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( ) 1 -He came early this morning, didn't he?-Yes, he did. He often___ to school early.

A. come B. comes C. came D. has come

( ) 2 Ann ____ her hair every week.

A. is going to wash B. wash C. washes D. is washing

( ) 3 They usually_____TV in the evening.

A. watch B. will watch C. are watching D. watches

( ) 4 The sun ___ in the east and___ in the west.

A. raises; set B. rise; sets C. rises; sets D. rises; set

( ) 5 Miss Gao___ English on the radio every morning.

A. had studied B. studies C. study D. studied

( .

A. will begin B. began C. is beginning D. begins

( ) 7.She will go if it ___ tomorrow.

A. isn't rain B. don't rain C. doesn't rain D. didn't rain

( ) 8 -_____ they often ___ these old men?-Yes, they___.

A. Do; help; are B.Are; helping; are C. Do; help; do D. Are; helped; are

( ) 9 -___ he ___ to work on foot?-Yes, he___.

A. Do; go; do B. Does; go; does C. Is; going; does D. Does; go; is

( ) 10.Our classes____at 7: 30 every morning.

A. begin B. begins C. is beginning D. were beginning

( ) 11 The train ___ at five this afternoon.

A. leave B. leaving C. leaves D. are leaving

( ) 12Next month my father ___ to China from America.

A. returns B. are returning C. is going to return D. would return

( ) 13 Look, in___our maths teacher.

A. is coming B. came C. come D. comes

( .

A. Here is it B. Here it is C. Here they are D. Here are they

( ) 15 I ____ very hard when I was young.

A. study B. studied C. had studied D. shall study

( ) 16.I ___ the blackboard but ___ nothing on it.

A. looked at; saw B. have looked; saw C. saw; looked at D. was looking at; was seeing

( ) 17. I have no idea what ___ in one hundred years.

A. has happened B. happens C. happened D.will happen


A. was B. will be C. would be D. is

( ) 19 When___to learn English?

A. does she begin B. did she begin C. has she begun D. she began

( ) 20 -I have finished my homework. -When ____ you ____ it?

A. have; finished B. do; finish C. did; finish D. will; finish

- 1 -


( ) 21My brother____ the army____ 1990.

A. joined; at B. joined; in C. has joined; in D. has joined; since

( ) 22. The train from Tianjin ___ an hour ago.

A. arrived B. has arrived C. was arriving D. arrived at

( ) 23.I___ my homework at about nine last night.

A. did B. would did C. was doing D. do

( ) 24 -Did you wait for your father very long?-Yes, I ____ to bed until two in the morning.

A. did go B. didn't go C. had gone D. went

( ) 25 -Excuse me. Look at the sign: NO SMOKING!-Sorry, I___it.

A. don't see B. didn't see C. haven't seen D .won't see

( ) 26 ___ he ___ a good time last Sunday?

A. Were; were B. Did; do C. Did; has D. Did; have

( ) 27.The students hardly studied the English language, ___ they?

A. did B.didn't C. were D. weren't

( ) 28-____ the bus ____ just now?-Yes, but it has left.

A. Has; come B. Did; come C. Is; come D. Does; come

( ) 29. When he was a child, he____ in the garden in the morning.

A. always plays B. always played C. plays always D. played always

( ) 30.He is good at maths and he ___ hard.

A. always study B. always is studying C. is always studying D. studies always

( ) 31. When he was young, he ____ swim in the river.

A. used B. used to C. uses D. use

( ) 32 .He ____ at six, but now at five.

A. used to get up B. used to getting up C. used get up D. was used to get up

( ) 33.The old man ___ out for a walk in the evening.

A. used to going B. go C. is used to going D. will go

( ) 34. -What is he doing now?-He___a picture.

A. draws B. drew C. is drawing D. was drawing

( A. is saying B. has said C. will say D. says

( )36. Don't talk with each other. The baby___.

A. was sleeping B. is sleepping C. was sleepping D. is sleeping

( )37. When we came in, they___their lessons.

A. are not doing B. weren't doing C. not were doing D. have done

( ) 38.My father___ his clothes, but he is repairing his car.

A. doesn't wash B. isn't washing C. is washing D. wasn't washing

( ) 39. ______ you ___ your homework now? A. Do; doing B. Are; doing C. Were; doing D. Does; do

( ) 40. ___ your mother ___ shopping at the moment?

A. Are; doing B. Is; doing C. Is; taking D. Are; taking

- 2 -


( ) 41.Who ___ at the door?

