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7B Unit 2 重点短语与句型

姓名_________ 1. 拜访我们的新邻居 visit our new neighbours

2. 恐怕 be afraid to do / be afraid of sth / sb

3. 欢迎像你一样的拜访者 welcome visitors like you

4. 在你们小区 in your neighbourhood

5. 他们中的大部分 most of them

6. 在你们小区周围 around your neighbourhood 1. 既善良又乐于助人

2. 他们中的一些

1. 在社区中心见面

2. 分享他们不同的技能

3. 帮助我们解决各种各样的问题



4. 举行一次“援助之手”会议

5. 我的电脑有问题了

6. 要求一名电脑工程师来检查它

7. 要求某人(不要)做某事

8. Annie的自行车坏了

9. 要求某人来修理它

10. 一些大学生

11. 很乐意帮助

12. 拜访老人

13. 为他们采购些物品

14. 帮助老人打扫他们的公寓

15. 幸运的做某事

1. 需要任何帮助

2. 先打电话给他

3. 等待你的电话

4. 等我们回电话

5. 看电影

6. 举行聚会

7. 计划出去的一天

8. 后天

9. 买一些盘子和叉子

10. 带一些水过来

11. 生火

12. 煮点东西吃

1. 不同的工作 kind and helpful some of them meet at the community centre share their different skills help us with all kinds of problems help sb. with sth. help you with your homework have a “helping hands” meeting There is something wrong with my computer ask a computer engineer to check it ask sb to do / ask sb not to do Annie’s bicycle is broken ask someone to fix it some college students be ready to help visit the old people do some shopping for them help the old people clean their flats be lucky to do need any help call him first wait for your call wait for us to call back watch the film have a party plan a day out the day after tomorrow buy some plats and forks bring some water make a fire cook some food different jobs

2. 进一步了解 know more about

3. 谈论关于她家庭成员的工作 talk about her family member’s jobs

4. 哥哥 elder brother\

5. 姐姐 elder sister

6. 在镇中心 in the town centre

7. 理她的家很远 far away from her home

8. 他们未来的工作 their future jobs

9. 在未来 in the future

10. 确信 be sure

11. 将要成为一名电脑工程师

12. 听上去像是一个好主意

13. 讲英语

14. 一个小时以后

15. 打开

16. 一把雨伞

17. 保持繁忙

18. 或多或少

1. 在社区中心

2. 在三月五号的下午

3. 看下列的信息

4. 感到身体好

5. 别担心

6. 使你感到更好

7. 洗衣机

8. …有问题(不工作)

9. 帮助你解决问题

10. 担心某人/物

11. 去聚会穿什么

12. 如何设计你的家

13. 知道很多关于款式和颜色

14. 乐于帮助

be going to be a computer engineer sound like a good idea speak English in an hour turn on an umbrella keep busy more or less at the community centre on the afternoon of 5 March look at the information below feel well Don’t worry= Don’t be worried make you feel better a washing machine there is something wrong with… help you with your problems worry about sb./sth. what to wear to a party how to design your home know a lot about styles and colours be ready to help

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