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Other \the other\others\the others\another 的区别:

the other 是形容词要加名词,是特指的。表示其他的。 other 是泛指的,也是形容词要加名词

the others是一个名词,后面不需要加什么名词了,是特指的 。表示二者之中的另外

一个,或者是两部分之中的另外一部分 others 是名词,是泛指的



Ask some other people. 问问别人吧!

2.the other指两个人或物中的一个时,只能用the other,不能用another,此时的other作代词。如:


On the other side of the street,there is a tall tree. 在街道的另一边,有一棵大树。 the other后可加单数名词,也可加复数名词,此时的other作形容词。如: Mary is much taller than the other girls. 玛丽比其他的女孩高得多。


Give me some others, please. 请给我别的东西吧!

4.the others意思是“其他东西,其余的人”特指某一范围内的“其他的(人或物)”是the other的复数形式,指“其余的人/物”,(指全部)。如:

give me some other apples.=give me some others.

5.another=an+ other,既可作形容词,也可作代词,只能用于三个或更多的人或物,泛指同类事物中的三者或三者以上的“另一个”,只能代替或修饰单数可数名词。如: I don’t like this one. Please show me another. 我不喜欢这一个,请给我看看另一个。


1.Do you have any ________________question(s)?

2.He has two daughters. One is a nurse, _______________is a worker.

3.Some of us like singing and dancing, ________________ go in for sports.

4.Two boys will go to the zoo, and __________________ will stay at home.

5.he is very clever. he may be _________________ Edison.

6.A few students are playing soccer while________________ are watching them.

7.Two of the ten boys are standing and __________________ are sitting round them

8.I’ve bought two pens. One from Beijing, ________________ from Tianjin.

9.She has more concern for ___________________ than for herself.

10.Four of them are in the classroom. What about ________________________?

1 other

2 the other

3 others

4 the others

5 another

6 others

7 the others

8 the other

9 others

10 the others



62.I often ___ (watch) TV at home.

63. I ________________ (telephone) my sister tomorrow.

64. He ________________ (find) his phrasebook the day before yesterday.

65. Mr. Stephen _______________ (be) a professor for 20 years.

66. Keep quiet! He _____________ (write) a composition.

67. He ___________ (fly) to Spain a week ago.

68. --________he _________ (sell) his old house?

--Yes, he _________.

--When ________ he _________ (sell) it?

--Last month.

69. ---_________ she ___________ (arrive) at the hotel? No, not yet. ---When __________ she ____________ (arrive)? In an hour’s time.

70. --Where’s Bob?

--He ______________ (read) in his room.

--Then where’s Tom?

--He’s not in at the moment. He _____________ (go) to the bookstore.

71. --David and Polly ___________ (go) to London three years ago. --They ___________ (be) there for three years.

72. She can ___________ (sing) very well.

73. Lily always _______ (go) to school on foot.

74. I will tell him that, when he _____ (arrive) here .

75. She often _______ (play) computer games last year.

62 watch

63 will telephone

64 found

65 has been

66 is writing

67 flew

68 Has; sold; has

69 Has; arrived; will; arrive 70 is reading; is going 71 went; have been 72 sing 73 goes 74 arrives 75 played


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