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形容词,副词比较级,最高级复习 PPT课件 八年级英语

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一 形容词比较级最高级规则
1. 一般情况下加-er 或-est : young-yonger-yongest old –older -oldest tall-taller -tallest small-smaller -smallest 2. 以字母e结尾的形容词,加-r 或- st nice –nicer-nicest safe –safer -safest 3. 重读闭音节词只有一个辅音字母时,应先双写辅音字母, 再 加-er或-est. big—bigger -biggest fat—fatter-fattest

4. 以 “辅音字母+y”结尾的双音节词,先改“y”为“i”, 再加-er 或-est.



5.部分双音节词或多音节词前面加more ,most.如:

famous 原级

more interesting
more famous 比较级 最高级

most interesting
most famous

bad/ill little far

worse less



两多、 一少、 一老 、 一远.

many/much more


farther further farthest furthest


older elder oldest eldest

Read and compare :
young long full short small old fine easy hungry early heavy big red younger longer fuller shorter smaller older finer easier hungrier earlier heavier bigger redder youngest longest fullest shortest smallest oldest finest easiest hungriest earliest heaviest biggest reddest

healthy many famous ill

healthier more more famous worse more exciting more carefully wetter hotter less fewer

healthiest most most famous worst most exciting most carefully wettest hottest least fewest

carefully wet hot little


1.原级:可用very, quite, so, too,等词修饰. e.g Jim is very tall. 2.比较级:可用much ,many ,a lot ,a little ,a bit 等修饰.其主 要句型有: ⑴比较级+than e.g Mary is much younger than Sue.

⑵疑问句+动词+比较级,AorB? e.g Who draws better ,Tom or Jim?
⑶ Which …like better, A or B? e.g Which do you like better ,maths or English? ⑷ 比较级+ and+比较级,表示越来越…e.g the days are getting shorter and shorter.

⑸ the +比较级 , the + 比较级,表示越…越… e.g he says ,”the busier ,the better.” 3.最高级 : 形容词的最高级要加定冠词the , 副词 最高级可省略the, 主要句型有: of ⑴ the + 最高级 + in Jim works hardest of us all. e.g My mother is the busiest in my family ⑵ 疑问词+ 动词+ 最高级 ⑶ which …like best, A, B or C?

① 比较应在同类事物中进行. ② 避免双重比较. ③ 比较级和最高级前的修饰语不可误用. ④ 最高级后的介词in与of.

a. in 表示“在…内(指某范围内)” 可以跟表示单位, 组织,时间等单数名词.
b. of表示属性(指在同类的人,物中)后可接

the +基数词 / the +基数词+名词复数 / all +the +复数名词/all
⑤形容词的最高级前要用the ⑥比较级前加the.

Do some exercises 同义句转换 1. He is the tallest student in his class. taller than any He is _______ _____ ______other student in his ______ class.

taller than ______ other He is ______ ______the ______ students in his class.

2. Peter draws well, Lilei draws better. better Lilei draws ______ of the two.
3. The tractor goes faster than the bike. more ______ The bike goes _____ slowly than the tractor. 4. His cakes dearer than the twins’ cakes. the dearest His cake is ______ _______ of the three.


选择填空 1. Which does Jimmy like ,Chinese or Art? A. well B. best C. better D. much 2. The Chang jiang River is one of in the world. A. the longest river B. longest rivers C. the longest rivers D. longer rivers 3. of the two women is Mrs Brown. A. The beautiful B. The more beautiful C.More beautiful D. The most beautiful 4. My mooncake is nicer his. A. like B. with C. for D. than 5. You are fatter than . A. he B. his C. him D. he is tall 6. He jumps of the three. A. far B. further C. farthest D. furthest 7. My hair is longer than . A. my sister B. Kate C. my brother’s D. Lucys’


8. There are paper here .Please bring some. A. little B. less C. fewer D. a little 9. The pen is than that one. A. more cheap B. cheap C. much cheaper D. quite cheaper 10.Tom speaks Chinese better than Jimmy. A. more B. very C. a lot of D. much 11.There are girls in Class Two than in Class Four. A. more B. nicest C. most D. best 12.It’s too for you to do that. A. easy B. more dangerous C. harder D. the easiest 13.Who has apples now, Jim, Lily or Lucy? A. much B. biggest C. better D. the most 14.You have more rulers than me. But are nicer than . A.mine, yours B. mine, your C. my, yours D. my, your 15.Tingting is than Meimei, but Meimei is than Tingting. A. tall, stronger B. taller, strongest C. tallest, strong D. taller, stronger

C 16.Mother is

in my family. A. busy B. busier C. the busiest D. more busy 17.There are in the park on Sunday. A.more children B. a lot of people C. much men and women D. many peoples 18.The dumplings are than the noodles,I think. A. more nicer B. much delicious C. very nice D. much more delicious 19.She is than me at drawings. A. better B. best C. good D. harder 20.-This blue sweater is too big for me .-Will you please show me a one? A. small B. smaller C. the smallest D. smallest

改错 1. Lesson 9 is more easier than Lesson 10.
2. My mother is younger than your. 3. He is one of longest boys in his class. 4. The boy doesn’t draw much well. 5. Betty is the youngest on the three girls.

the longest very of

6. Tom runs faster than any other girl in his class.
7. There is fewer bread in the fridge. 8. Mother is the busiest of my family. 9. Jim is shorter of the two boys. less in the shorter

10.You can jump very higher on the moon than on the earth. much

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