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how do you get to school

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到达_________ 骑自行车____________坐火车/地铁______________________________ 步行_________by bus________ 二、合作交流,文本探究

1、It takes about 25 minutes to walk and 10 minutes by bus .

It takes sb +时间+ to do 的意思是花费某人多少时间做某事,注意to do

(1)It took me an hour ______(write ) the letter .


如:It takes me 15 minutes to get to school .(提问划线部分)

____ _____ does it take you to get to school ?

2、How far is it from your home to school ?意思是 How far 用来询问距离,答语要用表示距离的词语。It 代指的是距离

It’s my home to school .-(提问划线部分)

_____ ____ _______ _____from your home to school ?

3 by 表示乘坐,后面加交通工具。

___-- ______骑自行车

_______ ________乘地铁

take+the +交通工具

_______ ______ ______坐火车

__________ ______ ________坐地铁


1. new bike_________ 2 ride to school _______

3every day__________4.get to________________

5how far __________ 6. from...... to_________

7.ten kilometers____________

8.20 minutes___________

9.how long _______10.take to __________

11by bike_______ 12have a good day_________

四:Careful reading.(细读课文,找答案)

(1) How does Jane get to school every day?


(2) How does Lisa get to school?

____________________________________ (3) How far is it from Lisa’s home to school? ____________________________________

(4) How long does the bus ride take?

__________________________________ (5) How long does it take Jane to get to school?



1.Is this your new bike?

New:adj. _________

It's a______ _____这是一张新桌子

He is a ____- ______他是一名新同学

2.I ride it to school everyday.


______ _____ ______骑自行车


_______ ________每天

_______ _______每个月

_________ ______每个星期

3.How far is it from your home to school?

(1)how far_________,寻问路程。常用句型how far is it from A to B


________ _______is it from the______ to the ________从学校到家有多远?

_______ about_______kilometers 大约12公里

(2)from....... to___________

__________ park ______school从公园到学校

4.I’m not sure. 我不很肯定。



_______ ______ sure? 你确定吗?

I_____ ______. 我(十分)肯定。

5How long does it take you to get to school?

(1)How long_________,询问需要多长时间,回答+一段时间

_______ _____does it take?需要多长时间

______ a week (大约一个星期)


take…to…带某人或某物去……,注意to do

_______ the books ______ the classroom把书带到学校去 6Does Jane walk to school?

(1)Jane 为人名,用she来代替,变一般疑问句,用does来帮忙。 Mary likes music(一般疑问句) ______ Mary_______ music? 否定句,doesn't来帮忙

Tom likes basketball(否定句) Tom______ _____basketball (2)Walk to +地方 __________

They______ ______ ____ every day.(他们每天步行去学校) 7Does your dad drive his car to work? Drive:V_______

His brother often________ him他哥哥经常开车送她。 8lives about five kilometers from school. Live v._________

Where does he_____(他住在哪) 六:录音,跟读 七:背诵2d


1._________v. 横过;越过2___________n. 河;江 3._______adj. 很多 4____________n. 村庄;村镇 5.___________prep. 介于?之间6_________n. 桥 7.___________n.小船8.__________n.索道 9year__________10afraid________________ 11 like__________12villager___________ 13leave_________14dream____________


1. cross the river ___________ 2. get/go to school __________

3.for many students_____________ 4. it is easy to do sth.____________

5 between …and…______________6. run too quickly for boats___________________ 7 go on a ropeway to _______________ 8.A 11-year-old boy ______________

9.be afraid ______________ 10.play with sb.__________ 11be like _________ 12many of________13.never leave ________14.come true _______________ 三学习过程: 任务一:

Fast-reading(快速阅读文章,回答问题) 1.How does Liang ling go to school every day?

任务二:Skimming reading(扫读课文,回答下列问题)

1. How do the students in the village go to school?

2. Why do they go to school like this?

3. Does the boy like his school? Why?

4. What is the villagers’ dream? Do you think their dream can come true? How?

任务三:听录音,小声跟读 任务四:难点突破(小组合作)

1. For many students, it is easy to get to school.

(1)many . ______ 表示“多”的意思,但是many常用于否定句和疑问句。many修饰可数名词复数例如:

I haven’t seen ________ English films. 多数英文电影我没看过。

(2) It is + adj. (for sb.) to do sth.


It is ______ _____ _______to play computer games. 对我来说玩电脑游戏很有趣。

It is____ ________ ____ a bike(骑自行车很容易)

② It’s very important ___ us to make a plan before a new term. — Yes. You must try to make it carefully.

A. of B. for C. to 2. There is a very big river between their school and the village. between… and… ____________

② Can you tell me the difference _______ Lucy ____ Lily? 你能告诉我露西


③Guess, how much is it ?

I think it costs _____ 15 and 20 dollars.

A. from B. between C. among D. with

3.There is no bridge and the river runs too quickly for boats.

(1) no “完全不、根本没有”,构成否定句。当no 用于构成否定句,主要用于名词前,强调否定其后面的名词。

There is _____ _______in the fridge. 冰箱里没有苹果了。 There are _______ ________ in that small mountain village.

在那个小山村里根本就没有电脑。 (2)boat______

______ _______乘船

4. One 11-year-old boy, Liangliang, crosses the river every school day. 11-year-old__________

11-year-old 为多个词汇构成的复合形容词,用连字符“-”链接,用来修饰名词 boy。这种结构还有很多,例如:

a _______ ________ 一个四天的旅行

a ______ _______ 一本30页的书(页,page) 注意:这里的“year、day、page”都是用单数。

(2)cross 作动词用,_______ __________的意思。如横过马路、过桥、过河等。例如:

Be careful when you _____ the______. 过马路时要小心。

5. The bus ride is never boring because I always talk to my classmates. ride作为名词,____________

ride 也可以做动词,表示_________-如: I often______ _______ _______ to school. 我经常骑自行车去学校

6. But he is not afraid. afraid adj. ______(1)be afraid …… 害怕的

The girl_____very _______.

小女孩很害怕。 (2)be afraid of … 害怕 ……

My sister______ ______ ______ snakes. 我妹妹害怕蛇。

7. He’s like a father to me. like prep. 像

The baby____ _______ his mother. 这个小婴儿长得像他妈妈。

I have a bag ____ this我有个像这一样的包

8. Many of the students and villagers never leave the village. 许多学生和村民从未离开过村庄。

(1)many of_________,后加可数名词复数,宾格

_______ _____ ______will like this film我们中的许多人会喜欢这个电影 _______ _______ her_______are in Beijing 她的朋友中好多住在北京

(2) leave v. _____

Please turn off the light when ____ ______ 你走时请关灯。

“leave for + 地点”表示“动身去某地”

He will _____ _____ Shanghai tomorrow. 明天他将出发去上海。

9.It is their dream to have a bridge. Dream .名词_______

We all have a _______.我门都有一个梦想

10Can their dream come true? Come true________

Our dream will______ _____in the future(将来) 将来我们的梦想一定会变成现实。

11They have to cross a very big river between their school and the village. Have to ________,强调别无选择

He has no money,so he_____ ____drop out of school(他没有钱,因此不得不退学了)

I _____ ____ go by bus.我不得不乘公交车去上学 任务五:大声朗读课文一遍 任务六:填入空白处

1.For the students in the village, it is______ to get to school.

2. They have to cross a very ____ river between their school and the village. 3. They cannot go by boat because the river runs too_______.

4. It is not easy to cross the river on a ropeway, but the boy is not_______.5. The students and the villagers want to have a bridge. Can their dream come______?

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