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第一部分 听力测试(共25分)


( )1.A. Sitcoms B. I watched a film at home C. It was sunny.

( )2.A. Of course not B. That’s true C. Sounds great

( )3.A. Yes, it will B. Yes, I am C. Sunday

( )4.A. Three times B. Two hours C. Five Yuan

( )5A. That’s a good idea B. Yes, I do C. At ten

( )6A. Yes, I am B. Yes, please C. Yes, they are 班级: 姓名 考号 二、听句子,选择与所听句子内容相符合的图片。每题念两遍。(共4小题,计4分)

A B C D 7_____ 8______ 9______ 10_______ 三、听对话。根据对话内容及问题选择正确答案。每题念两遍。(共10小题,计10分) ( )11.A. Her mother B. Her brother C. Her father ( )12.A. In a hospital B. In a school C. In a company ( )13.A. Hamburgers B. French fries C. Salad ( )14.A. An artist B. A scientist C. A writer ( )15.A. Chinese B. English C. Math ( )16.A. Paris B. New York C. London ( )17.A. at 8:00 B. at 8:10 C. at 8:40 ( )18.A. Her mother B. Her aunt C. Her grandma

( )19.A. cut up bananas B. turn on the blender C. wash some apples

( )20.A rainy B. sunny C. cloudy


( )21. What does Philip do?

A. A writer B. A reporter C. A teacher

( )22. Where does Philip often do sports?

A. In his house B. In the park C. At school

( )23. What can Tina play well?

A. The piano B. The guitar C. The violin

( )24. What does Alice want to be in the future?

A. A musician B. An astronaut C. A singer

( )25. What does Alice need to study hard on?


A. Science and English B. Physics and science C. Physics and math

第二部分 基础知识运用 (共45小题, 每小题1分,计45分)


( ( ( ( ( B.从各题的A、B、C三个选项中选择正确答案。

( ) 31.How ____ cups of milk do you drink every day?

A. much B. many C. a little

( ) 32.You should ______ the bananas and put them in the blender.

A. cut down B. cut up C. cut in

( ) 33.--What’s on TV tonight? Is there interesting?

--- I’m afraid not.

A. something B. anything C. everything

( ) 34.We are going to the party_____ next weekend.

A. in B. on C. /

( ) 35. ―Don’t always make Tom this or that. He’s already a big boy.‖ Mr Bush said to his wife.

A. do B. to do C. does

( ) 36. Liu Xiang spends five hours ____the piano every day.

A. playing B. plays C. to play

( ) 37.Last week I _____ the school sports meeting but won nothing.

A. joined B. take part in C. took part in

( ) 38. She ______a singer when she _____ up.

A. is going to be; grows B. is; is going to grow C. is going to be, is going to grow

( ) 39. If you make a ____, you should keep it.

A. promise B. question C. role

( ) 40. There ______ an English exam tomorrow.

A. is going to be B. is going to C. is going to have

( ) 41.If there are _____people driving, there will be ______air pollution.

A. more, less B. fewer, fewer C. fewer. Less

( )42.—How many birds can you see in the trees?

---I can see _____birds there.

A. hundreds of B. five hundreds C. five hundreds of


( )43. He filled the box ______books.

A. of B. with C. for

( .

A. to not stay with his parents

C. staying with his parents B. not to stay with his parents

( )45 ___your books in the bookcase, Jerry.

A. Put B. To put C. Putting

( )46. –How do most people _____the Dragon Boat Festival(端午节)?

--Most young people like watching the dragon boat racing.

A. report B. celebrate C. choose


A: Hi, Li Ming! Long time no see.___47____

B: Hi, Zhang Jun. I went to Beijing.

A: Really?__48_____

B: Yes. I visited Tian’an Men Square, the Great Wall, Beihai Park and many other places.

A: Sounds great!__49___

B: My good friend.

A: How long did you stay there?

B: ___50___.Beijing is really great.

A: I hope I can go to Beijing, too.



