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广州版七年级Unit 1

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七年级上册Unit 1 Making friends


German, blog, grammar, sound, complete, hobby, country, age, dream, everyone, Germany, mountain, elder, friendly, engineer, world, Japan, flat, yourself, us,


close to, go to school, (be) good at, make fiends with, all over, ?d like to = would like to.


1. What does…mean?

2. Welcome to…

3. I like … because…

4. My dream is to be …

5. How old is/are …?

6. What does…do?



1. Read a German girl’s blog.读一位德国女孩子的博克。

German此处用作形容词,意为“德国的”,另外它还可表示“德国人的,德语的”。 That is a German car.那是一辆德国轿车。

Can you read German books?你能读懂德语书吗?

〖拓展〗 German作名词,表示“德国人”,是可数名词;表示“德语”时,上不可数名词。 German(德国人)的复数形式为其后加-s.

Germans speak German.德国人说德语。


They are from ________. They speak _________. And they are _________.

A. German, Germany, Germans B. Germany, German, Germans

C. German, German, Germany D. Germany, German, Germen

Keys: B

2.Learn to say the /i:/,/i//,/e/,/p/and/b/sounds.学习音素/i:/,/i//,/e/,/p/and/b/的发音


What sound can you hear?你能听见什么声音?

Sound travels at 340 metres per second in air.声音在空气中以每秒340米的速度传播。 〖拓展〗sound还可用作系动词,意为“听起来”,后接形容词作表语。

That sounds nice.那听起来不错。

That sounds very interesting.那听起来很有趣。

3.Complete an email to a new friend.完成一封发给新朋友的电子邮件。


complete 此此用作及物动词,意为“完成”,后接名词或代词作宾语。


Please complete the sentences with a or an 请用a 或an完成这些句子。

When do you usually complete your homework?你通常何时完成你的作业?

4.her age 她的年龄。


They are of the same age.他们年龄相同。

〖拓展〗at the age of ... 是一个表示年龄的介词短语,表示的是确切的岁数,意为“在。。。。。。岁时”,可位于句首或句末,相当于When引导的时间状语从句。

At the age of six, he started to play basketball.=He started to play basketball when he was six years old.他6岁开始打篮球。

注意:age询问年龄时用疑问词what, 而不用how old.

What?s her age?=How old is she?她的年龄多大?

5.her dream 她的梦想。


I ofter have dreams when I sleep.我睡觉时经常做梦。

She has a dream of being a singer.她想成为一名歌唱家。

My dream is to meet Yao Ming.我的梦想是以姚明。

〖拓展〗dream还可作动词,意为“梦想;做梦“,常用于dream of/about(doing)sth.结构,意为”梦见/想(梆)某事“

I never dreamed of /about happiness like this.我从来没想到会这样幸福。

He dreams of/about becoming a pilot.他梦想成为一名飞行员。

6.I have an elder sister and an elder sister and an elder brother.我有一个姐姐和一个哥哥。 elder adj. 年长的,资格老的


an elder brother 哥哥

my younger sister 妹妹


I have an elder sister and an elder brother. 我有一个姐姐和一个哥哥。

I have an elder sister. She is two years older than me. 我有一个姐姐。她比我大两岁。

[练习]用older 或者elder填空。

My father?s _________ brother is my uncle. He has a daughter ----- my cousin. She is 18 years old. I?m only 13 years old. So she is _________ than me.

Keys: elder; older

6.I like flying kites in my free time.在空闲时间我喜欢放风筝。


I?m free next weekend.下人周末我有时间。

Are you free tomorrow?你明天有空吗?


Are there any free beds in your hotel?你们旅馆有空余的床位吗?


Admission(入场)is free for children under eight.八岁以下的儿童免费入场。


1. I’m good at swimming and playing basketball.我擅长游泳和打篮球。be good at 意为“ 擅长,在…...(方面)做得好”,后接名词、代词或动名词,同义词组为do well in。

He is good at English.=He does well in English.他擅长英语。

My elder sister is good at singing.=My elder sister does well in singing.我姐姐擅长唱歌。

〖拓展〗表示“不擅长......”或“在某方面做得不好”,用be bad/poor at ...,do badly in ...或be weak in...

Jim is bad at playing the piano.=Jim is weak in playing the piano.=Jim does badly in playing the piano.吉姆不擅长弹钢琴。

[练习] 汉译英







Keys: 1) He is good at (playing) computer games. = He does well in (playing) computer games

2) Is he good at swimming? = Does he well n swimming?

2. I live with my family in a house close to some mountains.我和家人住在一座靠近群山的房子close adj (1)近的 ; (2)亲近的 vt. 关上,关闭


close to… 与…很近=near 反义词为far away from …远离…

a close friend 亲密的朋友

close the door 关门 反义词为open

closed adj.关着的 反义词也为open


1)My house is close to the school. 我家离学校很近。

2)Jim and Tom are close friends. Jim和Tom是一对亲密的朋友。

3)Could you please close the door. 你能把门关上吗?

4)It?s cold outside. Leave the door closed, please. 外面很冷,别开门。

[练习] 汉译英





Keys: 1) Long vacation is close to us. 2)Remember to close the door and windows before leaving.

