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9 Dianne,do you have any plans for tonight?No,not really .I have to pick up my laundry from the cleaners, and then I’m free.Why?Would you like to go out?Sure.I’d love to.What do you want to do?Why don’t we have dinner and then go dancing?But I have to be home before midnight.OK.So what should we do,then? Excuses for not having your homework. We had visitors ,and I didn’t have time. My mam wasn’t feeling well and I had to take care of her. I can’t write because I hurt my hand in a volleyball game. My dog ate my homework. I cleaned out my backpack,and I threw my homework out by mistake. What homework? I didn’t know we had homework. A computer virus destroyed my homework. I left my book at home. I forgot my book at school. I have good grades. I don’t need to do homework. I gave it to you before. Don’t you remember?

10 What can we buy juile for her graduation? Why don’t we buy some jewelry? That bracelet is really pretty. It’s too expensive . These earring are nice,and they’re gold. But wait!juile never wears jewelry. These jackets are nice. Which one do you prefer? The leather one. But we don’t want to spend that much money. How about a bottle of perfume? That’s still too expensive. I know. Let’s get one of those. It’s fifty percent off. Yeah. Great idea! Doris love to shop. Sometimes I just walk around the mall ,department stores,and discount stores. I like to look for the best prices,and I like to look for special sales. But garage sales are my favorite. Yesterday I found a beautiful antique Tiffany lamp at a garage sale for $50. I can sell it for $500! I hope to find a painting by a famous artist one day,sell it,and make a fortune. I do have one problem with shopping. I have to be careful because I can’t resist a good bargain. I sometimes buy things I don’t need. Last weekend I bought a pasta maker for only $5,but I always eat out!

Bill I don’t like to shop. Also I don’t have the time. I’m too busy. Usually I buy things by catalog or on my computer through the Internet. I can order whatever I need from my living room. I prefer to buy clothes by catalog. I know the stores and the quality of their merchandise. I can return an item if I don’t like it or if the size is wrong. Look at this cotton shirt! I paid $12. I order furniture and electronics and other things on my computer. I even bought my car on the net,and paid $10,000. My friend bought his for $11,200. That’s twelve hundred dollars less! I saved enough money for a vacation—and I can even find bargain vacations on the Internet.

11 I’m looking for an exciting place for a vacation. What do you suggest? Why don’t you go to Australia? You’re going to have the time of your life. What can I do there? Well ,you’re going to go scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. Isn’t it dangerous? I’m scared of sharks. No,it isn’t,really. And you’re going to go ballooning. I’m scared of heights too. What’s the surf like there? They have gai

nt waves. Surfing in Australia is an experience you’re never going to forget. Do you have something a little less exciting?

I’m writing this at 30,000 feet up in the air. In an hour,my plane is going to land in Bali. I’m going to stay in Bali for two weeks. The travel agent arranged my trip,and I’m going to have the time of my life in this exotic place. I read over the information from the travel agent,and I learned a lot. Did you know that Bali is one of the 13,677 islands that form the country of Indonesia? One of the principal sights in Bali is the temple of Gunung Agung. It’s up in the mountains iin a volcanic area. I’m going to visit it next week. One evening we’re going to see Balinese dancing:you know,the kind where dancers make sharp movements of their heads,necks,and shoulders. They move to the sound of drums,bells,gongs,and flutes. And I want to go shopping for folk art. I’m going to buy some local wooden sculptures. The weather in Bali is tropical. It’s hot all day. I guess I’m going to wear a T-shirt and short all the time. Tomorrow we’re going to go scuba diving off the little island of Menjangan. The island has beautiful coral reefs and tropical fish. I hear there are sharks,but I’m not scared. Our guide says they don’t attack tourists. But I wonder how shark know tourists from local people? Write me back. I’m going to check my e-mail every day. Don

12 What are we going to watch? Let’s watch sumo wrestling on TV. Look at the size of those guys! They’re bigger and heavier than most football players. Can you imagine one of them falling on you? There’s car racing on Channel 5. It’s much more exciting than sumo. No,let’s watch football. That’s the sport for me. Football? It’s all muscle and no brains. I prefer soccer. That’s the slowest and the most boring sport tthere is. It’s a game for girls. You have to be really smart to play soccer. That’s why I play it. So what are we going to watch.?

Giant sequoias, the world’s tallest trees,are found in California. The big trees grow to 325 feet. That’s the height of a twenty-six story building. The diameter of a sequoia at the base is wider than many city streets. One sequoia was so wide that people built a dance floor in its base. A single sequoia can be heavier than 500 cars. In 1891,it took two men thirteen days to cut down one famous sequoia. Today the tallest living sequoia is the General Sherman. It’s 274.9 feet tall,it measures 35 feet across its base,and its volume is 52,500 cubic feet. That’s enough wood to build four houses and make a lot of furniture ,too. A sequoia can take 500 years to grow to its full height. After that, it lives for hundreds of years. The giant sequoia lives longer than other kinds of sequoia. Its average age is between three three to four thousand years. When the ancient Egyptians were building the pyramids,the small seed of the General Sherman is 2,600 to 3,500 years old. Think of all the events that

happened in the lifetime of this tree! The Roman Empire,the rise of Christendom,Islam,Buddhism,the Aztecs,Columbus,Napoleon…and the hundreds of changes that happened in the last century. And you were born!