Mr. Reece worked on a farm. He and his wife grew a lot of things and they had some cows. Every day they worked till night. One day, Mr. Reece his wife. “Let’s go to Portsmouth next Sunday. We cana good lunch there and then we can go to the cinema.‖

His wife was very happy when she 54 this, because they always ate a lot, and she didn’t 55 cooking three times a day.

They went to Portsmouth by plane and walked 56 about an hour. Then, when it was twelve o’clock, they wanted to 饭店). In front of one restaurant, they 公告). It read, “Lunch: 12:30 to 2:30, 1.5 pounds.”

“Well, that’s 59 ,” Mrs. Reece said. “We can eat for two hours for 1.5 pounds here! This is 60 for us.”

( )51. A. at B. from C. in


( )52. A. told to B. asked C said to

( )53. A. cook B. buy C. have

( )54. A. heard B. heard of C. listened

( )55. A. think B. like C. want

( )56. A. for B. by C. in

( )57. A. have a rest B. have lunch C. take a bus

( )58. A. saw B. heard C. watched

( )59. A. terrible B. well C. great

( )60.A. the news B. the place C. the shop


“You may stay here the night,” he said. “OK,” answered his friend.

But 64 minutes 65 ,the friend went out. He didn't tell David where66 going nor(也没有)did he ask for an umbrella.

When David was 67 , his friend 68. He was all wet through.

“ 69 have you been?”asked David.

“I have been 70,”answered the friend, “to tell my mother that I'll not go home tonight because of the rain.”

( )61. A. to rain B. rain C. rains

( )62. A. to go not home B. don't to go home C. not to go home

( )63. A. for B. to C. of

( )64. A. few B. a little C. a few

( )65. A. late B. after C. later

( )66. A. is he B. he was C. he is

( )67. A. to go to sleep B. to go to bed C. going to bed

( )68. A. returned B. returns C. to return

( )69. A. where B. how C. what

( )70. A. to home B. home to C. home

第三部分 阅读理解(共10小题, 计30分)


There are forty-eight students in our class. There are twenty-three boys and twenty-five girls. Some students live near the school, and some others live very far from the school. About half of the students come to school by bike. They often get to school at a quarter to seven. About ten students often come to school by bus. They often get to school very early, too. Another ten students come to school on foot. Their homes are near the school, but they are often late for school, because they get up very late.

( )71. More than half of the students usually come to school by bike.

( )72. Some students get to school late because their homes are very far from school.

( )73. About ten students often come to school by bus.

( )74. The students who come to school by bike get school at 7:15.


( )75. About twenty-four students ride to school.



George lives in a small town in Germany. He has never been to England. He decided to visit before he was too old.

George flew to London and stayed in a small hotel. The next day, he wanted to go for a walk to see the city. He was afraid of getting lost, because he couldn’t speak a word of English. Before he left his hotel, he wrote down the hotel’s name. Then he walked to the street corner and copied the name of this street in his notebook. I won’t be afraid of getting lost, he thought. And he walked on. He went into some shops and visited other places. When it started getting dark, he found he was lost. He bought a map of the city, but it was all in English, he couldn’t read it. He asked a policeman for help. He tried his best to tell the policeman where his hotel was. But the policeman couldn’t understand him. Then George showed his the notebook. In it were the words HOTEL and ―One-Way-Street‖.

( ) 76. Where does George come from?

A. Germany B. London C. France

( ) 77. What language can George speak?

A. English. But only a little. B. German C. French

( )78. How did George go to London?

A. By air B. By train C. By bus

( )79. Why was George afraid of getting lost?

A. Because he had never been to London.

B. Because he couldn’t speak English .

C. Because he didn’t have a map of London.

( )80. Why couldn’t the policeman understand him?

A. Because he couldn’t speak English.

B. Because he didn’t buy a map of the city.

C. Because he didn’t write the name of the hotel right.


Once there was a king. He liked to write stories. He thought his stories were good, so he liked to show them to people. As people were afraid of him, they all said his stories were very good. One day, the king showed some of his best stories to a famous writer. He wanted the writer to praise these stories. But the writer said his stories were so bad that he should throw them into the fire. The king got very angry and sent him to prison. After some time, the king set him free and ordered him to come to his palace. Again he showed some of his new stories and asked what he thought of them .After reading them, the writer at once turned to the soldiers and said , Take me back to the prison.

