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基础英语Unit 3

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Unit 3
? ? ? ? Revision Text analysis Summary homework

Paragraph 1
? Given…ideas.
… the present condition, many college students regard village officer a good job. The LV bag cost the …half a year’s salary, but the Shanghai girl bought it without hesitation to show off before her co-workers.

? Alter/change…for the better
Environmental protection aims to …our world….

Paragraph 2
? The topic... users
Additional training is the best way to... your career.

Paragraph 3
? He said that...for him.
Smiling is good to keep yourself young ... almost every muscle in the body is exercised.

? I have not ...to exaggeration. ? It gave me pause to think

The tradgdy in Germany ... the bad points of online years.

Paragraph 4
? Lament He ... The early death of the brilliant actress in South Korea. ? In earnest
It’s beginning to snow....

? Prior to
We received no notification ... today.

? And we...cities.
Many young people enjoyed the online games day and night ... their health.

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