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1. 对……不满_________ 6. 大一号的尺码___________

2. 买衣服____________ 7. 在背面______________

3. 去购物中心____________ 8. 考虑到_____________

4. 试穿___________ 9. 传统中国物品______________

5. 中码的_____________ 10. 一个奇妙的主意_______________ 二任务型阅读


was thinking of ____1___ out of the city, because he didn’t like his neighbors and ____2____ there. When Mrs Noble asked him why, he complained about all the negative ___3____ of the people around him. When he finished ____4____, Mrs Noble replied, “I’m afraid you’ll find the people here to be the same.” The man said he would not live in such a place and ____5____ the office.


Today I met Frank, Jon, and Cathy. They were all thinking about moving to Pleasantville. I encouraged Jon and Cathy to move here. But I discouraged Frank. Frank complained about his current neighbors, and said that he also disliked his coworkers. I think that Frank could only see negative qualities. He was not a pleasant man. Therefore, he would probably see the worst in the people of Pleasantville, too. 任务1:用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空,每空一词。

1_______ 2_________ 3__________ 4__________ 5__________


6 c________ of the present time; happening now

7 n________ a word, phrase or sentence that says or means “no” or “not” 任务3: 同义句转换,每空一词。

They were all thinking about moving to Pleasantville.

8_______ of 9______ were thinking about moving to Pleasantville.


10 Who did Frank dislike?



1 短语

1) have a complaint about

2) shop for clothes

3) go to the shopping mall

4) try on

5) in medium

6) in a bigger size

7) on the back

8) have sth in mind

9) some traditional Chinese stuff

10) a fantastic idea

2 任务型阅读

1) moving

2) coworkers

3) qualities

4) speaking

5) left

6) current

7) negative

8) all

9) them

10) neighbors and coworkers

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