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useful expressions

1.study for a test 2.practice Chinese/ speaking English 3.visit old friends 4.watch the talk show 5.watch him play with… 6.go to the beach 7.cook dinner 8. sit down 9. clean the room

10. look for the dog 11. have a party 12. take a walk / go for a walk 13. write a song 14. spend the holiday 15. do some reading do some cleaning do some shopping do some writing 16.go shopping go swimming go running

go fishing go skating go skiing go boating go hiking go hunting 17. go to school go to bed go to work go to sleep go home 18. enjoy the vacation

19. get to school get to Beijing get home 20. last weekend last year/ month/ spring yesterday morning/ afternoon/ evening last night half an hour ago an hour and a half / one and a half hours 21 for most children

21. at / in the No3 Middle School 22. see an interesting talk show 23. an unhappy man 24. play soccer play the guitar play with… 15. stay at home/ school/ in the room

Unit 10
Where did you
go on vacation?

1.go to the mountains 2.go to summer camp 3.go to Central Park 4.go to the beach 5.go to some interests of places 6.enjoy your weekend/ vacation 7.enjoy yourself 8.enjoy doing sth 9.spend …(in )doing 10.have fun doing

11. It is time for sb to do sth 12. help sb (to )do sth 13. make sb do sth let sb do sth 14. find sb watch see hear doing feel look at listen notice

14. decide to do sth decide not to do sth try to do sth try not to do sth 15. ask/ tell sb to do sth ask /tell sb not to do sth 16. want to do sth 17. discuss with sb 18. in the corner 19. all morning/ day 20 (on) Monday July 15th 21. a travel trip 22. walk to a hotel/ go to a hotel on foot

23. a relaxing train trip an awful dinner an expensive house a crowed street 24 be relaxed be excited be interested in be bored be surprised be tried 25. feel( felt) happy/ sad/ busy/ ill 26. on vacation 27.some foreign visitors many foreigners

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