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The Past Form 不规则变化 1.come—came think--thought 2.become—became buy--bought 3.swim—swam bring--brought 4.sing—sang teach--taught 5.give—gave catch--caught 6.drink—drank is/am---was 7.run—ran are--were 8.make-made have/has—had 9.begin—began babysit--babysat 10.sit--sat


blow—blew grow—grew throw—threw draw—drew fly--flew keep—kept leave—left sleep--slept

feel--felt sweep--swept creep--crept (爬行)

do—did put--put go—went let--let break—broke hurt--hurt steal—stole cost--cost hold—held read--read learn—learnt/learned cut---cut hear—heard hang—hung mean—meant say--said

can—could meet--met eat—ate pay--paid find—found see--saw get—got write--wrote feed—fed speak--spoke do—did take-took lie—lay spend--spent lay—laid wear--wore lose—lost win--won sell—sold tell--told

like—liked 规则变化 study--studied move—moved cry--cried want—wanted try--tried end—ended carry--carried work—worked hurry--hurried pick—picked copy--copied turn—turned look—looked listen—listened watch—watched peel—peeled mix--mixed

stop---stopped hiccup—hiccupped shop—shopped fit—fitted drop—dropped plan—planned stir—stirred chat—chatted

1.1 learn to do sth/ learn how to do 2. start to do/ start doing 3. begin to do / begin doing 4. too… to do sth 5. win the gold medals 6. play the accordion / violin/ guitar 7. an unusual golfer 8. an athletic athlete 9. at the age of… ( one’s ages) 10. take part in…/ join in… join sb…

11. a well-known pianist 12. spend…on… spend…( in ) doing… spend…with… spend one’s vacation… 13. become a movie star 14. tour the US 15. be alive/ dead 16. major in… 17. stop doing/stop to do

1.becauce of… 2.on the morning of June 15th,1980 3 on June 23rd,1988 4. a skating champion 5. in the speech competition 6. in the 70-year history of the competition 7. be the first one to do sth 8. hum songs/ pieces of music 9. die/live alive/dead

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