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Tang Dandan英语冠词专项练习题:

1. I read __story. It is ___interesting story.A. a, an B. a, a C. the, the D. /, an

2. Britain is __ European country and China is_ Asian country.A. an, an B. a, a C. a, an D. an, a

3. ______China is _____ old country with _____ long history.

A. The, an, a B. The, a, a C. /, an, the D. /, an, a

4. _____elephant is bigger than ______ horse.A. /, / B. an, a C. An, a D. /, the

5. We always have ______rice for ______lunch.A. /, / B. the, / C. /, a D. the, the

6. It took me ______ hour and _____ half to finish ______ work.

A. a, a, a B. an, a, a C. an, a, the D. an, a, /

7. ______ doctor told me to take ______ medicine three times

______day, stay in _____bed, then I would be better soon.

A. /, a, a, the B. A, the, the, / C. The, the, a, / D. A, /, a, /

8. There is ____ picture on ____ wall. I like ____ picture very much.

A. a, the, the B. a, the, a C. the, a, a D. a, an, the

9. January is ______first month of the year.A. a B. / C. an D. the

10. Shut _____door, please.A. a B. an C. the D./

11. Einstein won _____ Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921.A. a B. an C. the D. /

12. What ____ fine day it is today! Let's go to the Summer Palace.A. a B. an C. the D. /

13. I like music, but I don't like ____ music of that TV play.A. a B. an C. the D. /

14. ____ girl over there is ____ English teacher.A. The, an B. A, / C. The, / D. A, a

15. It's ____ exciting way to shop on the Net.A. a B. an C. the D. /

16. She was ___ founder of ___ order of nuns called the Missionaries of Charity.

A. a, an B. a, / C. the, / D. the, an

17. Xi'an is ___ old city with ___ long history, isn't it?A. a, an B. an, a C. the, the D. the, a

18. Nancy's sister is ____ English teacher, isn't she?A. a B. an C. the D. /

19. Chaffs is______ boy, but he can play the guitar very well.

A. an eight-years old B. a eight-year-oldC. a eight-years-old D. an eight-year-old

20 We often have sports after class, and I like to play __ basketball.A a B.an C the D. /

21.More college graduates would like to work in _______ west part of our country ______ next year.A. the, the B. /, / C. /, the D. the, /

22.We work five days ______ week.A. a B. an C. the D. /

23.-In which class is ______ boy in white? -He's in class 4.A. the B. a C. an D. /

24.-Where do you usually have ______ lunch?-At homeA. a B. an C. the D. /

25.He hit his sister in ______ face.A. the B. her C. × D. his

26.-Have you seen ______ book? I left it here this morning.-Is it __ Chinese book? I saw it.A. a, the B. the, the C. the, a D. a, a

27.There's ______“u” and ______“s” in ______word “use”.

A. an, a, the B. a, an, × C. a, a, a D. a, an, the

28.-Did you see my grandmother? -Oh, I saw ______old woman sitting on a chair by the lake. Maybe she is.A. a B. an C. the D. ×

29.-Do you see ______man with dog?-Oh, Yes, dog is yellow.

A. the, a, The B. a, a, the C. a, a, A D. a, the, A

30.Who is ______better, Li Ping or Wang Dong?A. the B. a C. an D. × 填空

1There is _______ picture of _______ elephant on _______ wall.

2.This is _______ useful book.I've read it for _______ hour. 3. _______ elephant is much heavier than _______ horse.

4. _______ doctor told him to take _______ medicine three times _______ day.

5.Let's go out for _______ walk. 6.It's too hot.Open _______ door,please.


7.There is _______ woman over there. _______ woman is Meimei's mother.

8. _______ sun rises in _______ east. 9. _______ Changjiang River is _______ longest river in _______ China.

10.Are you going to do it _______ second time? 11.Washington is _______ capital of _______ USA.

12. _______ Turners are living at the end of _______ Turner Street. 13.He joined the army in _______ spring of _______ 1995.

14. _______ old man is _______ teacher.He likes playing _______ basketball after _______ supper.

15.After I had _______ quick breakfast,I hurried to school.

16.Are _______ sheep kept by _______ farmers for producing _______ wool and _______ meat?

17.They went to _______ People's Park,but we both went to _______ People's Cinema yesterday.

18.I often watch _______ TV in _______ evening. 19. _______ day of _______ December 20,1999 is Monday.

20.Tomorrow is _______ Christmas Day and my father and I went to choose _______ Christmas tree today.

21.I think _______ maths is more important than any other subject. 22.He often goes to _______ school by _______ bike.

23.What does this _______ word mean, _______ Father? 24.What _______ important news!

选择填空1.—Does Jim have _______ ruler? —Yes,he has _______ .

A.an;some B.a;one C.a;/ D.any;one

2.There is _ old bike. ____ old bike is Mr Zhao's. A.an ;The B.the;An C.a;The D.theThe

3. _______ apple a day keeps the doctors aw ay. A.The B.A C.An D.Two

4.—How many books do you have? —I have _______ book.That's _______ English book.

A.a;an B.a;one C.one;an D.one;one

5.At that time Tom was _______ one-year-old baby. A.a B.an C.the D./

6. _______ tiger is _______ China. A.The;a B.A;the C.The;from D.The;the

7.We can't see _______ sun at _______ night. A.the;the B.the;/ C.a;/ D./;/

8. _______ useful book it is! A.What an B.How a C.What a D.What

9.One afternoon he found _______ handbag.There was _______ “s”on the corner of _______ handbag.

A.a;an;the B.a;a;the C.an;an;an D.the;a;a

10. _______ old lady with white hair spoke _______ English well at _______ meeting.

A.An;an;a B.The;/;an C.The;/;a D.The;/;the

11. ___ Great Wall is _______ longest wall in the world. A.A;a B.The;the C.A;the D.The;a

12. _______ new bridge has been built over Huangpu River. A.The;a B.A;/ C.A;the D.An;the

13. _______ woman over there is _______ popular teacher in our school.

A.A;an B.The;a C.The;the D.A;the

14.He used to be ______teacher but later he turned __ writer. A.a;a B.a;the C./;a D.a;/

15.They made him _______ king. A.a B.the C.an D./

16.His father is _______ English teacher.He works in our school. A.a B.an C.the D./

17.Is he _______ American boy ? A.an B.a C.one D./

18.Does Tom often play _____ football after ____ school? A./;/ B./;the C.the;/ D.a;/

19.They passed our school _______ day before yesterday. A.an B.one C.a D.the

20.Australia is _______ English-speaking country. A.a B.an C.the D./

21.She has _______ orange skirt. _______ skirt is nice. A.a;The B.an;The C.an;A D.the;The

22.This is _______ apple.It's _______ big apple. A.an;a B.a;the C.a;an D.an;the


23.Look at _______ horse over there. A.a B.an C.the D./

24.Don't play _______ basketball here.It's dangerous. A.a B.an C./ D.the

25.There is _______ old woman in the car. A./ B.the C.a D.an

26.Beijing is ___ beautiful city.It's _____ capital of China. A.a;a B.the;the C./;the D.a;the

27.Shanghai is in _______ east of China. A./ B.an C.a D.the

28.I've been a student there for nearly two and _______ half years. A.a B.an C.the D./

29.Bill is _______ English teacher.He likes playing _______ football. A.a;the B.an;the C.a;/ D.an;/

30.The museum is quite far.It will take you half ___ hour to get there by ____ bus. A.an;/ B.an;a C.a;/ D./;/


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