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第一节 对话理解,听下面的对话,从题目中的ABC三个选项中选择最佳答案.听每段话之前,你将有时间阅读各个小题。(10分) 听下面的对话,回答第1小题。

( )1.How does Cindy like her day off?

A.It was awful B.It was nice C.It was interesting 听下面的对话,回答第2小题。

( )2、What does Peter want to be?

A.An artist. B.An engineer. C.An actor


( )3.What does the girl mean?

A.She doesn’t want the boy use it.

B.She doesn’t have one .

C.She wants the boy to be careful with it


( )4.What’s the time now?

A.7:30 B.8:30 C:8:00


( )5.Where are they talking?

A.In a museum B.In a park C.In a restaustrant


( )6.Where are the two speakers?

A.In a hospital B.In a hotel C.In a factory


( )7.What’s the women’s advice?

A.To go on working B.To have a good rest C.To take some medicine 听下面的对话,回答第8—10小题。

( )8..What are Barry and Sandra doing now?

A.Talking on the phone B.Watching a movie C .Having lunch ( )9.Why didn’t Sndra get the tickets?

A.Because she didn’t have money .

B.Because they were sold out .

C.Because she forgot to buy it.

( )10.What are they going to do tomorrow?

A.Ask their firends for help .

B.Go to another concert. C.Watch the video on the internet

第二节 反应 根据你听到的内容,从所给的ABC三个选项中选出一个最佳答案。(5分)

( )11.A.At 5:30 B.Sure C.You are so lucky. ( )12.A.It was great B.For three hours C.sounds great. ( )13.A.Well done B.Let’s go . C.You are welcome. ( )14.A.Jay Chou B.Noddles. C.Dogs

( )15.A.Thank you ,too B.Do my homework. C.I’m sorry.

第三节 笔录要点 根据你所听到的内容,填写下面的表格,每空不超过3个单词。(5分)。



( )1. I prefer watching TV to ______ music every day.

A. listen to B. listen C. listening to D. listening

( )2. Look at that girl ______ name is Lucy.

A. who B. whose C. which D. whom

( )3. I hate people ______ talk much but do little.

A. who B. that C. which D. whose

( )4. Do you know what ______?

A. his favourite song is B. is his favourite song

C. his favourite song D. his most favourite song is

( )5. I like the music that I can sing ______.

A. along and B. along with C. with D. along

( )6. I like this kind of music that I can dance ______.

A. to B. in C. with D. along

( )7. The story reminded me ______ an experience I once had.

A. of B. to C. at D. on

( )8. Mary sings English songs well and ______.

A. Jane does too B. either does Joes C. so Janes does D. so does Jane

( )9. I didn’t know ______.

A.where does he live B. where do he live

C. where he lives D. where he lived

( ) 10.He loves the countries _______________are clean and quiet.

A. what B. where C. that D. Those

( ) 11. Singapore is a great place _______________ shopping

A. to B. to going C. for go D. for

( ) 12. He studied for the math test ________________ he could pass it.

A. in order to B. so to C. in order so D. so that

( ) 13. The square(广场)can hold ________________ people.

A. two thousand of B. thousands of C. two thousands D. two thousands of

( ) 14. Tony went to ______________ last night.

A. somewhere exciting B. an exciting place

C. somewhere excited D. an excited place

( ) 15.He dreamed of _____________________a movie star when he was young. A. become B. became C. becoming D. to become

二. 完型填空(10分) A)

The Taj Mahal is India’s most famous building. It is known _ the eighth wonder of the world. It also a great love story. In the year 1607, Emperor Shan Jahan of India a girl in a market. She was so beautiful he fell in love with her at once. The name was Mumtaz Mahal.

Five years later, Mumtaz and Shah Jehan got married. They had 14 children. 1638, he ordered the building of beautiful mausoleum(陵墓) on earth for her, the Taj Mahal.

22,000 workmen 22 years to finish. The beautiful white marble (大理石) building stands beside the Yamuna River. It has expensive stones By the way, to visit the Taj Mahal, you’ll have to take off your shoes and

leave at the front door.

( ) 16. A. as B. for C. to D. at

( ) 17. A. speaks B. tells C. says D.talks

( ) 18. A. sees B. seeing C. saw D. seen

( ) 19. A. if B. that C. as D.while

( ) 20. A. child’s B. baby’s C. boy’s D. girl’s

( ) 21. A. And B. But C. Or D. So

( ) 22. A. the more B. much C. the most D. quite

( ) 23. A. took B. takes C. taking D. take

( ) 24. A. in B. on C. with D. at

( ) 25. A. that B. it C. them D. those



When you travel in HongKong,you must be careful of the traffic rules,because the traffic keeps to the left and it’s different from that of the interior(内地)of China.

Before crossing the street,you must look to the right and then to the left. If the traffic lights are red,the traffic must stop, people can cross the zebra line.If the traffic lights turn green,the traffic can go,people must not cross the road.

In the morning and in the evening,when people go to or come from work,

the streets are very busy.The traffic is the most dangerous.

When you go somewhere by bus in Hong Kong,you have to be careful,too. Do remember the traffic keeps to the left.Have a look first,or you may go the wrong


In Hong Kong, there are a lot of big buses with two floors. You’d better sit on

the second floor.From there you can enjoy the city. How wonderful it is!

根据短文内容, 选择正确答案:

( ) 26. The traffic must keep______ in the interior of China

A. right B.left C. A and B D. A or B

( ) 27.If you cross the street in Hong Kong, you must look______.

A. first right then left B.first left then right C.both sides D.only right

( ) 28.In Hong Kong, cars and buses can go at the crossing when the traffic lights are______.

