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鲁教版初二下英语Unit 9What‘s the best radio station学案

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Unit 9 What’s the best radio station?学案

Section A Ⅰ

◆ 导学目标:

一. 以 “What’s the best radio station?”及其回答引出形容词的比较级和最高级,通过学习,同学们应掌握形容词比较级的用法以及一些单音节词的比较级和最高级形式。

◆ 课前预习:

一. 汉译英


1.无线电__________ 2.舒适的__________ 3.座位__________ 4.屏,幕__________5.近的________________

6.服务____________ 7.质量__________ 8.剧院____________9.电影院__________ 10.衣服(总称)_______

11.牛仔裤___________ 12.时髦的__________ 13. 13—19岁的青少年___________ 14. 爵士乐____________ II.短语:

1.无线电台______________ 2.舒适的座位_____________ 3. 大屏幕_____________

4.友好的服务_____________________ 5.时尚少年服装店_____________________

6.在城里_________________________ 7.在城里好玩的地方___________________

8.牛仔服之角_____________________ 9.新式时装___________________________

10.质量好的服装___________________ 11.离家近_____________________________


1.good/well _________ __________ 2.bad/badly _________ ___________

3.many/much _________ __________ 4. little _________ ___________

5.far _________ __________ _________ _________


1.我最喜欢的影院是Screen City,因为它有着最舒适的座位。


2.Town Cinema不拥挤,并有着最好的服务。


◆ 课堂导学:

1. 听录音,完成1b的表格填写。 2. 听录音,回答问题。(2a—2b) (1) What’s the best clothing store in town? Why? (2) What about Trendy Teens?

(3) Where has the worst clothes in town?


What’s the best radio station? Why?

3.再听一遍录音,做p72的听力练习。 ◆当堂导练:

一. 写出下列单词的比较级和最高级。 1. big _______ ___________ 2. close ____________ ______________ 3. cheap _______ __________ 4. easy _____________ ______________ 5. late _________ ____________ 6. friendly ____________ _____________ 7. thin _________ ____________ 8. comfortable __________ _____________ 9. good/well ______ ___________

10.bad/badly __________ _____________

二. 单项选择。

( )1. I think Jack’s restaurant ______ the best service. A. is B. are C. has ( )2. He teaches himself English ______ the radio. A. at B. in C. with ( )3. The man looked at me with a _______ smile on his face. A. friend B. friends C. friendly ( )4. Please keep the window _______. A. close B. closed C. closes ( )5. From you e-mail, I ____ you would come to my city soon. A. studied B. learned C. taught ( )6. _____ me, I have nothing to say about it. A. As for B. As if C. Look like ( )7. There’re some real ______ in the class. A. bargain B. a bargain C. bargains ( )8. This is _______.

A. what did your father tell you to do C. what your father told you to do B. what your father tell you to do

D. what your father told you do

三. 用方框中所给词的最高级形式填空,每词只用一次。

D. have D. on D. friends’ D. closing D. got D. Look at D. bargaining





5. That theater has the ____________ seats. Jim is his _________ friend. Jeff’s store has the ___________ quality clothing. I think Jim Carrey is the ____________ actor. Bread is the ___________ in this restaurant because they make it themselves.

四. 补全对话。

A: Could you have dinner with me tonight?

B: Sure. __ And what’s Nick’s Dinner like?

_ It’s the most popular restaurant in town.

A: Is the food good?

Let’s go there.

B: Yes, if you like hot curry.(咖喱)

◆课后练习: 一. 用所给词的比较级和最高级填空。

1. Jean has a _______(good) family than Mary.

3. It’s ___________(expensive) TV set in town.

5. Jim is ____________(funny) boy in our class.

二. 用所给单词的适当形式填空。

1. I think the ninth lesson is ___________(interesting) in Book 2. The bike is __________( new) of all.

3. In college, I can learn __________(much) about farming.

5. This tree is as _________(tall) as that one.

三. 完型填空

last ticket, and he was very happy. 4. I think dogs are very ___________( friend) animals. 2. The weather is _________(bad) today than yesterday. 4. Which do you think is _____________(interesting) film?

