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talking when the teacher came in. 3.The girl buying a skirt two years ago

4,Miss Smith us English last year.

5.Some boys forgot the floor.

6.Listen!Sue an English song.

7.I often help my mother

2.Would you like as a reporter?

late for school.

4.He 5,I my lost book last Monday.

6.I any money for a taxi ,so I walked back home.

7.I in this school ten years ago.

3.My good friend

computer games a lot is bad for you.

6.It’7.Holly’s best friend likes to do the same things as he

2.His dream at last with his great effort(努力)

3.The boss made them 4.The teacher asked the students to school on time.

5.Would you like a walk with me?

6. He’s much better than other actors at the most interesting roles

7. They played a role in

2.We should 3.They are making so much noise(噪音), I can’t it

4 I don’t mind

5.Jim expects a presents from his parents.

6.No news good news.

7. How about

more problems.

3.I like going outside with my friend ,I 4.The girl her best to study,so she often gets good grades in exam.

5.Last week,I saw many people 6.Many people are running out of the tall buildings


a football player when he was very young.

2.He read English without 3.I ‘m 4.Don’t forget the window when you leave.

.I took it back to the store.


to London next year. ’s birthday party.

3.My father tries day

4.I 5. That must be a lot more fun than a fun camp yesterday?

7. The baby stopped

her little sister now.

2.Don’medicine as the doctor told you.

3.He 4.The train 快点) 5.Thanks a lot for 6.He wants to be a teacher when he his college

2.I the moon for vacation one day.

3.I need smart during the weekdays

4.We never know what our life like in the future.

impossible a hundred years ago.

6.He spends every Sunday evening the young children.

in an apartment with her best friends

the boy stand in the sun for a long time. 3.It will be difficult for a robot the same things as humans. 4.He 5. There ’s party.

7.They play a part in the park every Sunday.

her friend soon.

3.He is taking a trip to Qingdao 4.Thanks for so much 5.He this Sunday

his gift for you, he will be happy.

1.She isn’for an English test.

3.Her home is far from her school,so she often to help others.

me to your birthday party.

7. I can’t visit you this weekend.I have to

your English is to practise more.

a doctor may seem like a dream.

5.I ’s email yesterday.

6.They more trees.

the food first when you get into the restaurant.

2.He won’t pass the exam unless he hard.

3.I a fight with my parants last night.

4.Most of us think it’s hard the problem.But Tom doesn’t think so.

5. Who 6.Both of them happy if they are invited to the party.

7.I lost my favorite pet,and for a long time.

2.Remember the lights when you leave the classroom.

3.When is a good time 4.Betty doesn’5.We’ll go out if it 7. My teacher asked me the party.

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