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English Exercise

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English Exercise 2

1. There is going to ___an English speech competition in our school next month.

A. have B. be C. are D, is

2. They _____ have to pay for the money for the books , they are free for children.

A. don’t B. haven’t C. doesn’t D. wasn’t

3. How long may I _____ the books in the library?

A. borrow B. lend C. keep D. take

4. His voice in very ______, I think his is the _______ in my class.

A. loud. louder B. loud. loudest C. loudly, louder D. loudly, loudest

5. He likes living _____because of the warm weather in winter.

A. in Southern China B. in South China C. in China southern D. in China south

6.Of the two movie theaters he finds Xin Hua movie theater has ____ service.

A. better B. good C. well D. best

7. Of the three his teacher lives the _______.

A. far B. farthest C. fathest D. farther

8. The city ____ Xi’an is one of the oldest _____ in China

A. call, cities B. calls, city C, called, cities D. calling, cities

9. Last week’s Chinese contest was a great _______

A. successful B. success C. succeed D. successfully

10.He likes friends who _______ from m.

A. is different from B. are different of

C. is difference from D. are different from

11.Our teacher told us ________ on the wall.

A. not to draw B. don’t to draw C. to not draw D. doesn’t draw

12. Could you show us _______ about traveling in China?

A. any information B. any informations

C. some information D. some informations

13. Eating more healthy food and exercising more ______ good for our studies.

A. is B. be C. are D. being

14.Mary is my good friend, but _____ lifestyle is different from ________.

A. her, her B. her, hers C. hers, hers D. hers ,her

15. I went to Xi’an last year, I spent a few month ____ how to learn English there. A, learn B. to learn C. learning D. learnt

16. _____ her home is the closest to our school , she goes to school the latest.

A. Because B. As C. Although D. If

17. At ______ age Ann could play the piano with her mother’s help.

A, an early B. a early C. an earliest D. a earlier

18. What is the old man doing now? He ________.badly.

A. is hiccuping B. are hiccupping C. is hiccupping D. are hiccuping

19. I know the number of the girls _____ 28, they are all good ____ me.

A. is, for B. is, with C. are , to D. are, of

20. There is a deep ______ between our teacher and us.

A. friend B. friends C. friendly D. friendlier

If you finish , you can check them !

If your answers are right , you’ll be happy. If your answers are wrong, you’ll ask why ! Answers. BACBA ABCBD ACCBC CACBC

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