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( )1.I’m free today.

A. busy B. not busy C. no busy D. busier

( )2.Did Jimmy have eggs for lunch?

A. get B. has C. had D.eat

( )3.I have no idea.

A. doesn’t know B. not know C. don’t know D. know

( )4.Have fun in the park

A. Enjoy oneself B.Enjoy yourself C.Have a time D.Enjoy you

( )5.He does nothing on Sunday.

A.Doesn’t do anything B.doesn’t anything C. does do nothing D.does do anything


( )1.The book store is far away from here. You’d better____________.

A.by bus B.on a bus C. take a bus D. in a bus

( )2.-Would you please go out for a walk with me?

-_______, but I’m too busy now.

A.That’s right. B.I’d love to C. Of course not D.That’s all right

( )3.-I’m hungry ,Mom. --__________

A.What about a pizza? B.I’m hungry ,too C. It’s time for lunch D.What about your?

( )4._________interesting dolphin it is!

A .How an B.How a C.What an D.What a

( )5.Thank you for_________me the good news

A.tell B .to tell C.telling D.told

( )6.Chinese people’s favorite food is ________

A. rice B. hamberger C. hot dog D. lemonnada

( )7.--________do you want to be an actor? --It’s very interesting.

A.What B.When C. How D.Why

( )8.--Would you like some drink? --_______.

A.Here you are B. Yes, just a little

C.Please give me some D.Yes’ I like

( )9.If you are hungry ,you can buy_______in a supermarket.

A.Water B. house C.drink D.food

( )10.Is there a pay phone________the neighborhood?

A.in B. on C. to D. off

( )11.I________know where the post office is.

A.not B. don’t C.doesn’t D.am not

( )12.Why_______he like koala bears?

A.is B. are C. do D. does


( )13.________late for school again.

A. Not B.Not be C.Don’t be D. Aren’t

( )14.--___________pizza would you like? --A small one ,please

A.What kind of B.What size C.How many D.How much

( )15.--________you’re your uncle do? – He is an engineer.

A.What B.Where C. How D.Why 二、 改错题。(每句有一处错误,指出并改错,5分)

1. ( )


( )


( ) . A B C

( )


5. ( )



1.The Chinese like ______________(eat)different kind of food.

2.What day ___________(be)it last weekend?

3.She can _____________(speak) much English.

4.It’s cold outside.____________(not open) the door, please.

5.My sister____________(like) English very much.

6.Peter_________(see) an interesting talk show on TV just now.

7.Look, they_____________(make) skites.

8.I get up at about 6:00. Then I ___________(take)the number 8 bus to school.

9.Jim would like____________(play) computer games.

10.Last week the teacher asked ten students what they________(do) last weekend.


1. We arrived in Beijing at six.(变为同义句)

We ___________ _____________Beijing at six.


____________ ___________is it today?

3.She went there by bus(改为一般疑问句)

__________she _________there by bus?

4.My brother has supper at about six.(改为一般疑问句)

__________your brother _________supper at about six?

5.Did you go out for a walk after supper?(作否定回答)

No,______________ ______________


6.The flowers are very beautiful.(改为感叹句)

__________ ____________the flowers are.

7. What animal do you like best?(同义句转换)

___________is your __________animal?

8.His work started at half past eight.(对画线部分提问)

____________ _____________his work start

9.My father is at home today.(用yesterday 改写)

My father___________ at home____________。

10.They went to play soccer last week.(改为现在进行时)

They __________ ________________soccer now


It classes. I got up at 6:30 morning. Then my mother and I went to the shop. We wanted to do some . My mother wanted to buy some food super and I wanted to buy some school things: some books and a pen. The shop a lot of people in the shop. They were , old and young. Some things in the shop were cheap ,some were not. friendly ( )1.A.is B.was C.it’s D.it was

( )2.A.no B.not C.not any D.much

( )3.A.in B.in the C.at D.at the

( )4.A.shops B.shoping C.shopping D.shop

( )5.A.for B.to C.with D.at

( )6.A.open B.opening C.is opening D.opened

( )7.A. There is B.There has C.There were D.There have

( )8.A.man and woman B.mans and womans C. men and women D.a man and a woman

( )9.A.was B.were C.did D.have

( )10.A.for we B. to us C. for our D. to ours




AB:Hi, Ann.

A:B:Do you like it?

A: It’s a beautiful sweater. I really like the color.

B:I think the blue is just the right color for you . By the way, you looked wonderful at the party.



B:Oh, I’m sorry. I went to the Science Museum.

A:What did you see?


A: Wow! Are there any new things ?

B: Yes, many more! Why not go there and have a look?

A:Don’t worry. I’ll go with you.

B: But I don’t know the way to the museum.

A:Don’t worry. I’ll go with you.

B:Great! Thanks.



The library is ___________the supermarket _____________the post office.


I ____________ ______________in the park.


What time__________ you usually ___________to bed at night?


____________you like __________iced tea?


________________you ________________a good time yesterday?



Billy and Sam were twins. They were in the same class. They were both very happy. One day their teacher asked the class to write a composition(作文)“My Mother”. Sam wrote one, but Billy was lazy. He just copied his brother’s. The next day, the teacher asked Billy why his composition was the same as Sam’s. “We have the same mother, don’t we?”answered Billy.


( )1.Sam was older than Billy.

( )2.Sam and Billy were in different classes

( )3. The name of the composition was”My Mother”

( )4.Billy’s composition was the same as Sam’s

( )5.Billy was not lazy. He was very clever



( ) .6.A.Weather report B.China’s 2004 C.Around the world D.Animal world

( ) 7.You are a football fan. You may watch TV at___________.

A.19:00 on Channel 2 B.19:40Channel 1

C.20:20Channel 2 D.21:15Channel

( ) 8. How long does the TV play“sisters”last(持续)?

A.30 minutes B.50 minutes C.90 minutes D.120 minutes

( ) 9.You can watch _______if you want to learn English.

A.English news B.English classroom

C.English for today D.A、B and C

( ) 10Children often like to watch_________.

A.Cartoon network B.News C.Weather report D.Sports


Two men are walking in the park. One is Mr Brown , a worker, the other is Mr Black. Mr Brown is going to a chair. It is beside the road. Mr Black is after him. Mr Brown finds Mr Black. Now Mr Black begins to walk faster(更快). Because he wants to get to the chair before Mr Black. Now Mr Black begins to walk faster because he also wants to get to the chair first. Then they both run .Mr Black runs faster than (比) Mr Brown. So he gets to the chair forst and sits down on it. Mr Brown runs after Mr Black. When he gets to the chair. He sees Mr Black sitting on it. He is sorry to show a notice(通知)with the words“Wet Paint(油漆未干)”to Mr Black . Now Mr Black knows why Mr Brown is going to the chair.

( )11. Where are Mr Brown and Mr Black?

A.In the garden B. On the chair C. In the park D.Beside the road

( )12.What are they doing? They are________

A. talking B.walking to the chair C.holding a notice D.sitting on a chair

( )13._________is after_________at first

A.Mr Black ,Mr Brown B.The worker, Mr Brown

C.Mr Brown ,Mr Black D.Mr Brown The worker

( )14.________get to chair first.

A.The worker B.Mr Brown C.Mr Black D.A strange(陌生人)

( )15.Mr Brown goes to the chair because__________.

A.he wants to sit there B.it is his chair

C.he wants to talk to Mr Black on the chair D.he wants to tell people ”Wet Paint”


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