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III. Vocabulary. 20%

1. --- How often do you go to the movie? --- ___________ (two) a month.

2. I’d rather ___________ (go) to the concert this evening.

3. It is ten ___________ (mile) distance from the museum to the theatre.

4. He was still _____________ (smile) when the door opened

5. We had better _____________ (do) some exercise to keep healthy

6. People who wear headphones might want to ditch them while _____________ (walk) outside.

7. I’d like to talk to someone about ________ (make) the orange juice.

8. There are three astronauts in China. All of _________ are men. (they)

9. We will hold a _________ (wonder) birthday party for Ben.

10. We get the ______ (freeze) fish to shops.

IV. Grammar. 30%

A. Choice. (+15)

1. I________ written five letters by last month.

A. has

A. has

A. watch

A. spoke

A. what B. have B. have B. watches B. speak B. that C. had C. had C. watching C. speaking C. which 2. He________ finished his homework since two hours ago. 3. Pupils in this school who ________ the movie will tell something about their feelings. 4. I could hear you ________ loudly yesterday morning. 5. Sorry! I forget ________ you’ve told me.

6. She always goes to school _________.

A. hurried

A. doesn’t rain

A. nothing serious

A. not

A. because B. hurriedly B. will rain B. serious nothing B. not to B. because of C. in the hurry C. won’t rain C. anything serious C. to not C. because off 7. If it _________ tomorrow, come to my party. 8. --- Is your mother badly ill? –--- No, ________. She’s just caught a cold. 9. He promised _________ make that kind of mistake again. 10. I didn’t go shopping __________ the heavy snow.

B. Passage . (+15)

You are walking home from school in the middle of winter. Maybe it is windy or rainy,

or even snow! You can’t wait to get into your warm home. ____________

Kids are happy when they get home. Here are two simple drink you might like to ____________ try. They are popular within American and European teenagers. ____________ The first one is calling “Spicy Cinnamon Chocolate(辣桂皮巧克力)”, It is very easy ____________ to make. Just adding chocolate and cinnamon to hot milk. Then you have a sweet ____________ Drink. It can help you forgetting the cold. ____________

Orange juice and apple juice are great drinks for the summer, right? But they can ____________ also make every one feels warm in winter. Try mixing some apple juice with orange ____________ juice. Heat the mixture up. Add some honey. It’s a health warm drink. ____________ Would you like having a taste of these drinks? ____________

V. Reading. 20%

When tea and coffee were first introduced to Europe in the early eighteenth century, people had

different ideas about their use. Some said that tea and coffee were harmful to people and they could ___________(使) people die.

In Sweden, the king decided to find out w___________ this was true or false. It happened that there were two brothers who were in prison at the time; they were twins and were almost exactly ___________ (相像的) in every way. They had both been sentenced to death. The king decided to let them live if one of them agreed to drink several cups of tea each day and the other, several cups of coffee each day.

Both brothers lived many years without problems of any kind. At last, the brother who had to drink Because of the experiment, Sweden is today one of the countries of the world where much tea and tea every day died at the age of eighty-three; the other died a few years later. coffee are d____________.


2. Tea and coffee were first introduced to Europe about ___________ ago.

A 300 years A Russian B 200 years B Swedish C 100 years C Danish D 400 years D English 3. The king was a(n) ___________ king. 4. The king decided to find out whether ___________. A tea was harmful to people B coffee was harmful to people C tea and coffee were harmful to people D tea and coffee could cause people to die.

5. Sweden is one of the countries of the world where much tea and coffee are drunk,

because ____________________________.

A the twins drank tea and coffee B the king liked drinking them C tea and coffee do not do harm to health D tea and coffee cost less money

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