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Unit 1 Reading A

Body language

The American “OK” sign
将拇指与食指结成一个圈,其他手指伸直, 这就是“OK”手势。美国人常用这一手势表示赞 同,许多人把它称为美国的“OK”手势。 The American “OK” sign is the joining of the thumb and forefinger in a circle. It shows that all is good or perfect. In the ancient world, the circle itself was one of the oldest and most common symbols for perfection.

The American “OK” sign

The sign got its modern meaning

from the ancient world. The expression
“OK” is native to the United States and

it’s like the letter “O” and
shows that something is as perfect as a circle.

短语收藏夹 1. prefer...to 3. rest...on... 4. hold...up 5. go to sb. for help 6. sit up 7. at once 喜欢……胜过…… 把……放在……上 抬起;举起 找某人帮忙 (上身挺直)坐正 立即;马上 2. get a chance to do sth. 得到机会做某事

8. make a...impression on sb. 给某人留下……的印象

New words


1. 同学们,请抬起头看黑板。 hold your heads up Boys and girls, please _____ _____ _______ _______ /hold up your heads and look at the
blackboard. 2. 我喜欢鱼胜过肉。

Prefer fish _____ to I _____ meat.

3. 你应该独立了,不要总是找别人帮忙。 You should be independent. Don’t always for help _____ _____others _____ _____ . go to 4. 我马上过去。 at once I will go over _____ _____ .

What kind of language are they using?

They are using body language. (肢体语言)

He means “Yes ” by nodding his head.

They mean “ No ” by shaking their heads.

What is body language?
the gestures (手势,姿势) the expressions on your face

1. Where does the story take place? At a travel agency
2. Who are the two people sitting

at the desks?
college students 大学生 a senior member of staff

Debbie and Simon.

3. Which of the two looks more friendly? Debbie.

Can you describe Debbie’s / Simon’s body language?

For example: head … eyes … smile or not …

Reading Task 1 读文章,完成下面的表格 Debbie head
Hold her head up.

Simon Rest his head on his hand. Look down. Never smiles. Not turn his head or body towards people.

Look at people’s eyes eyes.
smile Smiles before or speaking to people. not

Simon is phoning a friend. Complete the speech below with the words in the story. Put one word in each blank.

senior Chris spoke to me today. He’s one of the _____ members of staff at our travel agency. I told him Debbie to me. that our customers always prefer ______ He told me the problem might be the way I communicate _____________. He explained to me about body language. He said that my body _____

language was not giving people a good improve my impression _________. So now I’m trying to _______ body language.

Put the events of the story in the correct order.

4 2 6 1 7

a. Chris said that body language is important. b. Th

e lady walked over to Debbie instead of Simon.

c. Simon began to sit up and smile. d. An old lady entered the travel agency. e. Simon's sister came to remind him about her birthday. 3 f. Simon went to fax some papers. 5 g. Chris said that Simon looked down and never smiled. 8 h. Chris said Simon made a good impression on the girl.

Language points
What’s up, Simon? (P2) 西蒙,怎么啦?

解析:What’s up是一句常用的口语,意为“怎 么
啦,怎么回事”,相当于“What’s wrong”, “What’s the matter / trouble”,“What’s going on”,“What’s happening”,可以互相通用。例 如: What’s up? Why are you so unhappy?

Your whole appearance communicates

things as well as your words. (P2)

解析:as well as意思是“还有;也;以及”,连



She called on you as well as me.
她不但拜访了我,也拜访了你。 She as well as you is an Englishteacher. 她像你一样也是英语教师。


1. 我喜欢打篮球也喜欢踢足球。
as ____ well ____ as I like playing basketball ____

2. 彼得以及他的父母打算骑自行车去公园。 as well ____ as his parents Peter ____ ____ is going to the park by bike. ____


3. 我想要一杯茶还有一杯牛奶。 as ____ well ____ as a I’d like a cup of tea ____ glass of milk.

Customers always prefer Debbie to me. (P2) 顾客总是喜欢黛比而不喜欢我。 解析:prefer...to 意为“喜欢……甚于喜欢 ……” “喜欢……而不喜欢……”。其中to是介词。 prefer...to连接两个对称的词或短语,常用句 型有:prefer A to B“喜欢A而不喜欢B”;prefer

doing A to doing B“宁愿做A也不做B”。

例如: The little boy prefers sweets to flowers. 那个小男孩宁愿要糖果也不要鲜花。

Lin Hui preferred staying with his friends
to going home with his parents.

注:prefer doing A to doing B可与prefer to do

A rather than do B互换。如上面例句可以说:
Lin Hui preferred to stay with his friends

rather than go home with his parents。

She holds her head up. (P2) 她抬起头。 解析:hold...up 意为“抬起……,举起……”, 可 以合起来用,可与put up和raise互换。本句也 可以说:She puts up her head. = She raises her head. 再如: Please hold your hand up if you have any questions. = Please put up your hand if you have any questions. = Please raise your hand if you have any

The way you look at people doesn’t give them a good impression. (P2) 你看别人的方式没有给他们留下好的印

象。 解析:give sb a good impression = make a good impression on sb, 意为“给某人留下一个好印象”。

把下面的句子改成同义句。 4. His polite words made a good

impression on my parents.
gave my parents His polite words ____

a good impression . _____ _______ _________

Chris came over at once and said, ...(P2)

解析:at once 意为“立即,马上”,相当于right

Must I go at once?

=Must I go right away / immediately?

3. She came to remind me that tomorrow is her birthday. (P2)


(1) remind sb that+从句;

(2) remind sb of sth;
(3) remind sb to do sth;

(4) remind sb about sth。 例如:

This hotel reminds me of the one we stayed in last year. 这家旅馆使我想起去年我们住过的那一家。 Please remind me to write to my mother. 请提醒我给妈妈写信。

Remember to remind me about the time
of the meeting.


根据汉语意思完成句子。 5. 我妈妈经常提醒我应该按时吃饭。 reminds _____ me _____ that My mother often _______ I should have meals in time.

( D )6. The photo reminds me ____ the

old days.
A. from B. to C. that D. of

( B )7. My teacher often reminded me
____ the importance of study.

A. to

B. about

C. from

D. for

4. 请同学们找找文章中出现的含动名词句子

Communicating is not just about

speaking. She smiles before speaking to them. Without hesitating, she went to Simon and gave him a big smile.


Debbie and Simmon are college _______ students. They have __________ part-time jobs at a travel agency. One day, an old lady entered their office. Debbie greeted her

cheerfully Simon sighed and took __________.
fax some papers over to the _____



He didn’t know why the people prefer Debbie ___ to him. Then, ________ Chris, a senior member of staff told Communicating him. _______________ is not just

speaking. Body language is very
important. Simon often rest his head on his hand and never smile. _____


The way he looked at people didn’t give impression But Debbie them a good __________. held head up. She smiled before speaking to the people . That’s why _________

the people go to her for help and not

单项选择 ( A ) 1. I think practice is the key ____ learning English well. A. to B. of C. for D. with ( C )2. — Mr Green looked very worried yesterday. — Yes, he left the classroom without ____ a word. A. to say B. say C. saying D. said

( B )3. — Would you like to go shopping with

me, Kate?
— I prefer ____ at home to shopping.

A. stay; go
C. staying; go last night. A. do B. to do

B. staying;

D. stay; going

( D )4. I fell asleep while ____ my homework
C. done D. doing

( A )5. Mary as well as you ____ an English teacher. A. is B. are C. were D. be ( C )6. — Mike is very kind. He often helps you with your English. — I consider him ____ my best friend. A. of B. for C. as D. to

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