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The importance of health

发布时间:2014-02-04 17:08:12  

1 It is true that nowadays people are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of health. However, different people have different ways to keep healthy. For example, some exercise everyday; others try to keep a balanced diet. As far as I’m concerned, living habits contribute most to health.

I have two main reasons to support my view. For one thing, having a good living habit is very beneficial for our health. And however, doing exercise and living on a balanced diet are only two aspects of a person’s living habits. In my opinion, someone who has good habits may get up early, go outdoors, breathe the fresh air, and do physical exercises. What’ more, in daily life, they always keep a balanced diet that can provide the right amount of nutrition required for the operation of our body.

For another, someone who has good living habits could orders their life well. And they always try to relax and enjoy life.

To sum up, having good living habits is very important to our health; it is also an attitude towards life. Only when we are healthy, we can do all things we like to enjoy life. So as a college student, we should keep good living habits.

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