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初三英语重点难点讲解与练习Unit 1 How do you study for a test?



1.write(名词形式)_________ 2.forget(过去分词)_________

3.understand(过去式)_________ 4.write(现在分词)_________

5.difficult(名词形式)_________ 6.many(比较级形式)_________ Ⅱ.Complete the sentence with the right word form. (用单词的适当形式填空。)

1. _________ (not play) games now.Please_________ (do) your homework first.

2.The students________ (be) busy now.They_________ (have) an exam next week.

3.Jack_________ (not do) his homework yesterday afternoon.

4. _________Lily usually_________ (go) to work by bus?

5.My mother_________(cook) when I_________(get) home yesterday afternoon. (课前预习类训练)

Ⅰ.Complete the sentence with the proper word.(用适当的单词完成句子。)

1.—How do you study for a test? —I study _________working with a group.

2.—Do you ever practise conversations with friends?

—I do that sometimes.I think it_________with my English.

3.—Have you studied with a group?—Yes.It improves my speaking _________.

4.What is your favourite_________to learn more English?

5.He thinks the movie is frustrating because the people speak too _________. Ⅱ.(预习课文,根据汉语提示完成句子。)

1.He thinks_________(学习英语语法)is too boring.

2.The best way to learn new words is by_________(读英语杂志).

3.You’d better_________(大声朗读)to practise pronunciation.

4.He said he couldn’t_________(记忆单词).

5.She said that having conversations with friends_________(一点也没有作用).

6. _________(看英语电影)is also a good way to learn English.


Ⅰ (用单词的适当形式完成句子。)

3.Working hard is one of the_________ (secret) of learning English well.

4.Some students had more specific ways_________ (learn) English.

6.She had_________ (trouble) riding her bike to the cinema last Sunday.

7.Later on,I _________ (real) it didn’t matter if we did not understand each word.

8.Reading_________ (loud) is my best way to practice pronunciation.


laugh at look up make up take notes at all be angry with 

1.I was afraid to speak English in class,because some of my classmates always_________me.

2.Li Hong decided to_________ lots of grammar_________in every class.

3.I learn English by_________conversations with my classmates.

4.I didn’t like to see English movies_________,and I think it helps little.

5.If you meet new words,you can_________them_________in a dictionary.

6.My father_________me because I did bad in math exam.

Ⅳ. (单项选择)


1.—How do you learn English? —I learn English by_________ .

A.listen to cassettes B.speak it C.listening to cassettes D.ask the teacher

2.My father thinks_________is a great way to learn English.

A.study grammarB.I study grammar C.studying grammar D.studies grammar

3.—What about _________grammar? —It is too boring.

A.finding B.studying C.writing D.playing

4.I_________English for about six years and I really love it.

A.learn B.learntC.have been learning D.am learning

5.I often write my own sentences_________the grammar I was learning.

A.use B.to use C.by use D.using

一、词汇 A) 用所给单词的适当形式填空。

1. I hear this dictionary is very ________( help ) for us students.

2. The _______( good ) way to learn English is to use it.

3. We should practice ______( speak ) English aloud every morning.

4. What about _____( go ) there on Sunday?

5. She spoke too ______( quick ),I couldn’t hear you clearly.

B)根据句意,填入适当的词, 使句子完整通顺。

1. Do you know how to _______ this new word?

2. He is doing a ______ about how to learn English well.

3. I want to know how you are going to ______ your English this year.

4. What did you study English _____?

5. Some of us don’t like to study grammar. Because it is too _______.

6. The _________ idea of this passage is very interesting.

7. To some young people, having the latest phone is _____.

8. This kind of mobile phone’s ______ is very fashionable. Many people like it.

9. She spoke too ______and I can’t follow him.

10. Doing more listening ______ every day is very important.

三. 单项选择

( ) 1. I study math by ____ lots of exercises. A. did B. doing C. do

( ) 2. __ do you study for tests? I work with my friends.A. How B. Who C. When

( ) 3. What ___ reading aloud to practice pronunciation? A. of B. about C. around

( ) 4. Why don’t you _____ to cassettes? A. listening B. listen C. listened

( ) 5. Many students asked the teacher _____ the time of the test.

A. for B. to C. about

( ) 6. I got an A this term, so my teacher was _____.

A. impressed B. impressing C. impress

( ) 7. Lucy thinks that ____ English movies isn’t a good way.

A. watch B. watched C. watching

( ) 8. When we practice English speaking, we often end up ____in Chinese.

A. speak B. spoken C. speaking

( ) 9. I read very slowly. I can’t spell some English words, _____.

A. also B. either C. but

( ) 10. Don’t laugh ___ others. You should help them when they are in trouble.

A. at B. to C. of

( ) 11. We don’t think she is ____ honest girl. A. a B. an C. the


( ) 12. What’s wrong with my son’s _____? He can’t see things clearly.

