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Unit 4 What time do you go to school

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Unit 4 What time do you go to school ?

Unit 4 复习提纲



7:05 seven ______

9:30 nine _________

2)过,几点过几分。(以30分为分界线),使用past. 如: 1:20 ______ past one

2:30 _______ past two


3:40 ________ to four

4:30 _______ to five


6:00 a.m. six in the morning

8:20 p.m. eight-twenty in theafternoon 4)15分可用quarter

4:15 a quarter ____four

5:45 a quarter ____ six

(5) 30分可用half past

10:30 ______ _____ ten

1:30 ________ ______one


at 5 o’clock

任务三: 关于时间的问法 ,两个词,when=what time.


1. _________is your birthday? — 你的生日是什么时候? My birthday is Dec. 29th. — 我的生日是12月29日。

2. It’s (就划线部分提问) ______ _____ is it by your watch now?

3.Jim eats breakfast 划线部分提问) _____ _____ ____ Jim eat breakfast? 划线部分提问)

_____ _____ Linda go to work?

5. Grace always exercises at six in the morning. (否定句) Grace _____ exercises at six in the morning.

6 It is _8:30______now?(换线部分提问)

_____ _____ is it now?

7 你通常早晨几点钟起床?

______ ______ do you usually get up?


1. Half与quarter

Half, 名词,一半,半小时。quarter 一刻钟(15),四分之一


1.______of ten is five 十的一半是五

2. please wait for a _____ 请等一刻钟

2..either… or… :或者……或者…… , 连接两个名词。


(1)Jack eats ______ hamburgers _____sandwiches . 杰克或者吃汉堡或者吃三明治。

(2)Either you or he_____right. 不是你对就是他对。

(3) Either you or they _____ right. 不是你对就是他们对。

3.lots of :许多;大量,


(1)他没有很多书 He doesn’t have ____ ______books. (2)我们这有许多牛奶We have____ ____ milk here


always 意为“总是,一直”

usually 意为“通常地,一直地”

never 意为“从未,绝不”

I _______ (通常) get dressed at six forty.

Jack is _______ (总是) late.

His grandpa _______ (从未) goes to school.

5. be late for 意为“做??迟到”

汤姆经常上学迟到。 Tom is always ____ ____ school.


1 have much time 没有太多时间

2 For lunch 对午餐来说

3 eat hamburgers 吃汉堡包

4 After school 下课后

5 for half an hour 持续半个小时

6 do my homework 做我的家庭作业

7 either or 或者......或者

8 brush teeth 刷牙

9eat a good breakfast吃一顿好早餐

10lots of 许多

11after dinner 晚餐后

12be good for 对......好

13 take a walk 散步



Hi! I’m Tony. I don’t like to _________(起床) early. In the morning, I get up at eight. Then I go to school at eight thirty. I don’t _____(有太多时间) for breakfast, so I usually eat very _____(快). ________(对午餐来说), I usually ______(吃汉堡包).______(下课后), I sometimes plays basketball________(持续半个小时). When I get home, I always _________(做我的家庭作业) first.


In the evening, I _____ watch TV ____(或者......或者) play computer games. At ten thirty, I ____ my _____(刷牙) and then I go to bed.Mary is my sister. She usually gets up at six thirty. Then she always takes a shower and _________(吃一顿好早餐). After that, she goes to school at eight thirty. At twelve, she eats ______(许多) fruit and vegetables for lunch. After lunch, she sometimes plays volleyball. She always eats ice-cream_______(晚餐后). She knows it’s not ______(对......不好) her, but it____(品尝起来)good! In the evening, she _______(做她的家庭作业) and usually swims or _______-(散步). At nine thirty, she goes to bed.



1. 我没有时间吃早餐,因此我通常吃得快。

I don’t have _____ ____ for breakfast, so I usually ___ ______.

2. 他在晚上或者看电视或者玩电脑游


He ______ watch TV __ play computer games __ the ________.

3. My father usually goes to work on weekdays. (就划线部分提问)

3. 午餐,她吃很多的水果和蔬菜。

For _____, she ____ ____ ___ fruit and vegetables.

4. 冰淇淋尝起来很好,但对她的健康不好。

Ice-cream ____ _____, but it’s not _____ ____ her.

5. 在晚上,我通常游泳或散步。

In the _______, I usually ______ or ____ __ ____.

6. 他有时候会打半个小时的篮球。

He _________ plays basketball __ ____ an hour.

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