let’s _______him ____( 作). put up 5.He often helps his brother _________( 张贴) advertisements after school.

come up with (想出) a good plan for 1.Can you ____________ Clean-up Day? think up 2.If you have trouble learning English, you can _____ ask your teacher _____ for help.(请求) give out 分发) food at the 3. He often volunteers to _________( food bank. put off 推迟) making a plan.Clean-up 4.We can’t ________( Day is only two weeks from now. 5.You could help coach _____(训练,指导) a soccer team for little kids.

hand out 分发) 1.He often help the monitor _________( homework. give out disabled 2.Although he is __________( 残疾), he is a hero. 3.How many _________( websites 网址) do you know? organization 组织) of the UN. 4.WHO is an _____________( fills 5.My best friend ________( 充满) my life with pleasure ________(快乐). blind deaf 聋), we 6.Since we are not ________( 盲) or ______( are able to learn everything well if we try our best.

1.Being blind,deaf,unable to walk or use your hands easily is something that most people cannot _______ imagine (想象). 2.Normal things like answering the phone, opening and __________( 关) the doors or __________( 搬动) shutting carrying things are very difficult for that disable person. help me _____( out 帮我脱 3.A friend of his wanted to ______ 困). specially 4.That blind man got a __________( 特殊地) trained dog to help him. fetch 5.He sometimes let his dog ________( 去拿来) his book for him. The dog would do that at once.

Sentence revision 1.我们需要想出一个计划。 We need ______________ to come up with a plan. to think up 2.我们不能再推迟制定计划了。 put off making a plan any longer. We can’t ____________________ 3.77中学是那三个志愿者的母校。 is home to the 3 volunteers. No. 77 High School _________ 4.他每周六上午都在一家动物医院做工。 spends every Saturday morning ________ working in an He _______ animal hospital. 5.陈光标计划创建一家食物银行。 plans to set up a food bank. Chen Guangbiao _______________

选词组并用其适当形式完成句子 give away, run out of, fix up, take after fixing up an old bike. It’s broken. 1. Jimmy is __________

gives away bikes to charity to help the 2. He often__________ children who don’t have bikes. 3. Jimmy has __________ run out of all his money so he has to call his father to send him some.
takes after his father. They are both very 4. Jimmy _________ generous(慷慨大方的) .

Last week everyone was trying to cheer _______ up Jimmy, the Bike Boy. But this week, Jimmy is happy again. On Monday, he told a radio interviewer that he had ru

n out of / used up money to buy old bikes. He also ________________ put up some signs _________ asking for old bikes and ______ ________ called up all his friends and told them about the problem. He even handed ___________ out advertisements at a local supermarket. Then he told the teachers at school set up a call-in center for about his problem and they ______ came up with parents. The strategies that he _____________ fix up worked out fine. He now has sixteen bikes to ______ give away to children who don’t have bikes. and __________

1.他们三人都支志愿帮助别人。 to help others The three people all volunteer ________________. to help other people 2.这项志愿工作每周要花去他们每人数小时。 The volunteer work takes ________________ each of them several hours a week. 3.他通过在一家当地医院做工很好地用了他的爱心。 puts his love to good use by working at a He ________________________ local hospital. 4.他为病人唱歌以便使他们振作。 to cheer them up He sings for the sick people ____________________. to make them happy

not only…but also…不但…而且…
both English and history 1.我不但喜欢英语而且喜欢历史。 not only English but also history I like _______________________________________.

2.不但我而且我的儿子也去过长城。 Not only I _______ but also my son has _______ __________ been to the Great Wall. Not only my son _______ but also I have been to the Great Wall. _______ __________
have been to the Great Wall Both my son _______ and I __________ _______

3.不要再推迟了。 Don’t _____________. put it off to establish / start 4.我想创建一家中国历史俱乐部。 to set up I would like ____________a Chinese History Club. what to do 5.我不能确定做什么。I’m not sure ________________. what I should do

过去分词作定语(被动关系) 1.Animal Helpers is an organization which was set up in 1998. set up in 1998. Animal Helpers is an organization ________ 2. There is a boy who is called Tom. calledTom. There is a boy ______ 3.I have a book written by Moyan. waswritten by Moyan. I have a book which _____ ____ 现在分词作定语(主动关系) 1. There is a girl who is dancing in the hall. There is a girl dancing _________ in the hall.

2. The woman who is standing under the tree is our teacher. standing under the tree is our teacher. The woman ___________

It 作形式主语或形式宾语,代替不定式或者that从句 1.Your help make ___ it possible for me to learn English well.

it easy to learn English well. 2. I find ____ it is easy to learn English well. 3.I find that ___
4.I found ___ it easy to learn English well.

was 5. I found that it ____easy to learn English well. It was clear that most teenagers have similar hopes. 6.___ It is said that she is a good reporter. 7.___

1.我的一个朋友说要帮我脱离困境。 A friend of mine _____ said that she _________________. would help me out 2.像搬

东西这样的平常事对他来说都很难。 Normal things like ________________ carrying things are very difficult for him. 3.因为您善良的捐助,我拥有了这只狗。 of your kind donation I was able to have this dog because _____________________. 4.有机会我会让你看看他是如何帮助我的。 show you howshe helps me one day. I will ____________

5.那只狗能为残疾人拿东西。 The specially trained dog can ___________________.
fetch things for disabled people

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