A. eyes B. ears C. mouth

( )13. September 10th is the ________.

A. Children’s Day B. Teachers’ Day C. Teacher’s Day

( )14. ____ of the two new books are interesting A. All B. Both C. Any

( )15. --Can I get you a drink? --That’s very nice of you. I’ve already got _____.

A. it B. one C. that

四. 完型填空

Last year my English class was ____1___for me. First of all, it wasn’t easy for me to understand the teacher when she ___2___to the class. To begin with, she spoke too quickly, and I couldn’t ___3___every word. Later on, I realized it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand every word, ___4___ I was afraid to speak in class because I thought my classmates might laugh ___5__me. I couldn’t always make complete sentences, either. Then I started to ___6___ English-language TV. It helped a lot. I think that doing lots of listening practice is one of the secrets of ___7___a good

language learner. Another thing that I found very difficult was English ___8___. So I decided to take lots of grammar notes in every class.

( )1. A. lucky B. happy C. difficult D. great.

( )2. A. talked B. talk C. sing D. sang

( )3. A. think B. believe C. forget D. understand

( )4. A. either B. neither C. also D. too

( )5. A. to B. with C. at D. in

( )6. A. watched B. watch C. watches D. watching

( )7. A. making B. becoming C. changing D. turning

( )8. A. grammar B. words C. pronunciation D. tests

Some people seem to have a secret for learning language. They can pick up new vocabulary, master rules of grammar, and learn to write in the new language __1__than others. Perhaps if we take a close look at these successful language

learners, we may discover a few__2__which make language learning easier for them.

First of All, __3__ language learners are independent(独立的) learners. __4__, Successful language learning is active learning. They look __5__every chance to __6__the language bravely. Finally, successful language learners are learners with a purpose(目的). What kind of language learner __7__ you?

( ) 1. A. more quickly B. quickly C slowly D. more slowly

( )2. A. skill B. skills C. books D. book

( )3. A. unsuccessful B. successful C. beautiful D. outgoing

( )4. A. next B. first C. in the end D. At last

( )5. A. at B. into C. after D. for

( )6. A. use B. make C. dance D. teach

( )7. A. is B. was C. are D. were

五. 阅读理解

Swimming and English Learning

Can you swim? Do you like swimming? Yes? Well, how can you learn to swim? I think the best way is to go into the water and learn. I’m afraid you’ll never learn to 3

swim just by reading books about swimming or looking at others swimming. It’s the same with the English study. We must practice, practice and practice.

Listening and speaking are very important for beginners. The children in

English-speaking countries first listen to others. Then they try to imitate and speak. We can listen to English programs on radio. You may just understand a few words. It doesn’t matter. Just be relaxed, try to catch every word.

Somebody may be a good listener. But he dare not speak. He’s afraid of making mistakes. You know we sometimes make mistakes when we speak Chinese. Don’t be afraid. We must be brave. If you really want to learn English well, you must try to speak with everyone so long as he knows English. Whether you know him or not is not important when there’s nobody to talk with, you can talk to yourself in English. It’s interesting and also a good way to practice your spoken English. Remember, the more you speak, the fewer mistakes you’ll make.

Reading and writing are more important for senior school students. First we must choose the books we’re interested in. A lot of reading will improve your language sense. This is the most important.

Keep writing English diaries. We can also write English articles. You may even post them to English magazines. Don’t be afraid of failure. Failure is the mother of success.

Easier said than done. Well, let’s do more practice from now on. I’m sure you’ll learn English well in this way.

1. You can learn to swim by_______.

A. reading books about it B. looking at others swimming

C. having lessons on it D. going into the river and learning

2. We should learn English by _______.

A. listening and speaking B. reading and writing

C. A and B D. swimming

3. What will you do with mistakes when you speak?

A. Don’t make mistakes. B. Study hard

C. Try not to speak English D. Don’t be afraid.

4. What’s more important for senior school students?

A. listening B. speaking C. reading and writing D. learning

5. We can listen to English ______, according to the passage.

A. by train B. on the radio C. every minute D. now and then

3. 根据汉语完成句子。(每空不限填一词)

1. 你知道学好英语最好的办法吗?Do you know _____________ English?

2. 我不知道如何使用电脑。I don’t know ______________________.

3. 他去年加入了英语俱乐部练习说英语。He joined the English club _________.

4. 我们在英语课堂上经常会话。We often ________________ in class..

5. 他经常给我们讲笑话逗我们发笑。He often tells us jokes __________.

6. 我哥哥擅长用手机发送信息。My brother is good at ___________________.

7.他们可能在中国结束旅行。They may _________ in China.

8. 这个小女孩害怕在课堂上说英语。 The little girl ______________ in class.


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