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Module 10 Fitness
Unit 2 Jamie is a cook whose ideas are changing school dinners.

sugar n. 糖 tasty adj. 美味的 menu n. 菜单 chip n. 薯条 behave v. 表现 pasta n. 意大利面 persuade v. 说服

cooking n. 烹饪 ban v. 禁止 educate v. 教育 typical adj. 典型的 disadvantage n. 缺 点 diet n. 日常饮食




Are they healthy food or junk food?



ice cream

Say the name of healthy food(健康食物) and junk food(垃圾食品) as many as possible.

Healthy food

Junk food

Lucy’s lunch includes some rice, some meat fresh vegetables and some _________________. They are tasty are rich in Vitamin(维生素), _______. They __________ healthy food because too. We should eat ____________ are good for they ______________ health.
fresh vegetables, tasty,

healthy food, be good for,

be rich in(含有丰富的……)

hamburger a cup John’s lunch includes a __________, coke and some _____. chips They are rich of _____ tasty in sugar _____, salt and ____. fat They are _____ but unhealthy. We should not eat junk food because it ___________ is bad for health. ________
junk food, tasty, sugar, fat, be bad for, hamburger, coke, chips

Jamie Oliver

Skimming (略读)to get general idea
Read the passage and match the headings with the paragraphs. A :What is healthy food? B: Getting things done C: What's on the menu? D: Improving school meals Pay attention to the first and the last sentence. C Paragraph 1:______ 阅读小tips: 一般句子的段落 A Paragraph 2:______ 大意都会在开头的第一句或者 D Paragraph 3:______ 最后一句;如果没有关键中心 B 句,就需要你通读全段来归纳 Paragraph 4: _____


Careful reading

Read the passage again and choose the right answer.

1. Children usually had ____. A. hamburgers and chips or pizza B. hamburgers, rice and fruit C. hamburgers, pizza and vegetables ① What’s on the menu? 2. What did Jamie think about children’s meal? A. very good B. terrible C. not too bad

② What is healthy food?
3. How much do children know about healthy food? A. A little B. Nothing C. Much
4. Why do you think children didn’t have healthy food? A. The cooks didn’t have much money to spend B. The cooks know little about healthy food C. Both A and B

③ Improving school meals
5. What did Jamie decided to do? A. teach the cooks and the children about healthy food B. teach the cooks about healthy food C. give up the project
6. What did children do at first after Jamie gave them new food? A. They liked it very much B. They refused to eat it. C. They did nothing

④ Getting things done
7. What did Jamie want the government to do? A. Ban junk food, train the cooks, B. Educate the children and spend more money on school dinners C. Both A and B

Listen carefully and complete the blanks.
Feed me better

ook who wants to Jamie Oliver is a young c____ mprove school dinners. In 2005 he went back i_______
to school to see what t

he children were eating.

Jamie asked the children what their meals were like. “We have hamburgers and chips or pizza,” they told him, “and sometimes refer 更喜欢) ice here is fruit, but we p______( cream.” Jamie thought the menu was terrible. The children were eating j_____ unk food, and it was problem. Junk food isn’t just ______ bad for the body. Children whose nhealthy (不健康的) midday meals were u_________ were difficult to teach in the afternoon. Teachers said that children behaved very adly after lunch. b______

When Jamie took v_________ egetables into class, the children didn't know what they were. Jamie realised that the children didn't k____ now a_____ bout (了解) healthy food. Then he talked to the people who worked in the kitchens. He found out that they didn't know enough about food and health, and they didn't have very much money to s_____. pend

ecided ( 决定) the cooks and the He d______ children about healthy food. It was hard work! He cooked healthy meals for them including meat, rice, pasta and vegetables, efused (拒绝) but a lot of the teenagers r_______ the new food. Jamie showed them why the junk food wasn't healthy. In the end (最后 ersuaded (说服) =at last), when Jamie p_________ them to try his cooking ,they liked it!

Jamie talked to the government. He told them banjunk food from schools, they needed to ____ ducate (教育) the children train the cooks, e________ and spend more money on school dinners. A lot greed of parents, teachers and children a______ with him. The newspapers wrote articles about him, and a TV programme showed his visits to the school. Jamie is a cook whose ideas are changing school dinners all over Britain.

Scanning (浏览) to get detail information

Read the passage again and complete the table. Write notes. Typical(典型的) school meal Disadvantage of junk food Healthy food Making changes to the diet hamburgers, chips, pizza, fruit, ice cream
Students behaved badly, they were difficult to teach meat, rice, pasta and vegetables 1. Ban junk food from school 2. Train cooks and educate children 3. Spend more money on school dinners

How did Jamie Oliver improve school dinners
1. In 2005, Jamie Oliver went back to school to

see what children were eating. _____________________________
2. The teachers found that children whose midday meals were unhealthy were difficult to teach. ___________________________________

3. When he went into class with vegetables, Jamie found the children didn’t know what they were. out that _____________________________
4. When Jamie changed the menu, a lot of teenagers refused to eat _________________________________ at first. 5.Jamie wanted the government to ban junk food from schools, train the cooks, educate the ______________________________________ children and spend more money on school dinners.

? Summary: unk ? In England, students often eat j_____ ood at school, such as hamburgers, f_____ chips and so on. As a

result, students are difficult to teach and behaved b_______. adly wanted to improve the food. He Jamie cooked healthy food, students r_______ toefused eat at the beginning and Jamie ersuaded p________ them to eat. He also told the an government to b_____ junk food f____ rom school. He trained the c_____ and e__________ the students. At last, he ooks ducated changed the school dinners.

1. 垃圾食品不利于健康。

is bad for health. Junk food __________
2. Tom拒绝参加这个会议了。 refused totake part in this Tom _________ meeting.

B C D he told was The story _______ very interesting.(可多选) A who Sorry. B which C that D /

A CDE Do you know the young man ________ we met at the gate?(可多选) A who B which C that D / Sorry. E whom

D 1. I have a friend _____ brother is a doctor. A who B whom C that D whose Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. D 1.I have a dog _____ leg was hurt yesterday. A who B which C that D whose

1. 刚才我说服了他让我尝试一下。
persuaded him _____try to I __________ just now.

2. 他比起水果来更喜欢冰激凌。
prefers to He ________ ice cream _____ fruits.

bans students ___________. from smoking Our school ____


Homework: Write a short passage called
“Feed me better”. Add more ideas, if you can.
rice, dumplings, vegetables

Typical(典型的) school meal Disadvantage of junk food Healthy food Making changes to the diet

bad for body fruit less junk food

Work hard!

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