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Unit 2

Boy J: I hope to work outside.

Girl 1: You could help to clean up the city parks.

Boy 2: I'd like to help homeless people.

Girl 1: You could give out food at the food bank to help feed them.

Girl2: I want to cheer up sick kids.

Girl 1: You could ask hospitals to let you visit the kids.

Giri 1: I'd like to help kids with their schoolwork.

Girl2: You could volunteer in an after-school study program to teach kids.

Boy l: Now we need to come up with a plan to tell people about the city park clean-up.

Girl 1: Yeah, but I'm hungry Bob. Let's have lunch first.

Girl2: No, we need to start now. Clean-up Day is only two weeks from now.

Boy 2: You're right, Sally We can’t put off making a plan. As we talk, I'll write down all our ideas. Then we can decide which ideas are best.

Girl 1: Um... well... we could put up signs.

Boy 2: That's a good idea!

Girl2: Let's make some notices, too. Then I’ll hand them out after school.

Boy 1: OK. Great! And we could each call up10 students and ask them to come.

Boy 2: Hey, we're coming up with a lot of good ideas, aren't we?

Man: This morning I’m talking with a very wonderful young man, Jimmy the Bike Boy. Good morning, Jimmy.

Jimmy: Good morning.

Man: So, Jimmy tell our listeners what you do.

Jimmy: Well, I find or buy old bikes that nobody wants. Then I fix up the bike sand give them away to kids who don't have enough money to buy their own bikes.

Man: That's fantastic. What gave you the idea?

Jimmy: I guess I take after my father. He loves to help people. He always volunteers to help people in need.

Man: Wow!Your parents must be proud of you.

Jimmy: I guess so. But now I've run out of money so I can't buy any more old bikes.

Man: Oh, that's too bad.

Jimmy: Yeah. I need to come up with some way of getting money or I'll have to stop.

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