13 So,Alex. When do you plan to move to Chicago? I’ll probably move next month. I need to get there before classes start. What about the weather? I’ll certainly be a big change from miami. I’m ok for the summer,but I’ll need boots,scarf,and a coat for the winter. Do you have any friends there?

My cousin will introduce me to his friends. So,will you stay with your family?

Do you think it’ll rain tomorrow? Will it be cold or sunny? In many places ,people regularly listen to the weather reports because they want to wear appropriate clothing for the weather. But the weather can mean more than changes in clothing. Studies show that the weather definitely affects people’s moods:it changes the way people feel. Rainy ,cloudy,or gray weather can have a negative effect on people. In Poland,scientists studied the effects of weather on the building industry. They found that the number of accidents on building sites increased when the weather was bad. Years ago in England,when the London fog came up and it was dark outside the entire day,the Bank of England put away its most important papers and files. The bank noticed that bank employees made a lot of mistakes because of the bad weather. In recent years,scientists have identified a new illness. They call it seasonal affective disorder. People with this illness get very sad and depressed during the long dark days of winter when there is little sunlight. But there is a remedy. When people with the illness sit under a sunlamp for some time every day,they will usually feel better. So next time you’re sad or feel strange,maybe you can blame it on the weather.

14 Hello. This is Bernie. May I speak to Laura? I’m sorry. She’s not in. Can I take a message? Yes,please. It’s about the picnic tomorrow. Please ask her to bring her new CDs. All right. Is that all? Oh yes,could you tell her to buy a few bags of potato chips? I’ll give her the message. Oh,and I just remembered something else. I’ll tell you what. I’ll ask Laura to call you back,OK? OK. Thanks. Goodbye.

Dear Molly, I’m going to be away for three days. The keys are in the usual place. Could you please water the flower and plants? There are a few cans of cat food under the sink. Please open one a day and give it to Bubbles. And he needs to get his vitamins every morning. There’s a little cake in the refrigerator,and there are a few bananas in the bowl. Take them if you want. I’ll be back on Friday. Thanks, Linda

John, I’ll be home late tonight. I have to stay for a business meeting after work. Will you please pick up my jacket from the dry cleaner? The children are at Mother’s. Pick them up there. Could you give them their bath and make dinner for them? Don’t wait for me for dinner. I don’t know what time the

metting will end. And please don’t forget to buy some bread,milk,and a little butter at the supermarket. We don’t have any. Love, Sue

15 What were you doing when the blackout happened. I was in the elevator. I was the only preson in the building because I was working late. So what did you do? I found the alarm button in the dark,and I rang the bell,but no one heard me. Were you scared? At first,I was a little nervous,but there was nothing I could do. So what did you do? Well,it was a busy week,and I was tired. I ended up sleeping on the floor. I was sleeping when the janitor work me up. How long were you in there. For eight hours. It was the most restful night I had in a long time.

A group of friends from Italy wanted to do something different for their vacation. They decided to drive through Australia in a jeep. The journey was a real adventure,but sometimes the long hours on the road became boring. It was Gino’s turn to drive. Tony,Pietro,and Mario were sleeping.Gino was thinking of the cool drink and shower in the next town when suddenly something jumped in front of the jeep. Gino tried to swerve,but he hit it. He stopped the vehicle immediately. When the four friends got out,they saw a kangaroo on the road. The animal was dead. What could they do? It wasn’t their fault. It was an accident. The friends were sad,but they wanted to have a photograph of the accident to show everyone back home.Mario got his camera,and the others picked up the animal and stood it up against the jeep. The boys decided to dress up the kangaroo. They put a cap,sunglasses,and a jacket on him. They took several photos with the kangaroo. Suddenly,to their surprise the kangaroo moved its head…moved its body,and jumped away into the bush. It had with it Gino’s cap, Pietro’s sunglasses,and Tony’s jacket-with his passport and one thousand dollars in cash.


So,Chris,how was the trip to New Zealand? It was wonderful. I went keyaking. What was it like? It was fantastic. It was the most incredible experience I’ve ever had. Have you ever gone kayaking? No,I haven’t. Why don’t you try it some time? No. Are you scared? No,I prefer something more dangerous. Like what?

Surfers from all over the world have come to Hawaii for the International Surfing Championship. This is one of the most important surfing events in the world. They’ve brought their long boards,their short boards,and their fans. We wish them all luck. Here’s some background on the sport:Surfing has long been a tradition among the Polynesian people. They

have practiced the sport on islands in the Pacific Ocean for hundreds of years. The first European to see the sport of surfing was Captain Cook in 1777. Surfing in Hawaii was an extremely popular activity. Men,women,and children surfed for pleasure,and they participated in competitions. Some Hawaiian kings and queens were great surfers. People wrote songs to celebrate surfer’s skills and bravery on the large ,sixteen-to twenty-foot h

igh waves. Surfing became an international sport in 1915,when the Olympic 100-meter swimming champion,Duke Kahanamoku of Hawaii,went surfing in front of a crowd in Australia. He took his board into the water and caught a wave. He rode that wave all the way to the beach. Soon everyone wanted to join in. That’s why we’re here on this beach today. The surfers here today are all champions. They have ridden the waves on the best beaches around the world-in Australia,in South Africa, in Costa Rica. They have all won at least ten international competitions. Who is going to be the best of the best? Stay tuned to our program.

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