A. red B. green C.yellow D.brown

( ) 29.The traffic is busy_________ in Hong Kong.

A. in the morning B.in the afternoon C.in the evening D. A and C

( ) 30.When you travel in Hong Kong, why do you choose the second floor of a big bus with two floors? Because____________________.

A. it is clean here B.it is safe for travellers

C.it is a good place to go sightseeing D.it is cheaper here


Nasreddin woke up in the middle of the night and saw something white in his garden. It seemed to be moving towards the house.

"That is a thief! He thought, and he took his gun and shot(开枪) at him. Then he went back to bed, because he was too frightened to go out of the house in the dark.

The next morning Nasreddin went out and saw one of his white shirts hanging on the clothes-line in the garden, his wife had washed it the day before and hung it. Now it had a bullet- hole right through middle of it.

"My God,” said Nasreddin, "I was lucky last night. If I had been wearing that shirt, the bullet would have killed me! And he called his neighbors together and asked

them to thank God for saving him.

( ) 31.At midnight Nasreddin saw_____in his garden.

A. something strange B. a thief C.something white D.a ghost

( )32.Nasreddin was so frightened that he ______.

A. cried out for help B.dared not go out of the house

C.dared not stay in his house D.couldn't say a word

( ) 33. The next morning Nasreddin found________ .

A.his wife in the garden B.the clothes-line

C. the thief dead D.a bullet-hole through the white shirt

( )34.Nasreddin said that if he had been wearing that shirt_______.

A. he would be killed B. he would die

C.he would have killed D.he would safe

( ) 35.He called his neighbors together in order to_______.

A. make a speech B.tell the story

C.thank God



Americans love sports—they love to play them, to watch them on television, and to talk about them. But this hobby sometimes has serious results—at least to the D.thank

players. For example, when people play tennis, sometimes they hurt their elbow(肘部)and in this way they develop “tennis elbow” Also it is easy to hurt a knee in a football game. These injuries(损伤)happen while the player is having fun, but they

still hurt.

A few months ago, Kathleen Simmons, who loves playing volleyball, hurt her knee in a volleyball game. Her doctor told her that she needed a very difficult operation(手术)or she might not be able to play again. She felt very sad and

didn’know what to do.

Then Simmons learned about “video operation”. With the help of this new

science in medicine, doctors can now repair many injuries and get people back on the playing field and back to their jobs much faster. Simmons found a hospital that was using this new science and went to see the doctor there. The doctors told her the

operation could help.

For this operation, her doctor didn’t have to open her knee. Instead he put a very small camera lens(镜头)inside her knee. The lens sent back pictures, which appeared on a television screen. As he worked, he could see the inside of her knee on the TV. With the help of the large pictures on the screen, the doctor knew exactly what to do

when he was making the repairs.Simmons started walking five days after her

operation. “My knee hurt a lot the first few days,” she said. “But I felt better very quickly.” Now, six months after her operation, Simmons can do everything she did before her injury. “It feels like a new knee,” she said. “I can even play volleyball


36. Do Americans love sports?


37. What sport is Simmons interested in?


38. What did the doctor put inside Simmons’ knee?


39. What problem may people have when they play sports?


40.What’s the advantage(优点)of the new science?

____________________________________________________ 五.词汇


41. Kevin is ______ in stamp collection. (interest)

42. As is ______ to all, the earth is round. (know)

43. Gu Changwei is one of the top ______ in China. (photograph)

44. I love places where the people are really _______ (friend).

45. I want to go there, because I like ________ (excite)vacations.

46. Would you like ________ (drink)some orange juice?

47. You look tired, why not ________ (have)a short rest?

48. His brother is considering ________ (study)abroad.

49. It’s time for rest; let’s stop ______ (have) our lesson.

50. What color do you decide ______ (buy)?


A) 选择适当的句子补全对话

A: Hello. Is that White’s Restaurant ?

B: Yes. ____51_________

A: I want to know if you send take-away food.

B: Sure.

A: I’d like to order something for my lunch.

B: ___52___________

A: I’d like to have beef with potatoes and a hot dog.

B: OK. __53___________

A: No, thanks. How can I pay you ?

B: _________54_____ By the way, what time do you expect your lunch ? A: Around 11:30 a.m.

B: _____55_______

A: Oh, yeah. Room 502 in Spring Building.

七. 按要求进行句型转换(10分)

56. Do sports every morning. (变为否定句)

_______ _______ sports every morning.

57. What other things can you tell me? (改写同义句)

_______ _______ can you tell me?

58. Albert found the key. I lost the key yesterday.(合成一句)

59. She was ill, but she still went on working.(改为同义句)

______ she was ill, she still went on working.

60. I didn’t know how I could repair the bike.(改为简单句)

I didn’t know ______ ______ repair the bike.

八. 根据汉语,补全英语句子。(5分)

5. 别计划放学后踢球了。我们有许多作业要做。

Don’t ______ ________ play soccer after school. We have _____ homework to do .

7. 我希望将来有一天我能梦想成真。

I hope 8. 在那个岛上没什么可做。 __________________ on the island.


安徽黄山被联合国教科文组织定为世界自然文化遗产。假设外国友人到你校参观后,准备去旅游。请根据要点向外国友人简单介绍黄山(the Yellow Mountain )。


(2)乘汽车去大约要花 3 个小时;也可以乘火车或飞机去。

(3)登山便可领略其云海(the sea of clouds)、奇松(wondrous pines )、怪石(unique rocks)等秀丽的风景及清晨美丽的日出。

注意 1. 词数:60 词左右。2. 请不要逐字翻译

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