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Unit 11

What do you think of game shows?

What do you think of it?

What do you think of it?
I like it.

I don’t mind it.
I don’t like it.

I can’t stand it.
I like it very much. I love it. It’s delicious. They are fantastic.

Look and match.

1.______ C

A 3._____ E 6._____
A: talk shows

B 2._____

D 4._____

B: sports shows C: game shows D: sitcoms E: soap opera

F 5.____

F: news

What do you think of … ?

News Report

What do you think of … ?

Lucky 52

What do you think of … ?

Around the World

What do you think of … ?

The Same Song

What do you think of … ?


What do you think of … ?

Law Today

What do you think of … ?

Human and Nature

What do you think of … ?

Weather Report

What do you think of … ?

Tell it like it is

What do you think of soap operas? I like it. I can’t stand it.love it. I

I don’t like it.

Make your own conversations. A: What do you think of game shows? B: I don’t like them . C: What does he /she think of game shows? D: He / She doesn’t like them.

A: What do you think of Tom and Jerry?

B: I ___________ it.
A: Do you ________ Tom?

B: No, I ____________ him. How about you?
A: I ________ him. What do you think of Jerry? B: I ________ him. How about you? A: I ________ him.

Sports shows News

Soap operas

Talk show s

Sitcom Cartoon s s




doesn’t mind doesn’t like


can’t stand

doesn’t like doesn’t mind








Talk shows

Sitcom s

Cartoon s

shows operas doesn’t mind

Mar y Alan




can’t doesn’t like stand doesn’t mind



doesn’t like



What does Mary think of sports shows? She likes them.

Task one

Fill in the blanks according to the chart.
1.Diana likes _____ and _______, but she doesn’t like

2.Alan’s father can’t stand _________,

but he loves ________.
3. My teacher _______ soap operas, but he ____ talk shows and sports shows. 4. Leo’s mother _____ sitcoms and soap operas, but she ____ games.

TV shows

What do you think of …?

Talk Show

doesn’t mind



Tell it like it is doesn’t like Chinese cooking can’t stand

Do you like movies?

What kind of movie is it? It’s a comedy. What do you think of it? It’s relaxing.

Do you like TV shows?
What kind of TV show is it? It’s a game show. What do you think of it? I love it.

What kind of TV show is it?
It’s a soap opera. What do you think of it? I don’t like it. But my mother loves it.

What kind of TV show is it?
It’s a talk show.

What do you think of it?
I don’t mind it. But my father loves it.

What kind of TV show is it?
It’s a sports show.

What do you think of it?
I can’t stand it. But my brother loves it.

What kind of TV show is it?

It’s a sitcom. What do you think of it? I like it.

Look, Match and Talk
Tell it like it is 人与自然

Legal Report

ews News in 30 Minutes Man and Nature Chinese Cooking

新闻联播 今日说法 中国各地 新闻30分

Around China
Sports news Lucky52 Animal World Culture China

幸运52 动物世界 中国文化 体育新闻

Report: I love “Tell it like it is!” Lin Peng loves it, too. I also love …. Because it is …

2a Listen and fill in the chart. First write down the things you hear. Then write down their opinions. Thing Carol… Paul…

sunglasses scarf

likes can’t stand loves

doesn’t mind
likes doesn’t like likes


Who did he interview?
Jack John Joseph Merry Jerry Jeff



What’s cool?
Read and fill in the chart. Things watch key ring Loves Likes Doesn't Doesn't Can't mind like stand
Gina Taylor Jack Smith Jerry Green Ann Rice Jeff William Jones everyone

Ann Rice

sunglasses scarf
wallet belt

Can you fill in the blanks? key ring 1. Jack likes the ________.

2. Jeff can’t stand the scarf. __________
wallet 3. William Jones loves the ________. loves 4. Gina Taylor __________ the watch. doesn’t mind 5. Ann Rice ____________ the watch. sunglasses 6. Jerry likes the __________. belt 7. The coolest thing was the _________.