At that time, a woman with a crying baby walked to him. She asked him to sell her the ticket. He gave her the ticket. He old man came and said, “young man, I __. Would you like to work for me?” ( )1. A. find ( )2. A. everyone

B. see B. nobody

C. look C. nothing C. sad

D. buy D. something D. glad D. the station D. to pass D. bigger D. the old man D. where D. have done D. her

( )3. A. happy B. interesting ( )4. A. the city ( )5. A. to buy ( )6. A. less

B. the company B. to sell

C. the farm C. to give C. smaller C. the train C. why

B. more

( )7. A. Tom B. the bus

( )8. A. what B. which ( )9. A. have seen

B. don’t know

C. don’t like C. the baby

( )10.A. the woman B. you

Section A Ⅱ

◆ 导学目标:

一. 培养同学们的阅读理解能力,能以“谈论事物”为中心话题训练自己的写作水平。 ◆ 课前预习:

一. 写出下列汉语的英语形式。

I.短语:1. 对??做调查______________ 2.少年世界_______________ 3. 特价屋______________ II.句子:1. 我们对读者进行了一次调查,这是我们所了解到的情况。

_______________________________________________________________________________ 2. 年轻人对镇上的场所有和看法呢?

______________________________________________________________________________ ◆ 课堂导学: 一. 疑难解释。

1. We did a survey of our readers and this is what we learned.

what we learned 是由what引导的表语从句。表语从句一般放在主语系动词之后,要用陈述句语序。

This is what we want.这就是我们所需要的。

2. 形容词最高级用于三者或三者以上的人或事物之间的比较。表示在一个范围中,其中一个“最??”。表示这一意思时形容词要用最高级形式。最高级前一般要用定冠词 “the”,句中一般有一个表示范围的介词of或in 的短语,其句型结构为:主语 + be + the + adj.最高级 + of/in, 注意of和in的区别:

1) of后接表示一群人或事物的代词或名词,如:Jim is the tallest of all the boys.

2) in 后面结一个单位或场所的名词,如:She is the oldest in our class.

3. 填写p73 3b 的表格,反招旁边的对话谈论这几家店,如:Mall, Carrefour Auchar, etc. 请同学们大胆发表对这


3. 阅读3a,完成书上的表格

◆ 当堂导练:


1. 最大的屏幕_________________

2. 最舒适的座位_______________

3. 有好质量的服装_____________

4. 读者调查___________________

5. 播放最动听的音乐____________

二. 单项选择。

( )1. She works _____ than the other students I our class. A. hardest B. the harder C. harder

( )2. It was not _____ yesterday than today. A. much cold B. colder C. the coldest

( )3. Wangjiang Park is one of the _____ parks in Chengdu. A. much beautiful B. most beautiful C. more beautiful

( )4. It’s summer now, the weather is getting _____. A. hotter and hotter B. hot and hot C. hottest and hottest

( )5. Don’t worry. The girl can do it ________. A. very good B. very well C. very wonderful

( )6. Tony isn’t _____ his younger sister. A. as clever as B. as cleverer as C. as cleverest as

( )7. Of the two American students, Mike is _____ one. We all like play with him.

A. the most outgoing B. the more outgoing C. most outgoing 6. the friendliest service____________ 7. in a fun part of town______________ 8. close to home______________________ 9. ask sb some questions ____________ 10.the most expensive store___________

( )8. Do sports every day, _____ you’ll become stronger and healthier.

A. or B. but C. and

( )9. I think the air this year in Chengdu is a little _____ than that last year.

A. clearest B. clearer C. clean

( )10._______ class has more students than _________.

A. Our, theirs

三. 完型填空。

After yesterday’s fine __1__ weather in Harbin, today will be much __2__ like a June day. Very strong winds will __3__ rain to Qiqihar and __4__ northern. Heilongjiang in the morning. These winds will die away(停下来)during the afternoon to give a cool clear night. __5__ Heilongjiang such as Mudanjiang, Jamusi, heihe and Harbin will __6__ a dry day, and in the southeast, the temperature will be higher __7__ normal__8__ this time of year. The evening will be __9__ cold with slight wind sometimes. The temperature will __10__ about 20.