81. The king thought his stories were good so ________.

A. people liked them

B. he only showed some to the famous writer

C. he liked to show them to people

82. The famous writer was thrown into prison because_____________.

A. he was afraid of the king’s stories


B. he said the king’s stories were very bad

C. he said he couldn’t write good stories for the king

83. People were afraid of the king because ________

A. the stories were interesting

B. they would be sent to prison

C. the king wrote many stories

84. Again the king showed the writer some of his new stories because_________

A. he wanted to know what the writer thought of them

B. he wanted to be angry with the writer

C. he wanted to send the writer to prison

85. When we read the writer’s last words, we can be sure that________.

A. the writer would write some good stories while in prison

B. the writer liked the new stories

C. the king’s new stories were not good at all.



A: What are you going to do when you grow up?

B: I’m going to be (1)_________ (2) _________.

A: Why?

B: Because my father is a good engineer. What about you?

A: I’m going to be a (3) _________ because I can play the piano (4) _________.

B: When did you start (5) _________ the piano?

A: When I was a boy of five.

B: Did you win any (6) _________ in the competition?

A: Yes, of (7) _____. My teacher thinks I play it (8) _____ than the other students.

B: Oh, I hope you can (9) ______ an outstanding musician all (10) _____ the world.

A: Thank you. I will try my best.


Are you able to send a letter with sounds and ___1__ to someone somewhere in the world ___2____ a stamp on it? Using a computer you can send e-mails quickly and ___3___. The post is much __4___ than e-mail. E-mail 6 完成对话。在对话空格中填上适当的单词,使对话完整正确。一空一词(含缩写词)。把答案按编号依次填入下方表格内。(共10小题,每小题1分,计10分)

can send its massage to the__5___ side of the world in seconds. E-mail is easy ___6___ and it saves time and money. The differences in time in different ___7___of the world do not matter when sending e-mails. It’s 24-hour service that you can send e-mail at ___8__ time of the day or night. No one has to be there to get e-mail. It does not matter if your friends are in beds when you send e-mail to ___9___, or you are ___10___a movie at a movie theater when they send e-mail back.


A. 句子排序(每题0.5分,计5分。)

Perhaps you have heard a lot about the Internet, but what is it?

A. We can use the Internet instead of a library to find all kinds of information for our homework. We can find information about our favorite sports or film stars and do shopping on the Internet.

B. People can now work at home with a computer in front, getting and sending the information they need.

C. The Internet is many different networks around the world.

D. Thanks to the Internet, the world is becoming smaller and smaller.

E. We can also send messages to other people by e-mail.

F. Maybe that doesn’t sound interesting. But when we’ve joined the Internet.

G. network is a group of computers put together. These networks joined together are called the Internet.

H. It is much cheaper and quicker than calling our friends or sending letters.

I. They can buy or sell whatever they want by the Internet. But do you know 98% of the information is English? So what will English be like tomorrow?

J. There are lots of things we can do. We can have a lot of interest on the World Wide Web (www).

B. 根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出适当选项补全短文。(计5分)

After 26 years of working outside, Mr. Black together with his wife returned(回到)his village to enjoy (养活)his families. He left his village when he was 24 years old. . But he never forgot his village. Now he stops working, . How happy he is! He decides to give some of his money to the village school and build(建造)a new school library. , fruits and many kinds of vegetables. He keeps chicken for eggs. and happy in his hometown.


C. 阅读短文,根据内容完成表格中所缺信息。(计5分)

Here are the New Year’s resolutions of my four friends.

My name is Dave, and I am from the United Kingdom. I’m going to drink more water and less cola. I’m also going to brush my teeth before breakfast and after dinner, and wash my hands before eating.

