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1(江西省drive. I used to take bus.

A could B couldn’t C should D shouldn’t 2(广安市)——

——Sorry, I don’t know. B how much does she pay for A how much did she pay for C how much she paid for D how much she pays for 3(宜宾市)My grandma

A was used to tell C used to tell B is used to telling D used to telling

4(南充市 A did he B didn’t he C did you

5(南充市back home?

A go B goes C went

6(南充市)——Have you ever been to Shanghai?

——B went C have gone A have been there


——In 2001. B are; built C were; built A was; built

8(临沂市Mr.Green an hour to fix up his bicycle yesterday.

A cost B paid C spent D took

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