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Could you please tell me where the restrooms are ?
Section B 3a






dress up

dress up as clowns


职员 工作人员

organized games take a vacation have fun

市场 集市广场
有组织的游戏 度假 玩得开心

take dance lessons 上跳舞课


teenagers parents


Clown Uncle City Cafe Bob’s

organized Have fun games,

Water slides Sports museum

Farmer’s market take dance lessons


Science museum

History Museum

1. Watertown is a great place for the family to take a vacation. 对一个家庭来说, 水乡(城)是一个 度假的好地方。 (1)someplace + is +…for sb. to do sth.是大家常用的一个固定句型。

2. A different rock band plays at Uncle Bob’s every night. Uncle Bob’s中’s属格后的名词省略掉了。 因为’s属格后的名词如指商店、家宅等地 点时,该名词常省略。 e.g. at the doctor’s 在诊所 to my uncle’s 到我叔叔家 Johnson’s = Johnson’s Shop 约翰逊商店

3. They have organized games and the staff dress up as clowns. 他们组织了游戏, 并且员工化装为小丑。 (1) staff 意为职员; 一个机构的全体工作 人员。 e.g. The school’s staff is / are excellent.

(2) dress up 通常指小孩穿别人衣服 闹着玩,装扮 e.g. to dress up as an astronaut 另外, 还有穿上礼服, 穿上盛装之意。 e.g. Don’t bother to dress up for the party.

相关链接 (1) dress in和be dressed in用来形容某人 的外表后面接人. e.g. She always dresses in black. I’ll be dressed in a red coat. (2) wear“穿着(衣服)”亦表示一种状态。 She always wears black. (3) put on则指穿衣这个动作。 e.g. She put on a woolly scarf before she went out.

Read carefully. F 1. Watertown is a place only for kids to have fun. T 2. Everyone can learn something and have fun in Watertown. F 3. If you want to listen to the concerts of the rock band, you should pay for it. T 4. The food at the Farmer’s Market is delicious and inexpensive.

4. While the children have fun, parents can take dance lessons on the beach. (1) while连词, 当……的时候, 和……同时。 e.g. They arrived while we were having dinner. while后面所引导的动词, 往往是可持续的。 (2) take 从事, 进行。 e.g. I’m going to take a walk / a bath/ a break.

? Joe is too young to dress himself. ? You should put on your coat. It is cold outside. ? The little kid is in red. How beautiful she is. ? My E

nglish teacher wear a dress today. 总结:

…where the food is both delicious and cheap. both…and…是并列连词。 连接两个主语时,谓语要用复数。

Tom Joe like listening to light music.( B ) A.not only, but also B.Both, and C.either, or D.neither, nor

Parents will spend many happy hours walking through the History Museum. 探究: take/cost/pay/spend 的区别。

? I spent an hour doing my homework yesterday. ? It takesme 15 minutes to go to school everyday. ? The book cost me 10 yuan. ? I paid 50 yuan for the jacket.

Watertown is a great p for the family to take a v . Teenagers will want to visit the world’s largest water slides and eat at Uncle Bob’s. A different rock band plays at Uncle Bob’s every night. Kids will enjoy the Clown City Café. They have o games and the staff dress up a___ clowns. There’s also a lot for parents in Watertown. If they love good food, they can find it at the Farmer’s Market w_____ the food is both delicious and cheap. While the children have fun, parents can t_____ dance lessons on the beach. And everyone can learn something in Watertown. There are three museums! Teenagers love the sports Museum and kids enjoy the Science Museum. Parents will spend many happy hours w_____ through the History Museum.

用括号内所给动词的适当形式完成句子。 1. The Farmer's Market is a good place to eat (eat). _______ 2. Most old people usually spend many hours walking (walk) through the new park. _______ close(close) the window? 3. Could you please ____ It is cold. 4. The kid often dresses up (打扮) as a clown on weekends.

1.Your T-shirt is so cool. Could you tell me _____? (2010年河北中考) A. where you buy it B. where do you buy it C. where you bought it D. where did you buy it 2.Oh, Danny. It's raining outside. You'd better ___ _ your raincoat. (2005年河北中考) A. put on B. put up C. dress D. to wear 3.On sides of the road are a lot of colour flowers. A.each B.both C.either D.all (2006年河北中考)
4.How much does the ticket from Shanghai to Beijing. A.cost B.take C.spend D.pay (2007年河北中考)

Write a guide to your city or town.
Welcome to our town
Our town is very beautiful and convenient. ……

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