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( ) 1. — ______ was your weekend, Annie?

— It was great.

A. How B. What C. Where

( ) 2. ______ most young children, computer games are very interesting.

A. For B. Of C. About

( ) 3. —Tim ______ the science test last weekend. What about you, Peter?

—I English.

A. studied; studied B. studied for; studied C. studied for; studied for

( ) 4. Pete and Tony visited their English teacher this morning, but Rosa ______.

A. wasn’t B. doesn’t C. didn’t

( ) 5. What do those soccer players usually do ______ Sunday mornings?

A. in B. on C. at

( ) 6. —Who ______ dinner yesterday evening in your family?

— My mother. She ______ dinner for us every day.

A. cooks; cooks B. cooked; cooks C. cooked; cooked

( ) 7. Everyone the school trip last week.

A. went B. enjoyed C. stayed

( ) 8. Maria spent two hours ______ the piano last night.

A. played B. to play C. playing

( ) 9. It’s time ______ class. Please be quiet!

A. to have B. for have C. of having

( ) 10. — _____________ last Sunday?

—I did nothing, just stayed at home.

A. What did you do B. Where did you go C. Did you stay at home.词汇练习(10分)

A) 根据句意及中文填入恰当的单词。(5分)

31. Steve spent a day _____(拜访) his friend, Peter.

32. Our country has a lot of high __________(山脉).

33. Who’s good at ___________(地理) in your class?

34. You can do some ______(阅读) to improve your English.

35. Many children don’t like the ______(猫) Tom in Tom and Jerry.


37. The King family __________ a week in Hainan last month.

38. Are you leaving(离开) now? What about _________ with us for another day?

39. All of us ________ to the Great Wall last Sunday.

40. I _________ some letters to my friends yesterday evening.


you? B: I was a little ill(生病的to the hospital.

A: I’m sorry to ?

yesterday afternoon? about the homework?


B: Oh, I see. Thank you.

A: You’re welcome.


51. We went to the mountains on Saturday morning. (改为一般疑问句)

________ you ________ to the mountains on Saturday morning? 对画线部分提问)

________ ________ Annie ________ last night? 对画线部分提问)

________ ________ your weekend?

54. Frank played computer games just now(刚才). (改为否定句)

Frank ________ ________ computer games just now.

55. What did you do over the weekend? (改为同义句)

________ did you ________ your weekend?


56. Did Henry study math next weekend? 57. He sat there and didn’t do everything.

58. Mary went a walk with her parents yesterday evening.

59. In Sunday morning, I cleaned my room and did my homework.

60. My mother saw an interesting talking show on Saturday night.


观察下面六幅图片,请以My busy weekend为题写一篇短文,描述一下周末里的活动。要求:时态正确、语言流畅;60词左右。


1. When we looked out of our ____ (帐篷), we saw a big _____ (蛇).

2. My dad _____ (开始) to _____ (跳)up and down in their tent.

3. The next morning, my sister and I got a terrible ________(惊奇).

4. This _____(弄醒) the snake up and it ______ (移动) into the _____(森林). 选择正确答案。

1. -- What did they do last weekend?

-- They _________ to a movie.

A. went B. go C. gone

2. -- How ____ your weekend?

-- Not too bad. I stayed home and watched TV.

A. was B. were C. is

3. I don’t have ______ bread, but I’d like _______.

A. any, few B. any, few C. any, a little

4. -- Can’t you hear ______?

-- No, I can hear _______.

A. anything, nothing

B. anything, something

C. something, something


1. shopping, kids, went, five

2. a book, I, history, read, about

3. she, did, what, weekend, over, do, the

4. I, on, Saturday, movie, went, a, afternoon, to

5. a, for, without, he, there, anything, sat, doing, time, long


1. Lucy did her homework at home. (改为否定句)

Lucy______ ____her homework at home.

2. He found some meat in the fridge. (变一般疑问句)

_____ he _____ ____meat in the fridge?

3. She stayed at home last weekend. (对划线部分提问)

______ ____she _____ last weekend?

4. There was some orange juice in the cup. (变一般疑问句)

____there_____ orange juice in the cup?

二. 根据句意,选择最佳选项。

1. Last week, seven kids____ a movie.

A. saw B. watch

C. looked D. see

2. Last Sunday, my aunt cooked pizza ___ me.

A. to B. on

C. for D. in

3. What did you do ____last weekend?

A. in B. /

C. for D. under

4. I _____English yesterday evening.

A. study B. studied

C. studyed D. studies

5. - What did you do yesterday?

- I ___ a kite in the park with my brother.

A. fly B. flew

C. make D. made

6. I ___ dinner with my friends last weekend.

A. have B. eat

C. had D. ate

7. Everyone in our class ___ their holidays.

A. enjoy B. enjoying

C. enjoys D. enjoyed

8. He sat there for a long time without doing __________.

A. one B. it

C. something D. anything

9. Did he ____ to sleep late last night?

A. went B. go

C. goes D. going

10. _______ Sunday morning, I played soccer on my computer.

A. In B. At

C. On D. Next


1. 玛丽昨天晚上没有做作业。

2. 他上周末去图书馆了吗?

3. 上周末约翰和他的朋友踢足球了。




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