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TV programmes

By Feng Hua

Jinxing Middle School

How many types of TV programmes can you see?

A: Which TV programme(s) do you like best? B: I like … because … A: How much time do you spend on TV every week? cartoon sport B: … ( interesting, exciting, meaningful, creative, enjoyable, cool, funny… )

fashion music news video game show drama cooking

Speak up: Which TV programmes do you like? Listen to the conversation and try to find the wrong information in the table.
favourite TV programmes Millie programmes about animals how much time

half an hour
about two hours

the arts
Kitty programmes about cartoon about one hour

Speak up: Which TV programmes do you like?
I don’t like programmes about What kind of TV programmes do I watch TV for about one hour animals. I think they are boring. you like best? every day. What about you?are Programmes about the arts better. They are my favourite.


I How like much watching time programmes do you spend about AboutI half an hour. animals. watching TV find every them day? interesting.


Make up a new dialogue like this:
A: What kind of TV programmes do you like best?

B: I like watching programmes about … because …
A: Which TV programmes do you dislike?

B: I dislike programmes about … because …
A: How much time do you spend watching TV …?

B: About …

Millie interviewed

three students at her
school about the TV

programmes they

Grade 7 Grade

Art Club

loves playing with her cat at home Football Team


a very good football player
Drama Club



likes acting



Which programmes do they like and dislike? ListenTV to the conversation and check them. Likes Dislikes



Why does Anita dislike Because they are programmes rather boring. about sports?


How much time does Sam spend watching TV About half every day? an hour.


What’s the name of Anita’s favourite Tiger Watch. programme?


How much time does Philip spend watching TV About an hour. every day?


Why does Sam like programmes Because they are about music? really fun.


What’s the name of Philip’s favourite Sports City. programme?



TV viewing habits

Something which you do often and regularly.

Likes programmes about: ___________________ animals Reason: ________________________________ (very) interesting Dislikes programmes about: _________________ sports Reason: ________________________________ (rather) boring quite, very Name of favourite programme: _______________ Tiger Watch Time spent watching TV every day: ____________ about 2 hours

TV viewing habits
Likes programmes about: ___________________ sports Reason: ________________________________ (very) exciting
Dislikes programmes about: _________________ animals Reason: ________________________________ not (very) interesting Name of favourite programme: _______________ Sports City Time spent watching TV every day: ____________ about an hour


TV viewing habits

Likes programmes about: ___________________ music Reason: ________________________________ (really) fun

Dislikes programmes about: _________________ sports
Reason: ________________________________ boring

Name of favourite programme: _______________ Music World

about half an Time spent watching TV every day: ____________ ____________ hour

Millie is drafting a report on the interviews. Help her complete the report.

8 Ifootball have interviewed three students at my school player about I found that sportsthe TV programmes they like. exciting Sports City they are interested in different TV programmes. an hour Anita is a Grade ___ member of 7 student. She is aanimals the _________. in watching Art Club She is interestedinteresting programmes about ________. animals Usually, she spends 9 every day watching TV. Her about__________ hours Dramatwo Club music favourite programme is ___________. Tiger Watch fun She does not Music World like programmes about ________. sports She thinks they half an hour are _______. boring sports

Wuxi Education TV wants to make a new programme. They need to know people’s TV viewing habits.

Please help them to make a survey and write a report.



Favourite programme Reason

Least Name of Time favourite favourite spent on programme programme TV Reason

is a .He/She is interested in watching programmes about . His/Her favourite programme is . He/She thinks it’s very . Usually, he/she spends about every

watching TV. He/She dislikes programmes about .He/She thinks they are rather .

1. Make a survey on your parents’ or friends’ TV viewing habits.

2. Write a report.

Thank you!

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