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1.Bob去哪儿度假了? 2.你做了有趣儿的事儿吗? 3.我们决定去旅馆附近的海滩。 4.我爸爸没有带足够的钱,所以我们 只能吃一碗米饭和一些鱼。 5.午饭我们吃了一些非常特别的东西。 6.因为糟糕的天气,我们看不见下面的 任何东西。 7.她好像很无聊。 8.五分钟之后,他离开了。 9.你觉得这本书怎么样? 10.面条品尝起来味道很好。

1.Where did Bob go on vacation? 2.Did you do anything interesting? 3.We decided to go to the beach near our hotel. 4.My father didn’t bring enough money, so we only had one bowl of rice and some fish. 5.We had something very special for lunch.

6.Because of the bad weather, we couldn’t see anything below. 7.She seems (to be) bored. 8.Five minutes later/After five minutes, he left. 9.What do you think of the book? 10.The noodles taste very good.

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