A. do knock B. is knocking C. knock D. knocking

( ) 42 What ___ she___ when I entered?

A. is; doing B. does; do C. was; doing D. did; do

( ) 43 Could you tell me when____?

A. he is coming B. he was coming C. will he come D. is he coming

( ) 44. Listen! Someone___ at the door of the meeting-room.

A. knocked B. knocks C. is knocking D. was knocking

( ) 45. -Who sings best in your class? -Mary____.

A. is B. will C. does D. do

( ) 46. My students___each other.

A. are always helping B. always helps C. always are helping D. help always

( ) 47.How tired I am, for my little son ___.

A. is always crying B. cry C. never cries D. always cry

( ) 48. ___the Blacks ___TV at seven yesterday?

A. Did; watch B. Are, watching C. Were; watching D. Do; watch

( ) 49.The scientist___ a walk in his garden at four last Sunday. A. was taking B. would take C. took D. was taken

( ) 50. What___ from nine to ten last night?

A. did you do B. had you done C. have you done D. were you doing

( ) 51.While Tom___ a football match, his sister was reading an interesting story in her room.

A. was watching B. is watching C. has watched D. had watched

( ) 52.When Miss Zhao came into the classroom, the students___.

A. talked B. were talking C. talking D. talk

( ) 53.They ___ a meeting when I saw them.

A. had B. have had C. were having D. are having

( ) 54. My parents____to stay in London for some time.

A. is going B. are going C. go D.are go

( ) 55.There___ two English films next week.

A. is going to be B. are going to have C. will have D. will be

( ) 56. -Are you busy this afternoon?-No. I___to watch a football match.

A. am going B. will C. shall D. can

( ) 57.You___ late for school again if you___ early.

A. shall be; won't get up B. are; won't get up

C. will be; don't get up D. have been; not get

( ) 58. Will you please ___ this rubber to Xiao Ling?

A. to give B. giving C. gave D. give

( ) 59.___ you like to have dinner with us tonight? Yes, I’d love to.

A. Would B. Do C. Are D. Will

( ) 60 She didn't tell me whether she ___ back early or late.

A. comes B. will come C. is coming D. would come - 3 -


( ) 61. He ___ in our school for 20 years and he ___ here in 1992.

A. has taught; came B. has taught; has come C. taught; came D. has teached; has came

( ) 62.They are late. The film ___ for five minutes.

A. has begun B. has started C. has been on D. began

( ) 63. A new school ___ in my hometown last year.

A. is set up B. has been set up C. was set up D. has set up

( ) 64.I___ the book yet.

A. haven't read B. hadn't read C. don't read D. am not reading

( ) 65. He says he___ the book several times already this year.

A. had read B. has read C. will read D. is reading

( ) 66. I ___ the book from the library a week ago, but I ___ it.

A. have lent; returned B. have borrowed; return

C. borrowed; haven’t returned D. lent; have returned

( ) 67 I'm sorry, I____ to clean the blackboard.

A. have forgotten B. forgot C. had forgotten D. forgotten

( ) 68 The old man ___ in this house since 1949.

A. has lived B. had lived C. is living D. lives

( ) 69. The life of the people___ greatly in the past years.

A. has changed B. have changed C. changed D. are changing

( ) 70.Her grandpa___ for three years.

A. has been dead B. has died C. had been dead D. died

( ) 71.Judy___the Great Wall twice, and now she still ___to go there.

A. went to; wanted B. goes to; wants C. has gone to; wants D. has been to; wants

( ) 72. In the past five years. I___ English words.

A. have learned three thousand B. learned three thousand of

C. had learned three thousands D. learned thousands of

( ) 73.Mr Green ___ China for three years.

A. has been to B. has come to C. has been in D. has arrived in

( ) 74. Tom ___ London for two years.

A. had left B. has gone away C. has been away from D. had been away from

( ) 75. He isn't here now. He has gone to Shanghai. He ___ there twice.

A. has been B. has been to C. has gone D. has gone to

( ) 76. My uncle___ London for five years. But he will be back next year.

A. went B. has been in C. has gone D. has gone to

( ) 77.-Could I speak to Mrs Black, please?-Sorry, she ___ to the library.

A. is going B. has gone C. has been D. will to

( )78. Peter is young, but he___ many foreign countries.

A. has been in B. has gone to C. went to D. has been to

( ) 79.Before we got to the railway station, the train___ already.

A. went out B. had gone C. has gone D. has arrived

( ) 80.The meeting____ for five minutes when I got there. A. had begun B. had been on C. has begun D. has been on - 4 -

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