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要点: 1.我们学校的学生喜欢各种电视节目; 2.阿尼塔是7年级的学生,最喜欢看的节目是《动物世界》; 汤姆在8年级,最喜欢的电视节目是《体育城》; 萨姆是9年级的学生,最喜欢的节目是《卡通世界》; 3.他们每天看1小时电视。

Let’s revise the words.

很,极,太 far 每一周的 weekly cover 最新的,现代的 up-to-date 报道 现场直播 即将来临的 coming live 亚洲的,亚洲人 Asian 文本正文 text 消息 message 音乐会 concert 导演(v.) direct 导演(n.) director 面临 face 消失 disappear 行为 act 最近的 latest 奖赏 prize 滑冰 ice skating 立即马上 right 结束 end 赛跑 race 更远 further 最远 farthest 友谊 friendship 宇航员 spaceman 习惯 habit 背景 background 网站 website 令人惊讶的 surprising 相当 rather

根据括号中所给的汉语或首字母写出下列单词,使句子意 思完成: perfect 1.Practice makes _____ __(完美的). 2.There will be many interviews _____ (采访) after the concert. up-to-date 3.Today’s newspaper has _____ (最新的) information. You can buy one and have a look. spacemen 4.Both of them want to be _____ _ (宇航员) when they grow up. 5.Our school held a writing competition _____ (竞赛)last Thursday. announced 6.The results of the match will be _____ (宣布) during the programme. 7.I like watching horror films, but my parents d____. islike 8.Don’t t_____ hrow your books everywhere. Put them in your bag.

nding 9.This is a true story with sad e_____. 10.Did the teacher announce the r_____ esult(s)of the exam? 11.The film Murder in a Country House is full of _____( horror 恐怖). ublic place. 12.Don’t spit or smoke in a p______ directed 导演) by a famous 13.The film was _______( director. 14.Mr Green was v______ our headmaster. oted We all like him. beat 15.I _______( 赢) Li Ming in the long jump. 16.The sunrise is a beautiful s_______. cene 17. The young girl was murdered _______(谋杀) by the riverside.

Let’s revise the phrases.

现场直播 cover live 被现场直播 be covered live 赢得一个大奖 win a big prize 从….到…. from--- to--无事可做 have nothing to do 在…..和…..两者之间 between--and 小睡一会 have a little sleep 在电视上播放 be on TV 充满 be full of be filled with 走过,路过 walk past 即将来临的星期六 the coming Saterday 天气预报 weather report 发送节目 send out 把…..收起来/放好 put ---away 体育世界 Sports World 在赛跑中 in the race 在线为….投票 vote online for 陈先生一家人 the Chen family

发送信息到 send messages to 就某事与某人争吵quarrel with sb. about sth. 自杀 kill oneself 生某人的气 be angry with sb. 解谜;揭开谜底 solve the mysteries 把…扔到…上面 throw---onto (throw –threw –thrown) (容易)受惊吓 get scared easily 写一封感谢信给某人 write a thank-you lett

er to sb. 一个小时长的纪录片 a one-hour documentary (fall –fell –fallen) fall onto 掉到….上 近距离地看一看 take a close look at 如此有趣的故事 such an interesting story the whole morning 整个早晨 自然生活环境(栖息地) the natural habitat 为某事做准备 get ready for sth. 介意(某人)做某事 mind sb.(sb’s) doing sth.

get scared, take a close look at, win an award make him laugh, be angry with a close look 1.That documentarytakes ___ _ at

the giant pandas. an awardfor its amazing 2.Tiger Watch won ____ photography several years ago. 3.He likes comedies because actors are always very funny andmake ____ . him laugh was angry withthat student a 4.The teacher ____ moment ago. 5.If hegets ____ scaredeasily, he had better not.

language points

1.(far) too + adj/adv + to +do--- . 太---而不能— 2.so + adj/adv + that +从句(主语+动词+----) 3.adj/adv + enough + to do


1) I am far too busy to go shopping. so I am ______ busy that ___ I can’t go shopping. too old ____ to work. 2) His grandfather is ____ so that he can’t His grandfather is _____ old_____ work enough___ to work. His grandfather is not young ____ ____
3)这孩子实在太小不能自己穿衣服。 The baby is far too young to dress himself .

find /think/make/keep+ n/pron + adj
Eg. 你可能会发现这周的电视节目有点烦. find this week’s programme a You might______ boring . bit ______ 她的狗的死使她很难过. makes her _____ feel sad The death of her dog _____ _____. 我们必需保持教室干净. keep our classroom ______. clean We must ______ 我认为那部电影非常精彩. I _______ think that film _____ very _________. exciting

a number of 许多,大量的 the number of ---的数字,--的数量+动词三单
Eg. 每年有很多游客来参观南京的名胜. ? There are _____ _____ a number _____ of tourists to visit Nanjing every year. ? 出席演唱会的歌迷有2000多人. The____ number of fans _____ is ? ___ ____ (be) more than 2000 at the Music Awards.

