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新版七年级下英语Unit 2 Section B 2

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Unit 2
What time do you go to school?

Period 2 (3a—Self Check)

What’s the time?
1:19 11:55 16:08 2:30 12:45 10:26

What do you usually do in the morning?

What do you usually do in the afternoon? What do you usually do in the evening?

3a Number these sentences in order to make a story about a daily routine.

___ 3 I usually exercise from six fifteen to seven. ___ 2 I always get up early at six. ___ 5 After that, I always brush my teeth and go to school at eight. 4 Then I quickly have a shower and eat ___ breakfast. ___ 6 I have lunch at quarter to twelve. ___ 7 I get home from school at half past four and do my homework. 1 I have a very healthy life. ___ ___ 8 I have dinner at seven thirty. ___ 9 I go to bed at ten.

Are they healthy habits or unhealthy habits?
going to bed and getting up late eat fruits / vegetables over working / studying without rest early to bed and early to get up doing exercise not eating breakfast smoking / drinking too much

3b Write about your own daily routine.

I always get up at 6:00 and take a shower at 6:05. I get dressed at 6:20 and eat breakfast at 6:25. I brush my teeth at 6:50 and go to school at 7:00. I have lunch with my classmates at 12:00. I usually go home at 4:00 and do my homework from 4:15 to 6:45. I always have dinner at 7:00 and take a walk with my family at 7:45. I usually watch TV at 9:00 and go to bed at 10:00.

1 Make phrases with words in the boxes. Then use the phrases to complete the sentences.
taste clean have get take brush your teeth my room a walk good dressed a good job

tastes goodso students 1.Ice-cream usually _________

like to eat it after school.
2. My grandparents are very healthy. They take a walk after dinner. always __________ brush your teethafter eating 3. You need to ______________ to have good teeth.

4. He has ____________. a good job He works at a radio

5. Here are your clothes. Go and _________ get dressed quickly! clean my room from 6. I don’t have time to _____________ Monday to Friday. So I clean it on weekends.

2 Complete the conversations with questions and answers. Use the words in the brackets to help you.

What time does your mother usually get up 1. A: ______________________________________? (your mother/usually/get up)
She usually gets up at 5:45 in the morning B: ________________________________________.

Why does she get up so early A: ________________________________________?

(why/get up/ so early)
Because she always makes breakfast for me. B: ________________________________________.

(always/ make breakfast for me)

2. A: __________________________________? What time do you usually get to school (you/usually/get to school) I usually get to school at 7:30 in the morning B: ____________________________________. (7:30) A: ____________________________________ What time does your class teacher usually get to school ________________________________? (your class teacher/ usually/get to school) B: I don’t know. But he/sh

e is never late for the first class in the morning.

Free talk
Talk about your morning/afternoon/evening. get up

take a shower

read English
eat breakfast

Fill in the form and write a short passage about your day.
activities get up time I usually get up at five o’clock in the morning.

have breakfast

take a shower
go to school

(B )1. We go to school ______7:30.

A. in

B. at

C. on

(B ) 2. You run at six_____ the morning.

A. at

B. in

C. on

(C) 3. He can do _____ homework by himself.

A. her

B. him

C. his

(A) 4. Don’t speak! Listen _____ the teacher. A. to B. in C. at

选词填空。 get up twelve go to bed have dinner

go to school do my homework

get up six o’clock. I have milk and I usually ______at bread for breakfast. After breakfast, I ___________by go to school bus. I get to school at seven thirty. I have five classes in the morning. And then I have lunch at ______. twelve In the

选词填空。 get up twelve go to bed have dinner

go to school do my homework

afternoon I have two classes. I go home at four . I get home at 4:30p.m. I ____________at have dinner about seven. After dinner, I _________________. do my homework I _________ go to bed at nine thirty. My life isn’t exciting.


1. 谢谢你的帮助。
Thanks for your help. /Thank you for your help. 2. 八点钟开始上课。 Class starts at 8:00. 3.我想知道他的情况。 I want to know about him.

4. 我想去打篮球。
I want to play basketball. 5. 她每晚做家庭作业。 She does her homework every evening. 6. Mike 经常把自己的学习情况告诉妈妈。

Mike usually tells his mother about his study.

根据下列表格提示,以My Saturday为题 写 一篇 60词左右的英语短文。 Time Activity 7:00 7:30 8:00--11:00 12:00 14:00--17:00 18:00 19:00--21:00 21:30 get up have breakfast do homework have lunch play football with friends have supper watch TV at home go to bed

Time is money. (时间就是金钱)

Life is short and time is swift.

Lost time is never found again.
(时光如流水,一去不复返) Every minute counts. Time tries all things. (分秒必争) (时间检验一切)

Do the other exercises in this part.

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