3. I want to make friends with young people from all over the world!我想和全世界的年轻人交朋友。

(1)make friends with … 与…交朋友


I want to make friends with young people. 我想与年轻人交朋友。


交朋友是至少两个人的事情,所以“朋友”要用复数。此外,还可以用 be friends with … 此外还可以用be friends with …





Keys: If you want to make / be friends with me, email me.

(2)all over… 整个… = all around…


all over the world 全世界 = all around the world

all over the country 全国 = all around the country





Key: My dream is to make friends with young people from all over the world.

4.I’d like to be your e-friend.我想成为你的网友。

?d like to “想做??” = want to do ?d为would的缩写。


I would like/want to play basketball.我想打篮球。

I?d like to be friends with Tom. 我想和Tom交朋友。

Would you like to go to a movie with me? 你想和我去看电影吗?


Would you like to do …? 你想要做….吗? Like后接不定式,常用来表示邀请。

肯定回答常用Yes, I?d like / love to. 否定回答常用sorry, I can?t. 或者I?d like to, but… Would you like some coffee? 你想要某物吗? Like后接名词,常用来向对方推荐某物。 肯定回答常用Yes, please. 否定回答常用No, thanks.

would like sb. to do sth 想要某人做某事。



1) 你愿意陪我打球吗? (翻译此句)


2) Would you like go to the park with me? (拒绝此提议)


3) Would you like some coffee? (作肯定回答)


Keys: 1) Would you like to play basketball with me?

2) Sorry, I can?t. / I?d like to, but I can?t.

3) Yes, please.

5.I hope to hear from you soon .我希望很快收到你的来信。

hear from 意为“收到。。。。。。的来信”,相当于get/receive a letter from..。.hear from 与write to 意思相对,介词from和to后都接某人。

I heard from my uncle last week.上一周收到了叔叔的来信。

It?s great to hear from you.收到你的来信太好了。

三、重要句型Important Sentences structures

1.I like my school because the teachers are all very friendly.



Children are wearing warm clothes because it is very cold.


I like English because it?s interesting and useful.



---Why do you like walking?你为什么喜欢散步?

---Because it?s good for my health.因为它对我的健康有好处。

(2)friendly 形容词,意为“友好的”。be friendly to sb.表示“对某人友好”。

Our English teacher is very friendly to us.我们的英语老师对我们很友好。

They are all very friendly.他们都非常友好。



lovely(可爱的) lonely(孤独的) lively(生动的)

ugly(丑的) silly(傻的) daily(每日的)


----What do you think of your English teacher?

----I love her. She is really________. She always has a smile on her face.

A. outgoing B.funny C. friendly D. serious

解析:由答语后半句“她总是面带笑容”可知她是“友好的”。Friendly开腔词,意为“和蔼可亲的,友好的”。 答案:C

2.My dream is to be an engineer.我的梦想是成为一名工程师。

本句是一个“主语+连系动词+表语”结构的句子,动词不定式短语“ to be an engineer”在句中作表语。这类句子的主语通常是dream,work,task(任务)等名词。

Our work is to clean the classroom.我们的工作是打扫教室。。

His dream is to be a doctor.他的梦想是成为一名医生。

Your task is to get all the balls back.你的任务是把所有的球捡回来。

3.What does your father/mother do?你父亲/母亲是做什么工作的?

英语中询问某人现在从事什么何种职业或做什么工作,常用“What do/does+某人+ do?”句型。 ---What do you do?你是做什么工作的?(你的职业是什么?)

---I?m a doctor.我是一名医生。

---What does she do?她的职业是什么?

---She is a teacher.她是一位老师。

---What does your father do?你爸爸是做什么工作的?

---He is a police officer.他是一名警官。


?What +be+某人?(一般不用于第二人称)

---What?s your brother?你兄弟是做什么工作的?

---He?s a waiter.他是个服务员。

?What is sb?s job?

---What?s your father?job?你爸爸的工作是什么?

---He is a worker.他是一句工人。

?What do/does+某人+want to be ?(询问关于职业的打算)

---What do you want to be ?你想做什么工作?

---I want to be a bank clerk.我想成为一名银行职员。


---A bank clerk. He works in a bank near my home.

A. Where B. How C. What D. Which




1)Mary began to play tennis at the a______ of ten.

2)The blind (盲的) people live in a dark w______.

3)I am terribly sorry that I have no time to help you, so you have to do it by y__________.

4)My h________ are playing football and watching TV in my free time.(2012学年第一学期广州二中


5)Germany is a famous c________ in Europe(欧洲).(2012学年第一学期广州二中初一年级应元、苏元期中考联考)

6)Mr. Green is very f________ to us and we like him very much.(2012学年第一学期广州二中初一年


7)In "Speaking", we learn about different s _______ in English.(华南师大附中2012-2013学年度初一上学期期中考试)




10)Jack?s e_____ sister Jessica is two years older than him.(广州市第二中学2012学年第一学




__________ ___________ __________ ___________, she is always happy to help others.


He ________ ________ his son last month.(2012学年第一学期广州二中初一年级应元、苏元期中考联






David likes_______ _______ ______the young people from all ______ the world.(2012学年第一学



I know what you're thinking, I _____ ______ ______ _____ others' mind.(2012学年第一学期广州市第四十七中学期中考试)



1)age 2)world 3)yourself 4)hobbies 5)country

6)friendly 7)sounds 8)complete 9)dream 10)elder


1)In her free time 2)heard from 3)Would like to

4)makes friends with, over 5)because, am good at reading

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