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Unit 7 How much are these pants?

Task 1 Look and talk about clothing:
socks T-shirt shorts




shoes sweater

Review colors:
yellow blue green red black





Task 2 Ask and answer prices:

? ? ? ?

A: How much is this T-shirt? B: It’s seven dollars. A: How much are these socks? B: They’re two dollars.

? A: How

much is this sweater? ? B: It’s nine dollars. ? A: How much are these shoes? ? B: They’re eighteen dollars.

Task 3 Pairwork

Task 3 Listening: 2a
Listen and circle the things you hear

Task 4 Listening(2b)
Listen and fill in the blanks.
green T-shirt? 1. ? A: How much is the ______ eight dollars. B: It is _____ black bag? 2. ? A: How much is the ______ two dollars. B: It is _____ 3. shorts ? A: How much are the red ______? ten dollars. B: They are ____

green _______. sweater How much is it? I like this _____ B: It’s ten dollars. big blue hats. Do you _____ have one? 5. ?A: I like ____ B: Yes, I have this one here. it A: How much is ___? ten dollars. B: It’s ____ long blue and yellow ______. socks ?A: I like those _____, How much _____ are they? B: They’re only ____ two dollars. 4.

Task 5: Clothes store!


Task 6: Homework

Finish off the exercises in your Exercise Book; Practice the target languages; Preview the new lesson.



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