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7B Unit 7 重点短语和句型

1. How cool! 多酷啊!

2. Believe it or not! 信不信由你!

3. look out 小心

4. have different abilities 有不同的能力

5. give awards to sb 给某人颁奖

6. plant trees 植树


Eg: 今天是植树节,少先队员们正在山上植树。

It’s Tree Planting Day today. The Young Pioneers are planting trees on the hill.

7. clean up the park 把公园打扫干净

8. give a seat to sb. on the bus 在公共汽车上给某人让位

9. visit an old people’s home 访问敬老院

10. collect things for the Hope Project 为希望工程收集东西

11. the children in poor areas 贫困地区的孩子

12. need clothes and shoes most 最需要衣服和鞋子

13. send sb. sth.= send sth to sb. 把某物发送给某人

14. be able to do sth. 能够做某事

15. raise some money for them 为他们筹钱

16. collect some books for the children 为儿童收集课本

1. a brave young man 一个勇敢的年轻人

2. help/save sb. out of the fire 把某人救出大火

3. on 10 May 在五月十日

4. be at home alone 独自一人在家

5. hear someone shouting 听到某人在大叫

6. run outside 跑到外面

7. quickly run to… 迅速地跑到…

8. see a lot of smoke from next door 从隔壁看见很多的烟

9. the 79-year-old Mrs. Sun 79岁的孙女士

10. hurt her leg 她的腿受了伤

11. happen to sb. 发生在某人身上

12. at that moment 在那个时候

13. pour the water over the clothes 把水浇在衣服上

14. rush into the kitchen 冲进厨房

15. put out the fire with a blanket 用毯子扑灭了大火

16. help her out 把她扶出去

17. be in hospital for two weeks 住院2周

18. visit her and give her flowers and presents 看望她并且送花和礼物 1

19. have no time to think about it 没时间思考

20. be careful with fire 小心火

1. a good place to have fun 一个娱乐的好地方

2. make a call on your mobile 用你的手机打电话

3. by the way 顺便问一下

4. take your camera with you 随身带上你的相机

5. no problem 没问题

6. see through walls 穿过墙看

7. fly as fast as light

1. a parents’ meeting

2. need to read more and speak more

3. work hard on the subject

4. know a lot about it

5. write good articles

6. do her best this term

7. play the piano

8. be good at Maths

9. according to topics

1. a recommendation letter

2. recommend Daniel for this year’s Youth Award

3. learn things quickly

4. plan things well

5. a member of .

6. take part in activities like this

7. a 5-year-old boy

8. lose his way

9. take him to the police station

10. stay with the boy

11. get the award

12. look forward to hearing from you

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