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新目标九年级英语unit1 unit2 复习课ppt课件

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Review of Units 1-2 Grade Nine

1. 她是怎样为英语考试学习的? How does she study for an English test? 2. 我是通过向老师寻求帮助来学习的. She studies by asking the teacher for help. 3. 她说: 我们会因为对某些事情激动而最终讲汉语.” “We get excited about something and then end up speaking in Chinese,” she said.

4. 我没有同伴可以练习英语 I don’t have a partner to practice English with. 5. 我过去怕老鼠 I used to be afraid of mice. 6. 我开着卧室的灯睡觉 I go to sleep with my bedroom light on.


I. 选择正确的答案
C. was used to get

)1. He ______ up early, but now he doesn’t get up early.

A. is used get B. used to get D. used to getting ( ) 2. I’m afraid _____.

A. to make you frustrated
C. of make you frustrated ( A. at ( B. for C. with

B. to make you frustrating
D. of making you frustrating D. on

) 3. His father used to be ______ the football team. ) 4. Waste paper are collected ________ recycling.

A. by
( A. live

B. of
B. live in

C. for
C. live on

D. from
D. live for

) 5. Which floor do you _____?

( ) 6. He was ____ tired _____ he fell asleep as soon as he lay down.
A. too, to B. so, that B. to say B. for C. as C. enough, to C. speak D. By D. such, that

( (

) 7. He could watch the actor ______ the words.
A. say A. to D. said ) 8. This knife is used _____ cutting things. ) 9. We are all used ______ late.

A. for sleeping sleeping
( A. if

B. to sleep

C. to sleeping

D. as

) 10 You will miss the bus ______ you run. B. unless C. so D. because

1. I used to live in New York before I came here. ______ ______ you _____ to live before you came here? 2. She studies English by taking a lot of grammar notes in class. _______ _______ she study English? 3. He was a teacher in the past, but now he isn’t.

He _____ ______ ______ a teacher.
4. The bench was so long that we were able to sit on it. . The bench was long enough ______ ______ _______ ______ _______ 5. I find that it is easy to learn a foreign language.

I find _____ ______ to learn a foreign language

How long 1. _______ have you been in this school?
How often 2. ---_______ do you go to the park?

---Once a week.
----By bike.

3. ---_______ do you go to the park? How
How many 4. _______ cups of tea could you like?

How soon 5. ---_______ will people have robots? ----In 50 years. How much 6. ---_____ does this book cost? How far 7. ---_____ is your home?

---It’s five minutes’ walk.

How 8. _______ is your mother? ----She is very well.

How beautiful she looks! 9. 她看起来真漂亮! __________________________


1. 通过…方法或途径, “靠, 通过”的意思, 后 面可加名词或动词的 ing 形式. 我通过看英文电影学英语.
I study English by watching English movies.

My friend makes a living by writing.

我8岁时是 骑车去上学的


went to school by bike when I was eight years old.

2. 在……的旁边 河边有一个工厂
There is a factory by the river.

3. 由于 by mistake, by accident 我把你的书错拿到家里去了.
I took your book home by mistake.

4. 被, 由 我不想被别人嘲笑
I don’t want to be laughed at by others.

This is a picture by Xu Beihong.

5. 到…为止, by the end of, by last year 到上期末为止, 我们已经学了将近1500个 英语单词
BY the end of last term, we had learnt nearly 1500 English words.

ask sb about sth / doing sth. 问某人某件事情 ask sb (not) to do sth. 要求某人(不)做某事

ask sb for sth


to He asked his mother ______buy him a new bike. for He asked his mother ______some more money. about He asked his mother ______ the ways to learn English.

excited (感到) 兴奋的, 具有被动意义, 多用来指人
exciting 令人兴奋的,具有主动意义, 多用来指物
1. The _______ news made everyone ___________ ( surprise). 2. We were all _________ at the ________result. ( amaze). 3. This is an _______ story, we are _________ in it. (interest)

4. 我发现看英语电影很无聊,因为人们说得太快了. I find watching English movies very boring because the people speak too quickly

end up doing sth 最终做某事

End (up) with 以…而告终
反义词 begin / start with 让我们以一首歌曲来开始这堂课吧.
Let’s begin the class with a song.

晚会以她 的歌唱而告终
The party ended (up) with her singing.

这句话后面的with 不能丢掉. 更多句子:

I have pens to write with.

They have big houses to live in.

Do you have a chair to sit on?

used to do 过去常常做(现在已不做了)

Didn’t use to / usedn’t to

Did …use to…?

/ Used … to do …?

be used to sth / doing sth

习惯于(做) 某事

Are you used to the hot weather in Chongqing?

be used to do sth (被)用来做…

be used for doing sth (被)用来做…
be used as (被)用来当作… 书是用来看的 Books are used for reading.

OR: Books are used to read.
这块石头可以被用来当桌子 The stone can be used as a table.

be afraid of sth


be afraid of doing sth 害怕 / 担心会 be afraid to do sth 不敢 / 害怕去做 同义词组: be terrified of doing sth 她怕狗 他不敢见生人 He’s afraid to meet strangers. She’s afraid of dogs.

He’s terrified (afraid) of meeting strangers.


with + n. / pron. +
张飞睁着眼睛睡觉 你看书时应该关掉CD播放机.


Zhang Fei slept with his eyes open.
You should read with the CD player off. 她去上班时她的孩子在哭. She went to work with her baby crying.

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