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Unit7 Why do you like pandas?


1.all day整天

2.kind of有点儿,稍微 3.South Africa南非 4.be from/come from 来自于 5.save the elephants救助大象 6. one of…symbols标志之一 7.get lost迷路

8. a symbol of ……的象征 9. cut down trees 砍倒树木 10.for a long time 很长时间

11. be in great danger处于(极大)危险之中 12be made of 由……制成的

13places with food and water有食物和水的地方 14.walk on 用某种方式走 15.be friendly to 对……友好 16.Why don’t you 为什么不?

17.walk on two legs 两条腿走路

任务一:why, where引导的一般疑问句。

(1)对于why开头的特殊疑问句询问原因的话,回答要用____________ 肯定句 Why do you +动词 _________ + 其他 ? 否定句 Why ____ you +动词__________ +其他 ?

(2)Why don’t you + 动词原形, 是 一种提建议的句型。 意为“为什么 不……呢?” Why don’t you ____ ______ ______? 你为什么不去散步呢? Why don’t you + 动词原形” = _____(让我们)+动词_______. 经典习题:

1. Let’s play volleyball after school. (改 为同义句)

_____ _____ you play volleyball after school?

2. Let’s join the music club. (改为同义句)

____ ______ you join the music club?

(3)where 引导的特殊疑问句询问来自哪里。 句子结构

Where + ___ + 名词 + _____? =Where +do/does +主语+come from? 注意:come from=_______ ______ 典型习题:


1. Pandas are from China. (同义句转换) Pandas _________ ________ China.

2. The cats are from__ Australia________. (对划线部分提问) __________________________________

3. Where do the lions come from? (同义句) Where ____ the lions______?

4. Where are the lions from?(同义句) Where ____ the lions______ ______?

5. I like pandas because they’re cute___________. (对划线部分提问) ______ ______ you like pandas?

6. My dog can_ walk on two legs_______. (对划线部分提问) __________can ______ dogs ___________?

7. Linda likes giraffes ___because they’re fun________. (对划线部分提问) __________ ______ Linda___________ giraffes?

8. Eric doesn’t like cats _because they're lazy__________ (对划线部分提问) _________ ______ Eric ____________ cats? 9. The koala comes from Australia. (变否定句) 例如: The koala ________ ________ from Australia. 三:重难点突破 1.Lazy adj 懒惰的

He gets up at 10 am(上午),we think he is a l____man. 2.Over 超过

There are o_____100 students in this school. They c_____ down trees here(这里) 3.Be from 来自

We are students f_____ Africa 4.be friendly to 对谁友好

Friend n,朋友,后面加ly,friendly adj, 有好的 Animals are____(friend) to their parents

5.kill 动词,杀死

My white and black cat ____(kill) a mouse(老鼠)

6.really adv,真地

Real ,adj,形容词,真的,加ly变成副词 I____(real)like my pet。


How many____(tiger) are there?

8.elephant,大象, 前面加an


9 smart adj,聪明的

My dog is s_____,it can make the bed(铺床)

10.water 不可数名词,单复数不变

I'm thirsty(渴的), I need some w_____| There is some ____(water) here.

11.get lost 迷路

I'm afraid we get l_____,

Here is a map,it's OK(情况不错)

12. One of +名词复数

Math is one of my favourite______(subject) here. 13 let's +动词原形

Let's ____(see) the lions

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