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(河北省卷33. 1) I'd like you________for a picnic with us.

A. go B. to go C. going D. went


(河北省卷36. 1) Everyone________I come from Sichuan. Actually, I come from Shandong.

A. find B. think C. finds D. thinks


(江苏省盐城市11. 1)The talk show on TV is very popular. It often makes people____.

A.laugh B.laughing C.to laugh D.laughed


(四川省自贡市25. 1)They spent all night________the work.

A.doing B.did C.to do


(四川省自贡市35. 1)-Have you seen the TV play My Ugly Mother?

-Yes,it's well worth _________.It's ________moving that I've seen it 1


A.seeing;too B.to see;enough C.seeing;so


(江苏省无锡市14. 1)The boy spends at least as much time reading as he________.

A.writes B.is writing C.does to write D.does writing


(江苏省宿迁市13. 1) It's nice _______ Andy _______ me with my English study.

A. at; to help B. of; to help C. with; help D. of; help


(江苏省宿迁市14. 1)This is _______ difficult problem that few students can work it out.

A. so B. so a C. such D. such a


(湖北省黄冈市32,1)-David has been away for more than 25 days. -I miss him very much.You know ,25 days _______short.

A.is B.isn't C.are D.aren't



(湖北省十堰市39,1)Climbing hills _________of great help to our health.

A.was B.were C.is D.are


(山东省莱芜市22,1)Yao Ming works hard on his English and ________

A.so Liu Xiang does B.so is Liu Xiang

C.so does Liu Xiang D.so Liu Xiang is


(福建省福州市35,1)-Leo,________no milk or eggs in the fridge. -Oh,I'll go and buy some right away.

A.it is B.there is C.there are


(北京市23,1)The reading room _____ very quiet. I enjoy reading books there.

A. am B. is C. are D. be



(北京市,27,1)-________ you turn down your radio, please? -Yes, I can.

A. May B. Need C. Must D. Can


(广西省定西市4,1)There________some milk in the glass.

A. is B. are C. be D. has


(四川达州24. 1)Why not________an English club to practice________ English?

A. to join; to speak B. join; speaking

C. join; to speak D. to join; speaking


(青海省宁夏40,1)- Have you got some water to drink?

- Here you are. There _______ still some in the bottle.

A. are B. has C. is D. have


(湖北省宜昌市32,1) ---Why would some workers in Foxcon die 4

__________ continue working in the factory?

-Psychologists say they are under too much pressure.

A. better than B. by accident C. instead of D. rather than


(山东省泰安市36,1)-How about going shopping this weekend,Peter?

-Sorry.I prefer ________rather than _________.

A.to stay at home,go out B.to go out,stay at home

C.staying at home,go out D.going out ,stay at home


(甘肃省兰州市40,1)-I hear Huang Gang made an English speech at the graduation ceremony yesterday.

-______ , and ______.

A. So he did, so did I B. So did he, so I did

C. So he was, so was I D. So was he, so I was


(四川省眉山市21,1)-My brother and I will go to the library tomorrow.

-______. Shall we go together?

A. So am I B. So do I C. So I am D. So will I



(山东省滨州市33,1)33. How time flies! Three years ____________ really a short time.

A. is B. are C. was D. were


(四川省巴中市44,1)In our school libray,there____a number of books on science and the number of them_____growing larger and larger.

A.is;are B.are;is C.have;is



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