( )1. A. rainy

( )2. A. many

( )3. A. bring

( )4. A. many

( )5. A. The rest of

( )6. A. lie

( )7. A. and

( )8. A. to

( )9. A. little

( )10.A. stay


一. 单项选择

( )1. The pineapples on this tree are bigger than ____ on that one.

A. ones B. those C. them D. apples B. cloudy B. more C. sunny C. most C. carry C. most of C. The back of C. have C. with C. for C. a few C. find B. Our, their C. Ours, theirs B. take B. lots of B. The place of B. be B. than B. on B. a little B. break

( )2. _____ all the boys in his class, Tom is the shortest.

A. In B. For C. From D. Of

( )3. The population of Shanghai is _____ than ______ Tianjin.

A. larger, in B. larger, that of C. much more, that in

----No, he is a little ________.

C. better D. bigger, it is in ( )4. ----Is Mr. White any better today? A. well B. bad D. worse

( )5. Guangzhou is bigger than _____ in Jiangsu.

A. any city B. any other city C. other cities D. the other cities

( )6. ----How did you like the film? ----_________.

A. No, I didn’t like it. B. Yes, I like it.

( )7. Tom is ______ in my family.

A. the funnier B. funniest C. the funniest D. the most funny C. It was quite good. D. It was a new film

( )8. Sara is _____ in my family.

A .outgoing B. more outgoing C. most outgoing D. the most outgoing

( )9. It’s good for your health to do _____ sports.

A. much B. least C. more D. most

( )10. Soccer is becoming ______ in China.

A. most and most popular B. most popular

二. 用所给单词的适当形式填空。

1. The Yellow River is the second ________( long) river in China.

2. Do you have ________(many) books than Tom?

3. He drank _________(little) juice than you.

4. Tom is the _________(tall) of the two boys.

5. I think English is __________(interesting) of all the subjects.

6. The radio says it’ll be even __________(cold) tomorrow.

7. Who is the __________(good) in physics in your class?

8. All the movie theaters are good, but the big Screen Complex has the ________(bad) clothes in town.

9. I don’t want to go Jasper’s clothes store. It has the ________ (bad) clothes in town.

10. What do you think is the __________( creative) of all the music videos ? C. popular and popular D. more and more popular

三. 阅读理解

Radios and televisions are very popular in the world today. Millions of people watch TV. Perhaps more people listen to the radio. The TV is, of course, more useful than the radio. On TV you can see and hear what is happening in the world. Now the radio is still with us. And the number of listeners is becoming larger. One reason for this is the invention of the transistor(半导体)radio. A transistor radio I sometimes very small. It is very easy to carry. You can put one in your pocket and listen to it on the bus or on your bike when you go to work. It is better for blind people(盲人). The sight of many old people is not good enough to watch TV. Then when people are working, they can’t watch TV but they can listen to music or news over the radio. What’s more, radio are much cheaper than TVs. ( )1. Radios and televisions______ in the modern world today. A. are both widely used C. have been changed a lot

B. are both expensive D. are used for learning things

( )2. Radios and televisions are quite useful because you can ______.

A .see what is happening in the world C. know what the world is like

B. hear what is happening in the world D. see what the people on the earth are doing

( )3. The number of listeners is becoming larger because _______ A. the radio is easy to carry

B. the radio is good for blind people and many old


( )4. _______ when you are on the bus or bike. A. Radio can be listened C. Radio can be listened to

C. the radio can be used at any time D. the reason is A,B and C

B. TV van be watched D. TV can be used

( )5. The radio is used a lot because _________

A. it costs less than the TV C. it is not so cheaper as the TV

B. it costs more than the TV D. people can’t know the news on TV

Section B Ⅰ

◆导学目标:同学们能更加了解形容词的比较级和最高级,通过听力训练,能提高同学们的听力水平。 ◆课前预习:

一. 用所给词的适当形式填空 1. 2. 3. 4.

