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2014年中考复习月检测 第一次评测 说明:※本次考试为闭卷限时考试,请严格遵守时间限制。切莫看教科书等一切资料。

版本:人教新目标英语 命题范围:七年级下册 时间:50分钟(不含听力) 满分:100分(及格分数:68分)


1.-Is this your pen? -_________________.

A.Yes,it is B.No,it is C.Yes,it isn’t



It’s a _______.

A.photo B.pencil C.rule D.junde 3.----_______do you like to go?

----Hang Zhou.

A.Who B.What C.How D.Where 4.---Good morning, Bob. ---___________.

A.Thanks B.I’m OK C.Good morning D.How are you 5.---_________

----I’m fine.

A.How about you B.Hello C.How are you D.What’s this

6.---Why don’t you like math?

----Because I think it’s_______.

A.interesting B.exciting C.bored D.boring

7.Are your teachers strict______ you?

A. with B.to C.at D.in

8.---______is your favorite place?----Shaoxing .

A.What B.Why C.Where D.When

9.Science is very difficult_____interesting.

A.so B.and C.or D.but 10.Do you eat______healthy food?

A.lots of B.a lot C.a lots of D.lot of

11.Look!Some meat_____in the bag.Some books_____ in the box.

A.is;are B.are;is C.is;is D.are are 12.Tony has______eggs and some milk______breakfast.

A.a;with B.an;for C.a;for D.an;about

13.Can you bring some books______Sally.

A.for B.to C.with D.about 14.----_____are the books?

-----They’re on the desk.

A.what B.which C where D.How

15.What’s this______ Chinese?

A.in B.at C.to D.by 16.The boy is only_______. Today is his________birthday.

A.nine;nine B.ninth;ninth C.nine;ninth D.ninth;nine 本题考查:基数词和序数词

17.My mom is strict_______me_____my study.

A.in;on B.at;in C.with;on D.with;to

---Yes,please.I want a pen.

A. Do you have a pen

B. Can I help you

C. Do you want a pen

D. What’s this in English

19.---______are you?

---I’m thirteen.

A.How B.What C.How many D.How old

20.Please say it____Chinese.

A.with B.in C.on D.to


Li Lei has a good friend.__1__name is Jim. He is___2___the USA. He likes__3__ food very much. He can___4___English and___5___ Chinese.Li Lei and Jim are in the same___6___.They are classmates.They go to school five___7___a week.At school they play___8___after classes.They don’t go to school on Sunday and Saturday, they stay at___9___and do homework,sometimes they paint. They like to swim,___10____.

1.A.He B.His C.He’s D.Her

2.A.from B.to C.after D.of

3.A.China B.Chinas C.Chinese D.Japan

4.A.say B. tell C.talk D.speak

5.A.many B.any C.a little D.lot

6.A.class B.shop C.bank D.office

7.A.year B.days C.weeks D.months

8.A.a basketball B.the basketball C. basketball

D.an basketball.

9.A.home B.school C.shops D.parties

10.A.also B.well C.as D.too


In England, student can do some jobs after they are 13 years old. They can only work after 7 am and before 7 pm. On Saturday they can work 5 hours between 7am and 7pm. On Sunday they can work 2 hours between 7am and 11am. On a school day they can only work 2 hours.

Some students get up early and send newspaper(报纸) before going to school. Some students help the milkman take milk to other houses after school. Some students work in shops or hotels. But they cannot work in night clubs. The students need to have work permits(许可证)to work. They can get work permits from the schools.

1. In England, students can’t do any jobs if they are_____years old.

A. twelve B fourteen C. sixteen D.eighteen

2. Students in England can work_____ on Saturdays.

A. at six o’clock in the morning

B. at eight o’clock in the evening

C. at ten o’clock in the morning

D. all night

3. Students in England cannot_____.

A. work in shops B. work in hotels C . send newspaper D. work in night clubs

4. Students in England can work_____ hours on Sundays.

A.5 B.2 C.7 D.11 B. On Sundays, students in England can’t work after 10am.

C. Students can work if they don’t have work permits

D. Students can’t work in hotels



_____ _____do you usually _____ ______ ______?

2. 请仔细听老师讲课。

Please _____ ___ the teacher carefully.

3. 我的弟弟在下午做家庭作业。

My brother ____ _____ _____ in the afternoon.

4. 我可以为你做些什么吗?

What _____ ______ ______ for you?

5. 他会弹钢琴。

He can play ______ ______.










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