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期中复习--- 按要求改变句型

Rewrite the sentences

A) 改为般疑问句和否定句:

1. Tom and Alice go to Grandma’s home by bus.

Tom and Alice________ _______to Grandma’s home by bus.

________ Tom and Alice _______ to Grandma’s home by bus?

2. John has lunch at school.

John________ _______lunch at school.

________ John _______ lunch at school?

3. The boys in our class are cleaning the classroom.

The boys in our class________ _______the classroom.

________ the boys in our class _______ the classroom?

4. My family have already been to Yalong Bay on Hainan Island.

5. My family________ _________ to Yalong Bay on Hainan Island_______. ________ your family _______ to Yalong Bay on Hainan Island_______?

6. Kitty ’s just been to the Century Park in Shanghai.

Kitty________ _______ to the Century Park in Shanghai_______________. ________ Kitty_______ to the Century Park in Shanghai______________?

7. Jerry is going to visit the Space Museum with his friends tomorrow.

Jerry________ _______ to visit the Space Museum with his friends tomorrow.. ________ Jerry _______ to visit the Space Museum with his friends tomorrow.

7.Our parents will arrive at half past two in the afternoon.

Our parents________ _______at half past two in the afternoon.

________ our parents_______ at half past two in the afternoon?

8. They’ll listen to the choir in the hall.

They________ _______to the choir in the hall.

________ they _______ to the choir in the hall?

9. Children had some cakes at the party.

Children________ _______ ________ cakes at the party.

________ children _______ ______ cakes at the party?

10.Mike would like to be a postman.

Mike________ _______to be a postman.

________ Mike _______ to be a postman?

11.We’d like to have more vegetables.

We________ _______to have more vegetables

________ we _______ to have more vegetables?

12.Our monitor can speak English well.

Our monitor________ _______English well.

________ our monitor _______ English well?

13.There are some noticeboards at the entrance.

There _______ ______noticeboards at the entrance.

________ there______ noticeboards at the entrance.


B) 划线提问

1. ________ _______ _______ they _______ at our projects in the Arts and Crafts room?

2. She’’clock.

________ ________ she ________ at three o’clock?

3. _________ the visitors ____________?

4. __________ ________ the Greens going to visit this coming weekend?

_________ ________ ________ the Greens going to visit this coming weekend?

5. ________ ________ Mickey going to next year?

6. I’_________ _______ you like to be?

7. Joe wouldn’ ________ Joe like to be a fisherman.

8. __________ Lily like to be a secretary?

9. _________your father go to some interesting places in China?

10. ________ __________ the ticket for the museum __________? ________ __________ the ticket for the museum?

11.Mr Li goes to work by underground.

__________ _________ Mr Li ________ to work? ________ you have? ________ your aunt ________ in America?. ________ ________ Mr and Mrs Smith _________ on Sundays?


1.Let’s go to the Bund on foot.

_________ ________ _________ to the Bund on foot?

_________ ________ _________ to the Bund on foot?

_________ ________ _________ to the Bund on foot?

2.She is Alice’s grandmother.

Alice is_________ __________.

3.The new flat is 900,000 yuan.

The new flat _____ 900,000 yuan.


4.Which place did you visit?

_________ did you visit?

5.He helps me and I help him.

We________ ___________ __________.

6.We enjoy ourselves.

We ______ ______ _______ ________.

7.Johnson’s my aunt’s son.

Johnson’s my________________.

8.Do you want to be a policewoman?

_______ you______ to be a policewoman?

9.He is a policeman.(改为复数)


10. I go to school on foot.

I ______ _______ school.

11.Jack goes to school by bicycle.

Jack_______ _____ school.

Jack _______ ______ ______ ______ school.

12.His brother goes to Japan by plane.

His brother ______ _____ _____ to Japan.

13.My grandfather would like to go to the park in the morning.

My grandfather________ ________ go to the park in the morning.


1.How many relatives do you have?______________________________________________

2.How do you like your good friend?____________________________________________

3.What’s the weather like today?_______________________________________

4.What’s the date today?_____________________________________________

5.What day is it today?_______________________________________________

6.How does your father go to work?____________________________________

7.What are your family going to do this Saturday?_________________________

8.When will your mother go to the supermarket?___________________________

9. Shall we go together? ____________________________________________

10.How about visiting our teachers on Teachers’ Day ?_______________________

11.What did you have for lunch yesterday? _________________________________

12.How much does your school uniform cost?_______________________________

13. Where have you been in China?____________________________________________ When did you visit there? ______________________________________________

14.Which place are you going to visit in China?_______________________________ 3

When will you go there?_______________________________________.

15.What are you doing now?_________________________________________

16.What would you like to be?________________________________________

17.What can your mother do?_________________________________________

18.Would you like to be a pilot? ________________________________

19.Would you like to be a bank clerk or a secretary? ________________________________

20. Did you go shopping with your family last week? _______________________________

21.Do you have any counsins? ________________________________

22.Have you been to Hangzhou? ________________________________

23.Are you going to visit Beijing? ________________________________

24.Does your mother cook every day? ________________________________

25.Will you have a picnic with your classmates? ________________________________

26.Has your friend been to Paris? ________________________________


I .would like to be a/an_________

? What would you like to be in the future?

? Why would you like to do this job?

? What do you think of this job?

II. My friend

? Who is your good friend?

? What do you do together?

? What do you think of your friend?

III. My family

? How many people are there in your family? Is it a big or a small one?

? What are your family members?

? What do you usually/sometimes/always do with your family?


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