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新概念第二册第一课 A Private Conversation 课件

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New Concept English Book 2
Lesson 1 A Private Conversation

New words:

1.private adj. ≈ personal, not public eg. a ~ car a ~ letter a ~ room

2.conversation n.[C] ≈talk


a private ~ a short/long ~

3.theatre n.[C] (BE) theater (AE)

eg.go to the theatre
4.play n.[c] eg. a new ~ a Korean~

5.seat n.[c] ≈place eg. the front seat of a car Take a seat, please.

6.loudly adv. eg.Don’t speak ~ in public. loud adj. eg.The music is too ~.

7. rudely adv. ≈ not politely rude adj. ≈ not polite

eg. If you behave (表现,行为) rudely ____, rude you will be a ____ student.

8. angry adj. ≈not happy,cross

angrily adv.

eg. She got angry ___ suddenly for no reason and left angrily ___ in the end.

9. attention n.[U] pay ~ to sth/sb eg.Pay ~ to the blackboard.

10. bear vt. (bore, borne) 1) give birth to eg.When and where were borne?

2) stand eg. Could you bear such a rude person ?

11.business n.[C] -es

≈affair,thing eg.Thanks for your help,but I can do my own ~ very well.

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