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8B Unit4 Integrated skills教案

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牛津8B Unit4 Integrated Skills 教案

滨海县五汛中学 徐永昶


1. To recognize key expressions involved in organizing an event;

2. To understand specific tasks;

3. To recognize keywords when asking people to do work;

4. To write a note explaining arrangements for an event. Aids: To master the usage of fluent English.

Teaching Procedures:

I. Part A:How many charities have you learned?

Project Hope (helps schools and students in poor areas) Project Green Hope (helps protect rivers and lakes in China) Save China’s Tigers (protects tigers and other big cats in China)

Spring Bud Project (helps poor young girls return to school) 1

Part B: Working on a charity show

A1. The class 1, Grade 8 students are planning their charity show. They held a meeting to make some decisions about it. Look at Sandy’s notes and answer the questions according to the information.

1. What’s the name of the show?

2. What do they raise money for?

3.When will the show be held?

4. What time will the show begin and finish?

5. How much does each ticket cost?

A2. Sandy has organized another meeting. Help her write down what each student says. Listen carefully. Complete the table below by putting a tick in the correct boxes.


① Play the recording through without stopping. Ask students to get the main ideas.

② Play the recording again and check answers.

Who will design the poster?

Who will organize a play?

Who will be the host of the show?

Who will set up the stage?

Who will sing a song?/ Who will ask friends and families to come? 3

A3. Sandy is writing a note to Mr. Wu about the charity show. Help her complete the note. Use the notes in Parts A1 and A2 on page 68 to help you.

A4: Useful expressions

1. talk about doing something讨论做某事

They are talking about setting up the stage.

They are talking about how to set up the stage.

2. The show will be held.被动结构

3. The show will finish at … The show finishes at …

4. do a very important job/do an important job/do very important work

5.volunteer to do

6. cost: v. 某物花费(某人)多少钱:The book cost (me) $30. Part B: Speak up: organizing a charity show

1. Read the dialogue:

① Remind students of their duties, responsibilities and the workload when organizing public events.


② Divide students into pairs.

2. Make similar dialogues: Ask students prepare their own conversation about organizing a charity show, using the conversation as a model.

3. Act out the made-up dialogues.

4.Change the following into English and make sentences with them.






II. Exercise: Check the preview paper and complete “integrated skills” in class.

III. . Homework

1. Revise the useful expressions;

2. 完成《评价手册》P66 Ⅲ Ⅳ



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