? live 1) v 生活,活着,居住
2)adv 实况转播的 ? ? ? ? alive living lively life adj 活着的 (只做表语) adj 活着的,有生命的 adj 活泼的,生动的,爱热闹的, n.生命,生活. (pl. lives )

1. 5台现场直播了那场足球赛. Channel 5 covered the football match ____. live 2.我们都过着幸福的生活. life We all_____ . live a happy _____ 3.月球上没有活的东西. living things on the moon. There is no _____ 地震之后那个小女孩仍然活着. alive After the earthquake, the little girl is still____. 她既生动活泼又乐于助人. lively She is both _____and helpful. 那位医生已经救了很多人的命. That doctor has already saved many people’s _______. lives

full adj 满的,充满的, 吃饱的 fill v 装满, 填满, fill--with----, be full of---, be filled with--eg. 我已经吃饱了

. I am ____. full 凯迪把鱼缸装满了水. filled with water. Kate ____ the tank ____ 大厅里全都是人. is full of The hall ____ _____ _____ people.

such a beautiful school. eg. Our school is ____ so beautiful. Our school is ____ It is _____ such fine weather today. so The building is _____ tall and brilliant. so They always have _____ interesting stories.

so + adj/adv such + a/an + adj + n such + adj + n (u) such + adj + n (pl)

good/well-------- better ---- best ill/bad/badly----- worse ------worst far----- farther/further----farthest/furthest little------ less-----least many/much---- more----most old---- older/elder-----oldest/eldest

1表示时间介词短语 (1)from … to… 从某时到某时


The shop is open from 8:00a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (2)between…and… 在……之间

We do our morning exercises between 9:00 and 9:30.

2.before ,after,until作连词的基本用法

我在上床睡觉前看电视. I watch TV before I go to bed. 我每天5点之后回家.
I go home after 5 o’clock every day.

I won’t leave home until he arrives.

3. while , as 作连词的基本用法 我上课时睡着了. I fell asleep while I was having a lesson. 离开时,请把灯关掉.
As you leave, please turn off the light.

用as,while,after,before,from,between,until填空 from 1.Can I watch TV ____ 8 a.m. to 9.30 a.m.? As the tiger came, all the animals ran away. 2. ____ before 3.How can you know the ending ____ _ you read the book? until the weekend? 4.Can I stay _______ While/As 5. ________ I was doing my homework, I heard a strange noise downstairs? while Millie was 6.Sandy was reading newspaper, ______ watching TV. 7.Until/Before ________ I saw the kangaroo, I never knew an animal can jump so high. afterI finish my work. 8.I’ll play badminton with you ____ between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. 9.We must finish it ___________ before 10.You should knock on the door ____ you come in.

1.我太忙了不能去购物. ? I am ____ _____ _____. far ____ too _____ busy ____ to go shopping ? 2.狗的工作是永远做不完的. is never done ? A dog’s work _____ ______ ______. ? 3.今年的北京音乐会大奖赛将现场直播. will be ? This year’s Beijing Music Awards _____ ____ covered live _______ _______. ? 4.直到电影的结尾你才能找到答案. won’t find out until ? You ______ ______ _____ the answer _____ the _____ the film. end _____ of ? 5.Tiger Watch因为它惊人的摄影而获奖. won _____ an award for ? Tiger Watch _____ ______ ______ its amazing photography. ? 6.这部一个小时的记录片对亚洲虎做了仔细观 察. ? This ________ one-hour documentary _____ takes _____ a _____ look _____ at the Asian tiger. close _____

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


你喜欢哪种类型的电视节目? kind _____ of TV programme What ____ _____ _____ do you like? 8.一部由陈凯歌导演的影片正在电影院上映 directed by Chengkaige _____ will be A film ______ _____ ______ shown at the cinema. 9.在这部影片中,一个医生被发现死在他的家里. was found In the film, a doctor ____ _____ dead _____ in his house. 10主持人将在节目期间宣布结果。 announce ________ the result The host will ________ _________ during the programmes. 11.颁奖仪式将在这个周六举行。 will be held The presentation ________ ________ ________ this coming Saturday _______ _______.

汉译英: 1.当我讨论这个问题时,王老师进来了。 While we _________________, were discussing Mr Wang came in. _________ 2.姚明是最著名的运动员之一。 one of the most famous players Yao Ming is __________________________________. 3.“十面埋伏”(1o surfaces are hidden) 是由张艺谋执导的 影片。 a film directed by ZhangYimou 10 surfaces are hidden is ________________________. 4. 从早上8点到10点,我们都在看电影。 From to we were watching _________8am__________10am,______________ a film _________. 5.今天是如此令人激动的一天。 such an exciting Today is ___________________ day. 6.你每天花多少时间看电视? much time watching TV How _______________ do you spend ___________ every day.

Writing: 要点:
1.今天是个非常令人激动的日子;我和表兄一起参加了一个电视竞赛节目; 2.在节目中,我们要合作回答各种关于体育知识的问题;节目开始前,我感到很 紧张,但是我和表兄好好地做了准备;我们正确的回答了大部分问题;最后我们 获得了最高分,赢得了比赛; 3.我的家人都很高兴。

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