The _________(perform) in the evening dress looks very nice. She’ a writer with great ___________(talented).

Who do you think is the ____________(fun) actor of the year? Mr. Morton is _____________(serious) teacher that I have seen

二. 根据句意及首字母提示完成单词。

1. The novel is very d_________. I don’t like it.

2. He gave us a p_________ answer, and we all satisfied(满意).

3. Don’t speak so l__________. My father is sleeping.

4. Our football team’s p_________ has been excellent this year.


1. 写出下列词的反义词,再完成p74的1a.

1) funniest ___________

3) best ___________ 2) loudest _____________ 4) most creative/funniest _____________

2. 听录音, 完成p74 2b的表格。运用肯定词谈论班上的同学。


一. 用所给词的适当形式完成下列句子。

1. This ruler is _____________(long) than that one.

2. Which is the ______________(beautiful) shirt of the three.

3. Of all the students in our class, Lucy talks ____________(little) but does most.

4. Look! How ______________(happy) Kitty is laughing!

5. Our school is becoming ___________ and __________( beautiful).

6. I couldn’t hear what he said. Ask him to speak more ___________ (clear), please.

7. Jasper’s has ______________(good) quality than Trendy Teen’s.

8. He thinks winter is ______________(bad) season of a year.

9. I’m too ____________(tire) to go on doing the laundry.

10. Jazz 107.9 FM plays much ______________( interesting) music.

二. 根据汉语意思完成下列句子。

1. 在城里最近的广播电台是哪个?

__________ is the __________ ___________ __________ in town?

2. Eliza获得了最佳表演的奖项。

Eliza won the __________ __________ the __________ ___________.

3. Funky Fashion 的衣服比其他的店更差。

Funky Fashion has _________ _________ _________ than those in__________ stores.

4. 我喜欢去坐落于城中繁华地带的那家拥有最热情服务的餐馆。

I like going to that restaurant that has the _________ __________ service in a __________ __________ of town.

5. 他太激动了, 只是哭泣没有说一句话。

He is __________ __________, only crying ____________ words.

三. 补全对话

__ of the last week’s talented show?

_ of my classmates yesterday. _?


A: Did every performer act well? A: How about Jim?

__ than Vera. He sang a cute song with his lovely dog.

A: Did he win any prize?


一. 汉译英。

1. 那故事真的太可笑了,我止不住笑起来。

That story is ________ ________, and I can’t _________ _________.

2. 没有老师们的帮助,你不可能成为一名好学生。

You ________ _______ a good student ______ the ________ help.

3. 在所有的这些孩子中, Jim跑得最快。

________ all the ________, Jim ________ __________.

4. 哈尔滨是中国北方一个冬天有冰雪节的城市。

Harbin is a city in __________ China _________ an _________and Snow ________ in winter.

5. 由于天气原因,那些城市的旅馆在冬天都要降价。

_______ _________ the weather, the hotels in the city ________ their __________in winter.

二. 补全对话



__ big holes(洞)B: That’s eB: Here is A: I think you are tired after getting the water. You can have a rest and then you can help me.

三. 选词填空

Yesterday we held a party for Peter at his house. It was very interesting.

“Surprise!” and we_收到

Section B Ⅱ





1. 上周的才艺表演取得了很大的成功。_______________________________________________________

2. 他获得了最佳表演奖。___________________________________________________________________ 3. 听到同学们对历史片的评价,真的很有趣。

_______________________________________________________________________________________ 4. 宾馆房间的价格是每晚大约320元。_______________________________________________________ 5. 在冬天有一个冰雪节。___________________________________________________________________ 6. 最滑稽表演奖给了他。___________________________________________________________________ 7. Lucy是我们班最文静的小女孩。___________________________________________________________ ◆课堂导学:

一. 阅读3a,填空后完成下表。

二. 写作训练

根据课本p74 2b的内容,当堂写一篇有关学校才艺表演中其他表演者的文章。

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 四. 阅读p76 part 2, 完成表格。

◆当堂导练: 一. 单项选择

( )1. Last Saturday’s football match was a great _______.

