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Unit 5 It must belong to Carla.
Period 2

She’s writing a thank-you message to Anna.



Read the thank-you message Linda wrote to Anna. Circle the words you don’t know.

Dear Anna, ____If 5 you have any idea where it might be, please call me. ____I 2 think I dropped it during the concert so it might still be in the symphony hall. ____I 4 tried to call you but your mom said you were still at your optometrist appointment( I hope your new glasses look nice). ____I 3 really need it because I have a math test tomorrow. It’s crucial that I study for it because it makes up 30% of the final exam. ____I’m really anxious, because I can’t find my backpack. 1 Thanks, Linda

drop symphony [`simf?ni] optometrist

leave sth. Somewhere

a long complicated music for a large orchestra

someone who tests people’s eyes

crucial [`kru:??l] anxious

extremely important extremely worried

extremely tired:


extremely afraid:


Why do you think the man is running? A: He could be running for exercise.
B: He can’t be running for exercise. He’s wearing a suit. C: He might be running to catch a bus.

The man looks scared.
Someone could be running chasingafter him.
He must be escaping from something horrible. Who might be chasing him?

Look, a strange _________ is chasing him.

Look, a strange creature is chasing him.
What is the strange creature?

Why do you think the alien is chasing the man?

What is in the sky?
A bird? A helicopter?

a. The UFO is landing. b. An alien is chasing the man. C. The man is running. What will happen then?
write two or three sentences to finish the story.
______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ _____________.


They see… 1. a man running. 2. something in the sky.

The man says…

The woman says…

He could be He might be running for exercise . late for work. It could be It must be a helicopter . a UFO

. .

3. a strange creature.

It must be

I must be

an alien


4. a woman with She could be They must be a camera. from the TV news. making a movie.

? UFO is still a mystery. a strange event with no explanation

Role play
One student is the man, one student is the woman. Role play the conversation.

Tips: If you think the story is not excellent enough, you can use your imagination to add more!

? Homework 1. Finish your story. 2. Exercise book.

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