4 Survey
Thing hairclip emblem key ring sunglasses wallet scarf Classmate 1 loves, beautiful Classmate 2 Classmate 3 can't stand


1)n. 想法,看法,意见
e.g. make up one’s mind 下定决心,拿定主意

change one's mind 改变主意
2)v. 介意,反对 Would you mind (doing) …? Do you mind (doing) …? 表示请求或征求意见(后接动名词/名词/代词)。

e.g. Do you mind if I smoke here? 我如果在这里抽烟你介意吗? He doesn't mind hard work. 他不介意艰辛的工作。 Do you mind opening the window? 你介意把窗户打开吗?

根据汉语,补全英语句子。 1、“你觉得游戏节目怎样?”“我忍受不了那些东 think of 西。” What "______do you________ _______game shows?“ “ I can’t stand _______ _____them. " a five-year-old 2、那是个仅5岁的男孩,但他会写字、会看书。 read That is only____ ___ _____ boy, but he can write and _____. Taking a walk 3、晚饭后散步对健康有益。 health

______ _____ ______after supper is good for______. think of What 4、他们对每样东西的看法如何?
____did they _____ _______everything?

5、他们中的一些答案使我们大感意外。 Some _____their answers ___________ us. surprised _______ of 6、我家乡的每个人都很友好。 friendly ______ in my hometown ______very _______. Everyone is 7、我们喜欢在课堂上用英语问问题。 asking ________ ________ ________in We enjoy_________questions with English class.

Can you________ ________him about this? mind telling

1 他们不能忍受太阳镜。你的看法呢?

sunglasses idea They can’t stand the __________. What’s your _____?
2 Tina对运动节目

Tina can’t ____ ______ ______ _____ stand sports shows

3 Tony认为谈话节目怎么样?他很喜爱它。

does What ____Tony think of talk show He ______it. _____ _____? loves
4 谢谢你帮助我。______ _____ for helping me. Thank you _____

5 你怎样认为连续剧?我受不了。 can’t stand them What do you think ___soap operas I ____ ____ ____ . _____ ___ of ____ ____? 6 他不喜欢情景喜剧。 doesn’t like sitcoms He ____ ______ _______. scarf doesn’t 7 Evan对围巾不在乎。Evan _______ mind the ___.

8. 你去哪里度假了?我参观了博物馆。你的假期怎么
样?事实上。相当不错。 on vacation visited Where you go ___ ____? I ___ ____. museum ___ did is pretty good How ___ your vacation? ___ fact ___ was In _______, it _ ___ ____.


My brother likesSports World and my sister likes . sitcoms 10.我可以问你一些问题吗? May I ask you somequestions?

I can’t standthe idea that old people have no rightsto
be beautiful .

My classroom is colorful .

Channel 1
18:00 Around China

Channel 2
17:45 Computers today

18:30 Children’s Programme
19:00 News 19:30 Weather report 19:40 Around the world 20:10 TV play: Sisters 21:00 English for today 21:15 Popular music

18:10 Foreign arts
18:30 English classroom 19:00 Animal world 19:25 China’ 99 20:20 Sports 21:00 TV play 21:45 English news

21:55 Talk show

22:05 On TV next week

根据上表选择正确答案。 ( B )1.If you want to know something about Japan, which of the following programme would be the best one? A. Weather report. B. Around the world. C. Animal world. ( C ) 2.You are a basketball fan. You may watch TV at . A.19:00 on Channel 2B.21:15 on Channel 1 C.20:20 on Channel 2 ( A ) 3.The TV play “Sisters” probably lasts(持续) . A.50 minutes B.30 minutes C.90 minutes ( C ) 4.You can watch the programmes if you want to learn English on TV. A. English news B. English for today C. Both A and B ( B ) 5.The programmes at the end of Channel 2 is about on TV next week. A. news B. programmes C.TV plays

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