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一、根据左面六幅图画,写一篇题目为“An Interesting Book”的小故事,词数约120。

提示:1.画中人物:Mr. and Mrs. Smith;他们的儿子Mike。

2.故事的开头是:It was dinner time…


It was dinner time.Mr. and Mrs. Smith were about to begin their dinner when they found that their son, Mike, wasn’t there yet.So Mrs. Smith asked her husband to go and find him.Mr.Smith went to Mike’s room and found Mike lying on his face on the floor, reading a book.He was laughing! Mr. Smith told him to go for dinner, and he left quite unwillingly.Wondering what absorbed his son so much, Mr. Smith took a look at the book.Now Mrs. Smith and Mike were at the table, waiting for Mr. Smith.She got quite impatient and sent her son for his father.Mike went back to his room.To his great surprise, he saw his father lying on the floor, reading the same story book of his!



after-class activities


speech contest

Hi everyone,

It's so nice to see all of you here. I'm John Smith and I come from America.

I have been studying in this school since September 2000, and I have joined in quite a few very popular and unforgettable after-class activities.

The school often holds the English Corner, in which the students practise their spoken English. I have learned a lot more about China by talking with my Chinese schoolmates. On New Year's Eve we have a New Year party with wonderful performances of singing and dancing. In March, the school organized a tree-planting activity in the countryside. Recently many students have taken an active part in the English Speech Contest. All these activities have had a good effect on the training of the students' abilities, so they are warmly welcomed by the students.

Thank you



One day, Mr. Li was reading a book in his office after school when a ball broke the window and flew in. Mr. Li was greatly shocked when the ball hit him on the head. He took the ball and came downstairs to see who threw the ball. He met a little boy at the doorway and the boy said it was he who had thrown it. The boy said sorry to Mr. Li and Mr. Li praised the boy for his honesty. Mr. Li told the boy to be more careful next time. The boy thanked him for his kindness and said goodbye to him, running away with the ball


I would like to make some recommendations to make your first visit to our town a pleasant one

I would like to make some recommendations to make your first visit to our town a pleasant one. The busiest street in our town is Prospect Avenue. There are many

things to do and see on this street. First, you could visit the Art Museum, where an art

show is going on. Directly across the street from the Art Museum is the Library. If

you would like to buy some books you could cross Third Street and go to the Book

Store. It is on the south side of Prospect Avenue. From there, if you would like a

snack, you have several choices. Continuing west on Prospect Avenue you could visit

the Ice Cream Shop, the Bakery, or the Candy Store. Finally, cross Second Street and

enjoy all the unusual animals at the Pet Store.

To find Prospect Avenue from the train station, turn left on Fourth Street and head

south. It is just two blocks to the entrance of the Art Museum. I hope you will enjoy

your visit!


明天下午王红同学的生日聚会,碰巧他不在。请你用英语给他留个条子, 邀请他

参加, 并告诉他王红家的路线。(参看下图)第一句话已给出。





Dear John,

I came to see you but you were out.


Dear John,

I came to see you but you were out. Tomorrow is Wang Hong's birthday. We'll have a party at Wang Hong's tomorrow afternoon. We'll dance, sing and we'll also have a big cake. We would be very happy if you can come.

Wang Hong's home is not far from our school. If you come, you may go straight along the People's Road, then turn right at the Happy Road, then go across the

Sunshine Road. And you'll find a cinema on the left. Wang Hong's home is just beside it. Hope to see you at the party.


Li Bing

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