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Unit 8 I’m watching TV

2a. Listen and answer these questions. 1. What is Steve doing?

2. What is Jack doing? 2B

Jack: Hello, Steve. Steve: Hi, Jack.

Jack: What______ you______, Steve?

Steve: I’m ____________. What about you? Jack: I’m_______________ , but it’s kind of _________.

Steve: Yeah, my TV show is also not very _________. Do you want to_____ the movies? Jack: That sounds good. 2d. (听写)

Jenny: Hello? ____ _____ Jenny. Laura: Hi, Jenny. ____ Laura here.

Jenny: Oh, hi, Laura. What are you doing? Laura: Not ____. I’m just _____ my clothes. What about you?

Jenny: I’m ____g TV. Do you want to join me

for dinner? My parents aren’t at home. We can ____ ____. Laura: Yeah, I’d love to.

Jenny: Let’s _____at my home first. Come at _____ past six. Laura: OK. See you ____.

Unit 9

1b 填入空格 Conversation 1

Tom: Hey, Peter. Happy New Year! Peter: Happy New Year, Tom!

Tom : How’s the ______ down there in Shanghai? Peter : It’s ______. How’s the weather in Boston? Tom: It’s ______. Conversation 2

Peter : Hi, Aunt Sally. Happy New Year! Aunt Sally: Hello, Peter. Happy New Year! Peter : How’s the_____ in Moscow? Aunt Sally: Oh, it’s _____ right ______.


Peter: So, how’s the _____ there in Beijing? Girl : It’s ______.

Conversation 4

Peter : Happy New Year, Uncle Bill! Uncle Bill : Happy New Year, Peter! Peter : How’s the_______ in Toronto? Uncle Bill : It’s ______, as usual!

2a&2b 填入横线

1. Uncle Joe is ________________ . 2. Jeff is _______

3. Mary is________________. 4. Aunt Sally _______________.

2d. 填入横线

Rick: Hello, Rick_______ .

Steve: Hi, Rick. _____ Steve. How’s it _____?

Rick: Not____, thanks. The weather’s great. What are you _____? Steve: I’m playing basketball _____some friends at the park. Rick: Sounds like you’re having a good time. Steve: Yeah. Is your brother at home?

Rick: Oh, he’s not here. He’s studying at his friend’s home. Can I take a ______ for him?

Steve: Yes, Could you just tell him to_____ me back? Rick: Sure, no_____


Section B 2b 填入空格 Dear Jane,

How’s it going? I’m having a great time ______ my aunt in Canada. She’s working here and I’m going to ____ _____. I’m studying English and I’m learning ____ ______. I’m also visiting ____ _____ my old friends. I’m so _____ _____ see them again. It’s afternoon right _____, and I’m sitting ____ the pool and drinking orange juice. It’s _____ and sunny, and it’s very relaxing here. See you _______. Su Lin

Dear Jane,

How is your summer ________ going? Are you studying hard, or are you______

a great _____ in Europe! My family and I are on a ______ in the ______. I want ____ call you but my phone isn’t _____, so I’m writing_____ you. It’s hot in your country now,_____ ____? The weather here is _____ and cloudy, just right for ______. See you next _____. Dave Unit 10 Section A 1b,填入空格。 Conversation 1

Is there a r________ on Bridge Street? Yes, there is.

Conversation 2

Is there a _____ ____ near here?

Yes ,there is. There’s one on Long Street


Is there a _________ on Center street? No, there isn’t.

2b 填入空格

The police station is ________ the restaurant and the hospital. The park is ______________ the bank. The hospital is ___________ Bridge Street. The pay phone is __________ the post office. The restaurant is _________ the post office. The hotel is ___________ the police station.

2d 填入空格

Tony: Hi, _____ me.

Linda: Yes. How _____ I help you?

Tony: Well, I’m new in town. ____ there ____ bank around here? Linda: Yes,_____ is. It’s on Center Street. It’s ____ ____ the park. Tony: Oh … _____’s Center Street?

Linda: It’s not _____ from here. I can walk with you. Tony: Oh, that’s great! Thanks so ____. Linda: No _____.

Section B

1b 填入空格。

A: Excuse me. Is there a _____ near here?

B: Yes, there is. Just go ____ Bridge Street and turn _____ when you see the library. Go ______ Long Street and it’s on the ____. It’s ____ ____ the supermarket and across from the ____.

A: Thanks! And is there a restaurant near the ______?

B: Yes. _____ along New Street. _____ right at the first______ and restaurant is on your _______, _____ _____ the pay phone.

A: Thank you very much.

B: You’re _____.



There is a zoo in my _____. I like to _____ time there on weekends. I love to watch the monkeys ____ around.The monkeys sometimes fight. They look_____ my friends and me when we fight!To get____, I usually walk out and turn right on bridge Road. Then I walk out and turn _____ on Bridge Road.Then I walk ____ Bridge Road. The zoo is on the ____t.


I live____ a supermarket. My parents usually ____ there.There is a big park ____ ____ the supermarket. I often exercise at the park because I love the ____ ____ and sunshine. The ____ things in life are ____!____ ____ to the park, you just ___ ____ cross Center Street.


I live in a noisy neighborhood.There is a post office ____ my house ____ a clothes store. But my favorite place is the library. It is very quite and I enjoy_____there.When I read books,time ____ quickly!You can get to the library ____. Just go down North Road and turn _____. It is ____ _____ the park.

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