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A 组

1. Where's Tom?

A. is looking for B. will look for C. has looked for D. looks for

2.— What is Tom doing now? —He ______ basketball over there.

A. is playing B. will play C. has played D. was playing

3. —What’s the weather like? —Oh, it ___ outside. Take an umbrella with you.

A. rains B. is raining C. was raining D. rained

4. You can’t use the bathroom right now. Robbie ______ a shower.

A. takes B. will take C. is taking D. took

5. Look! The boys _______ football on the playground.

A. plays B. play C. are playing D. played

6. Don't make so much noise. The children _______an English lesson.

A. have B. are having C. were having D. is having

7. Today is Women's Day. My father and I __ a special gift for my mother now.

A. make B. made C. are making D. am making

8.—What’s that noise? —Oh, I forgot to tell you. The neighbors __ for a party.

A. prepare B. are preparing C. will prepare D. have prepared

9.----Where is Michael? ----He ____TV at home , I think.

A. watches B. watched C. is watching D. was watching

10. Listen! The phone ___. Please go to answer it.

A. rings B. is ringing C. rang D. will ring

11. — Please turn off the radio, grandma ___now. —OK, I'll do it right now.

A. is sleeping B. will sleep C. slept D. sleeps

12. –I’ve not finished my homework yet. – Hurry up! Our friends _____ for us.

A. wait B. are waiting C. will wait D. have waited

13. It _____ hard outside. You have to stay at home.

A. rain B. is raining C. rained D. rains

14. Look! Jack and his monkey ______ flying disk together in the garden.

A. is playing B. was playing C. are playing D. were playing

15.—Alan, it’s late. Why not go to bed?—Jenny hasn’t come back yet. I____for her.

A. waited B. have waited C. am waiting D. was waiting

16. — May I speak to Mr Morgan? — Sorry. He ______ on the farm.

A. works. B. worked C. is working D. has worked

17.—Please turn off the TV. The baby _____. —OK. I’ll go out for a walk.

A. sleeps B. slept C. is sleeping D. was sleeping

18.---Where is Grace? ---She __in the yard.

A. reads B. read C.is reading D.was reading

19. Don’t make so much noise. Sorry, I .

A. am not B. did not C. won;t D. don’t

20. Listen! Someone _________ for help!

A. called B. is calling C. has called D.calls


B 组

with her grandparents because her parents are both very busy this month.

A. lived B. is living C. live D. was living

22. A: What’s your brother doing now? B: He is a kite.

A. fly B. flying C. flies D. flew

23. Listen, our teachers ______ Red Songs in the next room.

A. sang B. are singing C. sings D. sing

for an international meeting now.

A. works B. is working C. has worked D. had worked

25.—Where is your English teacher? —He _____ the Internet in the computer room.

A. will search B. has searched C. searched D. is searching

26.Jenny, do you know that one-third of the boys in our class___ the singer Zhang Shaohan?

A. like B. likes C. liking D. liked

27.You will be happy if you ______ what you like to do.

A. do B. did C. will do D. does

28. Betty will ring me up when she _______ in Beijing.

A. arrive B. arrives C. arrived D. will arrive

29. If you _____ your homework, you can go out to play football.

A. finish B. will finish C. are finishing D. finished

30.Now my father _____ his bike to work every day instead of driving.

A. ride B. rode C. rides D. will ride

31. When she is on the bus, her seat to someone in need.

A. gives B. give C. gave D. giving

32. —When will he leave for Shanghai? —

A. finished B. will finish C. is finishing D. finishes

33. Although Bill isn’t rich enough, he often ______ money to the poor.

A. will give B. was giving C. gives D. gave

34. ----Can your father drive? ----Yes, and he to work every day.

A. is driving B. drove C. drives D. has driven

35. John likes playing soccer very much and he _____ about one hour playing it every day.

A. spent B. will spend C. has spent D. spends

it to the party.

A. wears B. has worn C. wore D. is going to wear

37.—I don’t know if Aunt Lithese ―stay-home children ‖tomorrow morning.

— If I A. will come to take care of; am B. come to look after; were

C. will come to take care of; were D. comes to come up with; am

38. – I don’t know if Mr. Li __ to the party this evening.-- I think he will come if he ___ free.

A. will come; is B. will come; will be C. comes; is D. comes; will be

39. Chen Guangbiao says he ______ all his money to charities when he dies.

A.will give B. give C. giving D. gives

40.Finish your homework first, or I ______let you go out.

A. don't B. didn't C. won't D. haven't


C 组

41. If he comes here, I ______ you as soon as possible.

A. told B. have told C. tell D. will tell

42. —football at the moment.

A. play B. played C. are playing D. will play

43. We are glad to hear that the Greens _____ to a new flat next week.

A. move B. moved C. will move D. have moved

44. Can I take Lisa to the aquarium tomorrow? If she ______ there, she _____ a good time.

A. goes; has B. will go; has C. will go; will have D. goes; will have

45.—When ______ you ______ reading Jane Eyre?—It’s hard to say. I’m busy now.

A. did; finish B. have; finished C. will; finish D. do; finish

46. Put your hands behind your back. Don’t speak. We’ll _____ in ten minutes.

A. back B. be back C. are back D. are back to you

47. If it ________ this Saturday, we ________ for a picnic.

A. won’t rain; shall go B. doesn’t rain; will go

C. isn’t rain; go D. doesn’t rain; go

48. Dad, I ____ the station for minutes, but nobody came to meet me.

A. arrived at B. have been at C. will reach D.get to

49. —_____ you ever _____ Australia?—Never. But I am going there this vacation.

