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Samuel Clemens was born in 1835,Missouri.When he was four,his family moved to the town of Hannibal,

a port on the Mississippi River,and Clemens loved to (1) the big steamboats going up and down the river.

He said that all the boys in his (2) had one ambition in life:to work on a steamboat.

His father died (3) _______ he was just 12 years old and Clemens then went to work for a printer to help

support his family. He traveled (4) _________ and worked in many different cities.

In 1857, he achieved his ambition and got a job (5) ________ on a steamboat. He sailed up and down the wide

Mississippi River until the American Civil War began. Clemens moved around the USA (6) ________ the steamboat, and tried several jobs. He was a soldier, and a silver miner. And (7) _______ he started working as a writer for a

newspaper. At this time, he decided to use a (8) ________ for his stories, and he chose the name "Mark Twain".

In 1865,Clemens wrote a story about a jumping frog with his pen-name. The story and the writer became (9) _______. After that, he wrote many books, including The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. It was published in 1876. He also gave (10) _______ lectures, and became a very famous and popular man. Samuel Clemens died in 1910. He is

considered to be one of the greatest writers in American

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