My name is Tina, and I am from the United States. I want to make more friends this year. I’m going to be nicer to the other children in my class. I’m going to be friendly to children who need friends like someone who is shy or new to my school.

I’m Selina, and I’m from the United States. I’m going to work harder this year. I’m going to do all the homework that our teachers ask us to do. If I have any problems with my projects, I’m going to ask my teachers for help.

My name is Toby, and I am from Singapore. I’m never going to play computer games. When I feel angry or stressed, I’m going to find better ways to relax, like exercising, reading, or discussing my problems with my


暑假就要到了,你想邀请你的加拿大朋友Danny来中国度假, 他也是一位中学生。他希望了解你的暑假打算。请你把你的想法写成短文,发E-mail给他。

要求:1. 注意格式,开头已经给出,不计入词数,词数要求不少于70词。

2. 语句通顺,语意连贯,可适当发挥。



(2)至于学习:喜欢读书,每天都要花一定时间阅读; 虽然数学不好,但是,依然尽力去学习数学。


Dear Danny

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________




班级: 姓名 考号







A. 句子排序(每题0.5分,计5分。)

B. 根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出适当选项补全短文。(计5分)

1._________ 2.__________ 3._________ 4.__________ 5.________

C. 阅读短文,根据内容完成表格中所缺信息。(计5分)

1._________________ 2. ___________________ 3._______________________

4.____________________________ 5.____________________________________


Dear Danny

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________




一. 1. What did you do last night. John? 2. I’m going to take a trip to Africa next year.

3. Will it rain this afternoon? 4. How much will the woman pay?

5. Do you usually study on a computer? 6. Would you like some porridge?

二. 7.Jack wants to fly in the shy.

8. Vivian goes to the piano lesson every weekend.

9.Jenny is going to practice running from now on.

10.Linda’s hobby is collecting stamps.

三.11.M: How many members in your family do exercise every day?

W: Only one. My father runs every morning.

Q: Who does exercise every day in the girl’s family?

12.M: Why are you going to Japan, Mary?

W: Because I will go to work in a language school there.

Q: Where will Mary work?

13.W: You know fast food is bad for your health. Don’t eat it anymore.

M: But hamburgers are my favorite food.

Q: What food does the boy like best?

14. W: Bob, you are so good at painting. Do you want to be an artist?

M: No, I want to be a writer. Perhaps I will paint pictures for my own books?

Q: What does Bob want to be?

15.W: Bill, your English is good. But you can do better in math and Chinese next time.

M: Thank you, Miss Wang. I will try.

Q: What subject is Bill better at now?

16.W: Are you going back to New York to visit your family?

M: No, I’ll stay in Paris to study.

Q: Where does the boy come from?

17. M: When will the concert start?

W: It’s 8 o’clock now. It will start in ten minutes.

Q: When will the concert start?

18. M: Can you make chicken soup, Lisa?

W: Yes, I am. My grandma taught me to make it last year.

Q: Who taught Lisa to make chicken soup?

19. W: Simon, please help me peel those bananas and cut them up.

M: OK. I will.

Q: What will Simon do?

20. W: What will the weather be like tomorrow? It is sunny and hot today.

M: The radio says there will be heavy rain.

Q: What will the weather be like tomorrow?

四.I’m Philip, and I’m a writer . I write books for kids. I draw pictures for them, too. I often do sports in the park.

My wife Tina is very beautiful and she is a musician. She likes to help the kids in our building play the piano. Alice is my daughter. She wants to be an astronaut in the future. But now she needs to study hard on her physics and science. She likes singing and swimming, so she goes to these clubs on weekends.


答案 A卷



1. an 2. engineer 3. pianist 4. well 5. learning /playing 6. prizes 7. course 8. better 9. be / become 10. over


1. pictures 2. without 3. easily 4. slower 5. other 6. to use 7. parts 8. any 9. them 10. seeing



C. 1. the United Kingdom 2. Tina 3. wash my hands

4. ask my teachers for help 5. won’t/never go to play computer games 四.书面表达(略)


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