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Unit 9 What does he look like?(总分:100)

一、词语运用 (10分)

1. She is_________(从不)late for school. 2. Who is your favorite ________(音乐家)?

3. She’s a good singer. She’s very_________(受欢迎的). 4. The little dog has white_________(卷曲的)hair. 5. He likes telling_________(笑话)after class. Vocabulary(10分)

2. Some people don’t like his new 3. Nancy is a cute girl 5. I want to be a p_______ singer. 6. He’s of medium _______ (high).

7. Mary is so kind, so she _______ (have) a lot of friends. 8. Thank you for buying me a pair of _______ (glass) 9. I enjoy_______ (read) books.

10. She usually _______ (wear) glasses. 二、单项选择(15分)

1. —What_ ________ he ________ like?—He’s tall and thin. A. is; look B. does; looks C. does; look D. is; looks 2. There is _________ hair on her head. A. a few B. a little C. few D. many 3. My father is a little fat. He loves _________ jokes. A. to tell B. tell C. to speak D. to say

4. She always _________a red dress and white shoes. A. put on B. puts on C. in D. wears 5. Does he _________a new look? A. has B. have C. with D. in 6. Please stop _________.It’s time for meeting. A. to talk B. talk C. talking D. talks

7. When you leave the room,please remember _________off(关掉)the light. A. turning B. turns C. to turn D. turned 8. She’s a singer. She is good at_________. A. singing B. to sing C. sings D. sang 9. The young man _________ glasses is my teacher. A. wear B. wears C. put on D. with

10. He is new. Many people _________ him.

A. doesn’t know B. know C. don’t know D. knows *11. I don’t like country music,but my husband_________. A. do B. does C. did D. is *12. There _________ nobody in the room. A. is B. are C. has D. have 13. There is ______ milk in the glass, it’s _______ bad. A. a little, a little bit B. a little, a bit of C. a little bit, a bit of D. a little , little 14. The boy from America ______ long black hair. A. is B. has C. with D. wears 15. Mrs Green has _______ hair. A. black long beautiful B. beautiful black long C. beautiful long black D. a beautiful long black 三、根据要求变换句型(10分)

对划线部分提问) _________ does she _________ _________? 2. I think he has something to do.(变为否定句) I_________ _________he has_________ to do. 3. He is thin. He wears glasses.(两句合并为一句) He is thin_________ _________. 4. She has short hair.(改为复数)

_________ _________short_________.

5. He does his homework at night.(用now改写) He _______ _______his homework now. 四、完形填空(10分)

curly hair. She likes She hard. Dave medium height. He 1. A. year B. years C. / D. years’ 2 .A. play B. plays C. to playing D. to play 3. A. is B. are C. comes D. be 4. A. not wear B. do wear C. doesn’t wear D. don’t wear 5. A. has B. have C. is D. are 6. A. sing B. singing C. sings D. doesn’t sing 7. A. works B. working C. to work D. doesn’t work 8. A. are B. be C. is D. am 9. A. plays B. playing C. to play D. play 10. A. jokes B. joke C. to joke D. not joke 五、阅读理解(20分)


- 1 -

Miss Smith is only twenty. She is medium build, and she has brown, curly hair. She likes children and her teaching work. From Monday to Friday she stays at school and teaches the children. She has a lot of work to do every day, but she often plays games with her students after school. The children like her a lot. On Sundays she usually drives her car to her parents’ house and stays with her parents, but sometimes she goes to see her friends on Sunday. She drives back to school on Monday morning. She likes singing, dancing and swimming. She is a good teacher. 1. Miss Smith is ______ teacher. A. a popular B. an old C. a Chinese D. an English 2. —What’s Miss Smith like? —She _______. A. likes her students B. likes her teacher C. is not too tall D. isn’t too heavy. 3. Miss Smith goes to see her friends________. A. every day B. on Sunday C. on Saturday D. on Friday. 4. Miss Smith usually goes out ________. A. on a bus B. by bike C. by car D. by air 5. Miss Smith likes ________. A. sports B. her students C. her work D. A, B and C


I’m Tony. My best friends are Frank and Cindy. We often do many things together. Frank lives next to my home and we are in the same class. He is thirteen years old and tall and medium build. He has curly hair and blue eyes. He’s good-looking and very clever. He’s good at math and often helps me with my homework. He likes wearing black pants and yellow T-shirts.

Cindy doesn’t go to my school. She’s eleven years old. She is thin and medium height. She has curly blonde hair and her eyes are brown. She is good-looking, too, but a little bit shy. She is good at playing the guitar. Her favorite subject at school is music. She often teaches Frank and me to play the guitar after class.

The three of us have great fun together, and we help each other and sometimes play video games at my house.

6. What things do the three children do together? They ___________. A. play baseball B. play video games C. play the guitar D. both B and C 7. _____________ eyes are blue. A. Frank’s B. Cindy’s C. My D. Tony’s 8. _______________ good at math. A. Frank is B. Cindy is C. I am D. Tony is 9. ________________ is good-looking, but a little bit shy. A. Frank B. Cindy C. Tony D. My friend 10. Where do they play video games? _________________. A. at school B. at Frank’s house C. at Cindy’s house D. at Tony’s house 六、改错(10分)

1. She has a short blonde curly hair.

2. The teacher has of medium height..

3. Julia likes reading and playing the chess.

4. Let’s stop to talk. The teacher comes in.

5. Nobody like his new look.

IV.写作。(15分) 提示与要求:

1. 韩梅父母在英国工作,她想到英国读书,成为一名交换生(exchange student)。 2. 根据申请表格上的内容写一份不少于60个单词的自我介绍。 Application Form Name: Han Mei Age: 14 Nationality: Chinese Hobbies: basketball, piano Personality: outgoing Dear Mrs. Smith,

My name is ______________________

- 2 -

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