A. successful B. success C. succeed D. successes

( )2. I can’t finish the hard work _____ your help.

A. with B. without C. in D. on

( )3. Who jumps _______ in your group?

A. far B. farther C. farthest D. further

( )4. Who do you _____ was the best actor?

A. think B. think of C. think about D. think over

( )5. ______ homework, I did it after supper.

A. As B. For C. As for D. To

( )6. ----_____ ______ is it from here to the hospital? ---- It’s about 1.5 km away.

A. How many B. How much C. How far D. How long

( )7. Math is ______ than Chinese, I think.

A. more difficulter B. difficult C. much difficulter D. much more difficult

( )8. ----Which is _______ season in Beijing? ----I think it’s autumn.

A. good B. better C. best D. the best

( )9. Shanghai is bigger than ______ in China.

A. any city B. any other city C. any of the other city D. any of the others city

( )10. ----Which is your favorite vegetable? ----_____ all vegetables, I think tomatoes ______.

A. Of; better B. Of; best C. With; better D. With; best

二. 用所给词的适当形式填空。

1. ----Who ________(sing) the last song in the concert? ----Linda did.

2. The next __________(perform) is Ben, and he will play a piano piece.

3. Good watches must have good ____________(quality).

4. Don’t you think the sofa is very _____________(comfort).

5. How many __________(province) are there in China?

6. Jenny is the ___________(funny) person I know.

7. This is the ____________(bad) picture of the two.

8. He ____________(success) in playing the piano last year.

9. Guangdong is in ____________(south) China.

10. The _____________(read) want to get the writer’s autograph.

三. 根据汉语完成句子

1. 旅馆通常在冬天降价。 Hotels usually _________ _________ ________ in winter.

2. 我们还需要5个演员来参加这次才艺表演。

We need ________ _________ _________ for the ________ _________.

3. 我爸爸是我所认识的人中最好的。My father is ________ _________ _________ I know.

4. 你知道哪家服装店有质量最好的服装吗?

Which clothing store do you know _________ ________ _________ _________ clothing?

5. 你认为最无聊的电视节目是什么?______ do you think is ________ ________ _________ TV show? ◆课后练习:

一 . 根据句意及汉语提示,拼写单词。

1. This supermarket, has the best _________(服务),so many people buy things there.

2. Our English evening party was a great ___________(成功). It was very interesting.

3. As we all know nothing can live _________(没有) air or water.

4. If you and Danny work ___________(共同), you can finish the project in two days.

5. Dennis stood up from his _________(座位)and answered the teacher’s question quickly.

二. 选词填空。

_day of school when we see all our old _ the teacher. He always says with a laugh, “you forget __ in two months than you learn in a year.”

三. 阅读理解。

People worry about the fact that they often lose their keys. Now if you forget where your key is, you can find it

quickly. Let’s read the following. Yesterday, Mr. Smith couldn’t find his key in the room. “Where is my key?” he said

to himself. He didn’t know what to do. He thought hard and then had an idea. “Hello!” he said in a loud voice. “Hello!” A voice came from inside the desk. He was surprised to hear that. He hurried to the desk and pulled the drawer open. To his delight, he took the key out of the drawer. What is all about that? So, that is a new key invented in America. There is an integrated circuit and a very small speaker built in it. It can repeat its owner’s voice within nine meters.

( )1. People are often worried _______.

A. that their keys might be stolen B. that their keys might be lost C. where their keys should be put

( )2. In the room, Mr. Smith was able to find _______.

A. a thing that can walk B. an integrated circuit C. a key that can speak

( )3. The new key can answer its owner _______.

A. only in the room B. within nine meters C. very far away

( )4. People will be _______ to have such a key.

A. worried B. surprised C. happy

( )5. What’s the best title of the paragraph?

A. A new key

四. 书面表达:



B. How to find your key C. You won’t lose your key

There are three fast food restaurants near our school. ____________________________

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ◆ 课后思:


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