A. Do…go to B. Have…been to C. Have…gone to D. Will…go to

50. My aunt is a writer. more than ten books since 2000.

A. writes B. wrote C. has written D. will write

51. Echo _____ for half a month. She’ll come hack in two months.

A. left B leave C. has left D. has been away

52.The Smiths came to Shanghai in 2010,they__ there for three years since then.

A. live B. lived C. have lived D. will live

53. — Have you ever been to Nanning? — Yes, _______ .

A. I was B. I do C. I am D. I have

A. don't finish B. didn't finish C. haven't finished D. won't finish

55. I _____ here for only a few days.

A. work B. worked C. have worked D. will work

56.—Where is Bob? —He ______to Harbin for a meeting.

A. went B. has been C. has gone D. goes

57. — Are you going to the bank, Laura? —No, I ______ to the bank already.

A. have been B. have gone C. am going D. had been

58. --Oh, you are here. I’m looking for you all the morning. ?--To the library.

A. Where have you gone B. Where will you go

C. Where have you been D. Where did you go

59. So far this year, many new houses ___ in that village with the help of the government.

A. build B. are built C. will build D. have been built

60. My grandmother ______ a lot since she came to Zhuhai three years ago.

A.change B. changed C. will change D. has changed


D 组

61. I have made many new friends since I here.

A.come B.came C.will come D.had come

62. Mrs. Wang came back from France in 2010. She _____ here for four years.

A. works B. worked C. has worked D. is working

63. "Where's your brother, Jane?" "He's not in Guiyang these days. He________ Beijing.‖

A. has gone to B.has been to C. has been in D.has been at

64. She _______ this book for nearly three weeks.

A. has borrowed B. has lent C. has bought D. has kept

65. They _____ England and they will be back next week.

A. have gone to B. have been to C. have gone in D. has been on

66. He_______ in this city since his family moved to Guangzhou.

A. live B. lived C. has lived D. is living

A. come B. have been C. had been D. will come

68.—Is Mr. Smith still in Shanghai?—Yes, he ______ there for two months.

A. has been B. has gone C. has been to D. has gone to

69. My brother and I _____ in Zhuhai since 2000.

A. had lived B. have lived C. live D. will live

70. My pen pal said he would write to me, but I ___ any letters from him so far.

A. won’t receive B. haven’t received C. hadn’t received D. didn’t receive

71. my homework already.

A. finished B. have finished C. will finish D. finishes

72.Thomas ______ the army for two years, so he misses his mother very much.

A. has joined B. has taken part in C. has been in D.has gone to

73.—How well do you know the Opera House?

—I know the place very well. I ____ Sydney many times.

A. have been in B. have been to C. have gone to D. have arrived in

74.A:How clean the bedroom is!B: Yes, I am sure that someone it.

A. cleans B. cleaned C. has cleaned D. had cleaned

75.— Where is Ben? — He ____ to the teachers’ office. He will be back soon.

A. go B. has gone C. has been D. is going

76. I _____my hometown for a long time, I really miss it!

A. left B. went away from C. have left D. have been away from

77. —Will you please go to see the movie with me?—No, I won’t. I ______ already.

A. saw B. have seen C. see D. will see

78. He said he ______ that city three times.

A. has gone to B. has been to C. went to D. had been to

79. We friends since three years ago.

A. were B. have made C. have been D. have become

80.—Hi, boys. Where are you going now?

—Home. We _______all our money, so we have to walk home now.

A. spend B. spent C. have spent D. are spending


E 组

81. — _____ you _____ that interesting movie ?— Not yet. I'll see it this Sunday.

A. Did, see B. Do, see C. Have, seen D. Are, seeing

82.They _____ for nearly two months.

A. married B. have married C. have been married D. have got married

83. Jim ________ in Guangzhou since he finished his college.

A. works B. is working C. has worked D. had worked

84. —May I speak to Lin Tao?—Sorry, he is not in. He ______ to Changsha.

A. has been B. has gone C. went D. is going

A. didn't arrive B. doesn't arrive C. isn't arriving D. hasn't arrived

86. Great changes ______ in Zhuhai in the past five years.

A. have happened B. have taken place C. have been happened D. have been taken place

87. You are too late. The film ______ since half an hour ago.

A.has begun B. has been on C. began D. is beginning

88. -- Why won’t you go to the movie with me, Gina? --- Because I it twice.

A. see B. have seen C. saw D. will see

A. goes B. went C. has gone D. go

90. - Where is my sister, mum? - She ______ to the library. She will be back soon.

A. has been B. is going C. has gone D. will go

91.—May I speak to Mary?

—Sorry, she isn’t in. She to Japan and will come back in two weeks.

A. has been B. has gone C. is going D. went

92. —Are Li Yan and Wang Mei still living in Guangzhou? —No, they ____ to Shanghai.

A. had moved B. moved C. will move D. have moved

93. Mr. Fan ___ this watch in 2007. he ____ it for 6 years.

A .bought, has had B. bought, has C. has bought, has had D. has bought, had

94. Mr. White came to our school in 2008, and since then he us English.

A. teaches B. taught C. has taught D. will teach

95. —China develops so fast. —That’s true. It ______ a lot already.

A. changes B. changed C. will change D. has changed

96. - Jim isn’t in the classroom. Where is he?- He _____ to the teacher’s office.

A. will go B. has gone C. had gone D. is going

97. Tom ______ here for almost ten years and he has many Chinese friends.

A. has been B. left C. has come D. came

98. —Have you ever visited Germany?—_________. But I expect to go there again.

A. Perhaps B. No, I haven’t C. I don’t know D. Yes, I have 99. —May I speak to Miss Wang? —Sorry. She isn’t in. She __________ to Hong Kong. A. has been B. has gone C. goes D.went

100. He _____in Xinxiang for five years when I heard his news.

A. has lived B. had lived C. is living D. has been lived


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